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Emmanuel Matos
There's a someone uploading a whole bunch of pictures of girls in their bras and booty shorts and bikinis etc on...
Would it matter where you slept ? Like if it was in a hotel or if it was in my house ..? — Nope
It's in Canada . .-. — Sounds fun
Can I take you to prom ? (; — I didn't know that was still going on in the middle of July
Can you text me so we could arrange your flight ? 5874097903 —
Nah actually can I fly you to Calgary ? : ) — Idk where that is but I'm up for it
I really want to meet you — Do that
I heard you live in the Bronx, I live here to yo ✌️✌️✌️ — Yea I do
I'm not even going to hold you but girls with big juicy lips stay winning.
Girls love to compete against each other, you think your girl dressing all nice just to go out with you, oh no no...
I've had dudes call me gay cause I rather spend my time around girls, so what do I call you who rather be around boys 24/7.. I don't get it?
The same day Facebook sais "Emmanuel is in a relationship with.." Is the same day I'm flying out my house in a dragon.
That Elton street kids commercial is SO annoying you don't understand.
People bully others over the most ridiculous shit ; height, weight, hair, skin color, money, etc do ya even hear yourselves?
Anyone feel like going to chipotle with me (NYC)downtown today. Comment I'll inbox you.
seriously though..... @emmvnuelmvtos needs to come to london, he seems like the coolest guy to chill with 🙌
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That fake sleep you do when you know you did something bad and you know your mom coming from work to beat that ass..
People be writing statuses cursing in capital letters on Facebook like "F*** YOU SUCK MY D***" but say no names,...