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enyang ヅ
When everything seems falling apart, I found your grace reaching down on me :'( :")
my fault. </3 God, I need your grace!! :'(
You spark my attention like a firefly and make me happy to be alive...
Danny O'Donoghue !!!!!! <3 Np: Nothing @jkeziaambe. :"""""">
May naalala ako bigla. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! >:D @OKKINix
Massive headache. Blurred vision. Abdominal pain. T.T
BER months. Kakaexcite!!!
Almost forgot how to answer the call using viber. Thanks @graciousc_ :)
Aside from iodine solution, what other tests can measure the sugar level of a plant?
@enyanglovesblue Hi teacher pretty aw why are u so sweet?? I have something for u hihi. Will i be seeing u on fri? :)
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Your love is extravagant. Your friendship, it is intimate.... <3 :""">
In every circumstance, you are good so I will give you praise
Everywhere that I go...
If I open my heart, could I go there with you?
There's a yearning again. A thirst for discipline. A hunger for things that are deeper
There's no greater joy, Lord than being with you
Who can grasp your infinite wisdom? Who can fathom the depth of your love?
"No" to impulsive buying of Notebooks and Pens.....
I was like. He was like. She was like. They were like. Gamitin natin lahat ng pronouns. Sayang eh. Hahaha!
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I didn't see you earlier. :( I was so excited to see you and to hug you @roeffee I miss you, ariana grande!
Discipline, Enyang. Keep that in mind. :)