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Empire Magazine
Bill And Ben Productions have issued a statement confirming Robin Williams completed his voice work on Absolutely Anything before his death.
Don't forget to download our Terry Crews / Wesley Snipes-starring #EmpirePodcast: Otherwise...
The first trailer for buzzed-about horror The Babadook has arrived:
Don't say we didn't warn you. Happy Friday, everyone!
@PhildeSemlyen Well Phil, here's the single greatest gif featuring Imelda Staunton waving a dildo around...
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The following RT is NSFW. But it's Friday afternoon, and sometimes we all need a little Imelda Staunton dildo-waving in our lives.
You voted, we counted, and here they are - The 100 Greatest Video Games Of All Time:
Lists Of Our Lifetime - Empire's Greatest Battles: From smalltime scraps to epic struggles...
Something silly for your Friday afternoon - our @SethMacFarlane Movie Poster Mash-Ups:
Wesley Snipes doing the Blade voice! Terry Crews pec-popping! Explosions! It's this week's must-listen #EmpirePodcast
Start your Friday right by watching the most adorable part of #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy: You know the one... (#Spoilers)
Tarantino Trailers Through The Years: We profile QT’s promo videos from Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained…
The Conjuring's writers hired for two new Journey films. Dwayne Johnson still on board too...
Quentin Tarantino attaches mysterious Hateful Eight teaser to Sin City 2:
Ben Affleck talks the challenges of playing Batman in Dawn Of Justice:
Betty Boop movie in the works. From... Simon Cowell?
A previously unpublished Empire Big Interview with the late, great, glorious Robin Williams:
David Ayer's Fury will close this year's London Film Festival: NB there are no cameras in it.
The Texas Chainsaw franchise may head down the prequel route again for Leatherface:
The first trailer for New York-set Chinese crime thriller Revenge Of The Green Dragons:
Mark is shaking everyone by the hand. He looks us square in the eye. "No, you can't have a pay rise," he says, voice trembling with emotion.
The entire staff has lined the corridors of Empire Towers. There's only six of us left, but we're fanning out to make it look like a crowd.
Mark is now being carried out of the office to the ceremonial Wicker Man we've been building out back. This will be a day long remembered.
HIstoric moment at Empire Towers - our departing Editor, Mark Dinning, has just finished his last read on his last issue. Massive hats off.
Horror Klaxon #3: Sophie Turner joins Mary Shelley's Monster:
Horror Klaxon #2: Shannyn Sossamon starring in Sinister sequel:
Horror Klaxon #1: Neil Marshall is executive producing Dark Signal:
Here's our tribute to the late, great Lauren Bacall: A Movie Life In Pictures.…
I'm going to lose my entire day to thinking about/drawing hypothetical floor plans for Aquaman's house. Thanks a lot, @empiremagazine.
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My trailer has launched on @iTunesTrailers. Very undignified. I never 'launch.' Occasionally, if pressed, I'll hoist.
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We're talking a lot about Aquaman in the office at the moment. Sample discussion: does his house have a roof? If so, why? YOUR MOVE, TWEEPS.
Maybe your day needed Channing Tatum dancing with Bear Grylls on top of a mountain. Then again, maybe it didn't.
Step 1: You send us questions for this week's #EmpirePodcast. Step 2: We answer them. Step 3: You listen to the podcast. Step 4: GROUP HUG.
Our live Q&A with @EyeOfJackieChan is now a podcast special. Enjoy 40 minutes with a legend:…
Jack Huston officially on for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies:
Two writers compete for Aquaman script glory. Who will win and who will be left looking wet?
Screen legend Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. More soon...
Robin had a ton of love & did so much for so many. He made Matt & my dreams come true. What do you owe a guy who does that? Everything.
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We're not sure exactly what Harrison Ford is doing here, but we're glad he's doing it.
Showbusiness Exclusive: Trevor Slattery was Johnny Depp's vocal coach on "Mortdecai".
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Arnold Schwarzenegger cares for a zombie-bitten Abigail Breslin in new Maggie pics:
MARVEL RUMOUR KLAXON! The Inhumans might now follow the Guardians to the screen:
Empire's Lucy review is here. Go on, expand your mind:
James Gunn talks #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy 2: On Peter Quill's background and the big bad...
This will probably be your favourite single frame of Johnny Depp in the trailer for Mortdecai: