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Empire Magazine
The teaser trailer for Netflix's Marco Polo is online:
Jason Bateman attached to IPO Man: (No, it's not more superhero stuff)
Stilt-Man's still waiting for the phone to ring. Here's our rundown of Marvel's newly-announced Phase 3 jamboree.…
Feige: Black Widow is really important in Age Of Ultron and future Avengers movies but no solo film yet. #MarvelEvent
Feige: The Runaways script is still in the vault. It's a solid draft but 'we can't make them all.' We'll keep waiting. #MarvelEvent
Feige talks Inhumans. 'You may find out sooner than you think how they fit into the MCU.' #MarvelEvent
Russo Brothers directing Avengers 3 & 4 still just rumour. Ditto any talk of Spider-Man crossing over. #MarvelEvent
No Hulk solo movie yet, but he'll be all over the Avengers films. #MarvelEvent
Feige: 'this is the Civil War of the MCU, inspired by the comics.' It'll be set up by Age of Ultron. #MarvelEvent
We'll meet Black Panther in Captain America 3: Civil War. #MarvelEvent
Cumberbatch not confirmed for Doctor Strange yet. #MarvelEvent
Feige returns for a press q&a. Says some of these announcements were planned for Comic-Con but not ready. Hence the #MarvelEvent
July 6 2018: Captain Marvel! Carol Danvers will hit the big screen. Apologies for that Danning thing. Typing too fast. #MarvelEvent
Marvel clearly looking to answer DC's diversity gauntlet today. #MarvelEvent.
Chadwick Boseman takes the stage. He's Black Panther. #MarvelEvent RDJ wants him to take sides.
Feige announces that Captain America 3 is actually Civil War. And here are RDJ and Chris Evans posing like prize fighters!
With a crystal blue carpet and one hell of a mural, there are definitely #NoHalfMeasures at @ThePCCLondon tonight.
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. May 2018. Infinity War Part 2. May 2019. #MarvelEvent
Correction: July 28, 2017 for Thor: Ragnarok.
Nov 3 2017: Black Panther! #MarvelEvent. Marvel has begun seeding things for the character.
Ragnarok will re-invent Thor the way Cap 2 re- invented Steve. #MarvelEvent
James Gunn sends a video message. Guardians 2 is now set for May 5, 2017. #MarvelEvent
Doctor Strange confirmed for November 2016. Feige's talking about the story.
Captain America 3 is subtitled Serpent Society. #MarvelEvent
Feige is now going through the past and present of the MCU. Brief mention of Ant-Man. #MarvelEvent
Kevin Feige takes the stage at the #MarvelEvent. He's going to show us something we've seen. Cue the Ultron trailer.
Trying to ferret out clues to the #MarvelEvent from the organ music choices at the El Cap. ET and Indiana Jones team-up film? #FakingNews
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Will There Be More #HungerGames After Mockingjay Part 2? Francis Lawrence doesn't rule it out
We're headed to the LA #MarvelEvent, to be held today at what should surely be renamed the El Capitan America theatre for the morning.
Our #Interstellar review: NB: if you're avoiding very mild spoilers, stick to the verdict...
Hide the marmalade, there's a new Paddington trailer:
Our Arctic And Antarctic Animals movie poster mash-ups are here, and they are very silly:
Today my 10 year old son said:"When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemons in life's eyes, and demand oranges."
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#ICYMI, Marvel may have found its Doctor Strange in Benedict Cumberbatch: Enjoy some fan art:
Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange is aces, but in the multiverse, there exists this universe:
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Japanese What We Do in the Shadows (シェアハウスウィズヴァンパイア) movie flyer! Out January 24 2015 in Japan!
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Check out the first six minutes of vamp mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows online:
Tell craft services to stock up on Snozzcumbers... Mark Rylance will be the BFG for Steven Spielberg:
Sound the Cumber-Klaxon! Marvel may have found their Doctor Strange:
Prepare to be impressed by the movie reenactment work from big-time Lego fans @MLU_Pics:
Jim Carrey is pretty damn good as Matthew McConaughey in these fake SNL Lincoln ads:
It's the new UK teaser poster for Fast & Furious 7, a.k.a. Furious 7, just for you: