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Norris Krueger
great chat today on entrep #ecosystems w/ @heartwings1 of @ussourcelink/@KCSourceLink Someone who really,really gets it! cc @KauffmanFDN #IN
@entrep_thinking thanks for the intro @johnhcook would love to have you on the Podcast ... Pls check it out
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The science of self-talk: Using your own name makes self-talk more effective @NPR…
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Bar is open at #APTAEXPO - come grab a Bloody Mary or Mimosa at Booth 7520, Plaza 3.
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Make your own smoothie to take with you to your next class.
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RT @Hennesseyedit: There's a lot of talk about the role of mentors. Our @SteveTobak says we are looking at mentorship the wrong way....
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Vic Ricciardi new book Investor Behavior has 30 chapters & 45 contributors on emerging research in behavioral finance…
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U.S.SourceLink: Why Community Colleges Are Ideal Linchpins for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems:…
What should entrepreneurs ask candidates? My latest readers opinion in @IdahoStatesman:… … Your thoughts? #IN
Gulp! And hatemail has already begun! LOL Norris Krueger: Hold politicos accountable to supporting small biz… #IN #FB
#APTAEXPO is underway! Come by booth #7520 to find out about our new IBR1100 built for in-vehicle networking
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Attribution theory! What's #1 proximate perceived cause of success?… … from @peweresearch via @FiveThirtyEight #IN
Attribution theory! What's #1 proximate cause of success?… from @peweresearch via @FiveThirtyEight #IN #FB
Yes, scientists do have a sense of humor! Widely Cited Physicist, Stronzo Bestiale, Doesn't Exist… via @io9 #IN #FB
Boise Urban Magazine is available! Download your first issue for free on #iOS, #Android and #Kindle devices. #boise
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Why community colleges are ideal linchpins for entrepreneurial ecosystems, thoughts on our blog from @entrep_thinking
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For professional estimates for projects: @rhundhausen 's #IN
Woohoo! Learning about scrum [agile, not rugby :) ] from @rhundhausen at @Bodybuildingcom - Norris needs to learn new stuff! #IN #FB
Have you purchased tickets to this weekend's best party - #Steampact2014 - benefiting Family Advocates? Buy them here
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Free Introductory Webinar for The Ultimate Grants Toolkit series. Oct 10 10:30 MT. Register here:
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My last day in Greece: stumbled across birthday party near Agora! (No, i didn't dance :)… @ALBA_edu @alexiskomselis
Somebody was having a good birthday!
I posted 126 photos on Facebook in the album "Alba Graduate School Masters of Entrepreneurship"
4 am wakeup - ugh. Athens is amazing and @ALBA_edu was great but.... I m NOT a morning person and 4 am isn't even morning )
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Is Getting a Hulu Series for Halloween… (@POLLANA!)
#6 - last but not least is Ria leading discussion on building awareness of big EPIC HERO event #MScEntrep @ALBA_edu
#4 is Sofia - online shop for high-end brilliantly customized clothes - #MScEntrep @ALBA_edu #InvadeCrete
#3 is Donata: retailing gluten-free products including cookies (yum!) + nice critique of canvas! @ALBA_edu #MScEntrep
#2 is Nikolaos: help fambiz to disintermediate olive oil selling via kiosk like milk in Larissa #MScEntrep @ALBA_edu
Hey @Scotts_MGro -you would love the garden waste project in prior tweet! #GoMonarchs (I'm a Marysville alum!) @ALBA_edu
First up is Dimitris who has idea to create value from garden waste @ALBA_edu
M.Sc. Entrepreneurship student pitches @ALBA_edu (@alexiskomselis , thry now have MORE ideas #Crete ;)
Last class today at @ALBA_edu MSc.Entrep!… (and, no, i don't speak Greek but I do speak BMCanvas! @alexiskomselis #IN