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Happy birthday hunn!!! 󾬐
I tend to put others before myself and you call me selfish😑
Many people die without ever knowing the true meaning of even being alive mainly because it's never been really discussed
Have made my day with a smile 😂😂�@TaeDaTeaaTea
Most hilarious dude ever 😍 😂�
Add me on snapchat at devonbitches #snapchat @Snapchat
People is going to judge you till the day you die then them bitches gonna be like he was a good friend pls!!
It's about love nothing less no matter skin color, gender,oriantation❤󾬓󾬔󾬕󾬖
The people Iv grew up with will more likely be the people I'll never have a relationship with again but that's a part of moving on...
Happy birthday!!!
People will talk bad about something that they have little education on take a walk in young transgenders shoes
I keep to myself I carry myself the way I feel to carry myself but don't get the wrong impression󾰑
I'm a very political person I'd make an great activist
Text me 409-201-6768 󾌳
Just found out the Falaknuma Palace has this awesome fitness program called the Iktaara fitness retreat!! Weight loss at a palace? I'm in ;)
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Fetty sacred the shit out of me with that eye on the big screen announcing nominees #BETAwards2015
Bitch I'm 2 done 😂😂VEu
Love is between two people who love eachother no matter race nor orientation #LoveWins
After all them tears after all that hard work and all of the failure it will all be worth it at the end
People think they can change who you are with some treatment and religion🙅
Spread yours colors freedom for all #lgbt #LGBTPrideMonth RT!!
Live your dreams out loud
Are you happy with yourself?
Follow me on insta @official_simply_devon #followme #Instagram #instagramfollow #music
When we start realizing that we can't live for other people things will improve #FreedomToMarry #texas
Love is love no matter the race👳gender 👦👧nor sexual orientation�#spreadthelovehelove
Ever wonder what's the true purpose of existence? wonder what was god purpose of creation?
It's crazy you have to fight for rights that's already constitutional rights that's writing in black ink #equal 👬👭
People will knock you down but, get right back up
Thx God to see another great year
Add me on snapchat👻 @ devonbitches#snapchatt #addd#snapchatmee#snapmee
Today will b a good day despite my worries #belivethat
I'm bout to loose my mind 😖#notagooddayy
We'll just get Timothy on that ass
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Some of these bitches ain't worth the time 😑🙅
Every time I listen to #SamSmith I get in my feelings 😭😭
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Your fake when you try to be someone your not
shoutout to @EnphinityLegacy for being the best pillow 😴😴😴
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When people put you down an say you can't you say "WATCH ME" #faith
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