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enyang ヅ
There are thousand photographers in this world, but you are the only one who captured my heart with a perfect shot.
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The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese #SomethingToPonderAbout
Here I stand, wanting you. Only you. In your presence, Lord I will find my strength...
I am bound to Your kingdom <3
Setting the goals. Raising the bars.
You have stored something better. So much better than what I expected. #happydays #blessed
I couldn't ask for anything better <3
Wiping the window pane. Getting clearer. Seeing greater view with you by my side.
Owwww... Prayers being answered...... #blessed
Lol. Nawala ang claws. Napalitan ng skeleton. Hahaha.. Hilarious ending for an action movie. :))
After 6 days, I'm going to give my answer. :)
"You cover me and touch my heart. I want to say, Thank you!" #katinas #thankyou #blessed
Sooo excited for the things You are about to do...
Things are getting clearer.....
So many things I wish I could say but I know I need to shut my mouth.......
good vibes in my first 2 classes.. ^_^
forgot my phone in the house. :|
"Cher, you look like 5 years younger in this picture..."
Great are you, Lord over all. We will declare, Lord you are faithful.... #nowplaying #playlist