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Emmanuel Matos
When you are up at 1:30am with nothing to do watch @emmvnuelmvtos videos, he is vines and tweets to. No such thing as bored. 💯💯😂😂😂✊😁✊
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@emmvnuelmvtos : FIGHT ON BROADWAY!! 😂😂😂 He doesn't even have to speak to be
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@emmvnuelmvtos : I Hate Clinics (I freakin love you 😂😂😂😂
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When you know the truth and they still decide to lie in your face
@emmvnuelmvtos watched one of your videos for the first time 'when parents ask about your relationship', now I am addicted to your videos 👌
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What I like about @emmvnuelmvtos is that he's funny as fuck but when it comes to all the real shit he understands too
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A Girls First Time @emmvnuelmvtos Lololol "wrong tunnel.... Choochoo" 😂�
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If you had the options to go to the first days of school or not to go and didn't, you're the type of girl I don't like.. Lazy and stupid.
Need HighSchool Advice? Leave a Comment on Youtube!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist What should I wear the first day of school? #HighSchoolAdvice
Watched the funniest @emmvnuelmvtos videos with my girl @borgesxo at school today
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You give me hope, that maybe there are more intelligent people out there. 😏 🙌 Thank you@emmvnuelmvtosos
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When college kids see teenagers throwing out their text books #collegeprobs
" I don't gotta talk guns I don't gotta talk weed, I don't gotta sell cocaine to sell a CD" #bars
What should I wear the first day of school? #HighSchoolAdvi: via @YouTube
This is why some boys will date you just for THAT and the leave you. It's wrong but it also makes no…
You lying if you say this isn't 100% accurate.
My soup I just made 💕💕💪 only good part about being
When your crush likes you back.. yea I don't know the feeling either.
Best believe that's me right now . Burn in hell people.