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Want a page like this?
So apparently when I'm overwhelmed with cuteness I can't type. That was supposed to say "I'm just happy that @dogshaming is always there..."
I crave vintage Chanel @caramiavintage #caramiafreechanel
I'm just happy that @dogshaming to make me smile. So effing cute!
I hope that Brian Cranston inspires a comeback of the William Powell mustache
I would have had a reason to watch the VMAs if I had known Sam Smith was performing
Sometimes I wish I was David Bowie...or at least had his cheekbones
I think a lot about death
In love with this drawing done by @jennythesatanist
I want a dress made out of film strips #ProjectRunway
Watching Project Runway for @garancedore
Watching 'The Thrill of It All' with my mom. I never noticed how much James Garner resembled Karl Lagerfeld.
Playing @CovetFashion instead of sleeping
Those ASPCA commercials. I can't. I just want to adopt every animal ever.
Everything turns out to be a lie
Can't wait to wear my new @shopkikilarue lace kimono
New desktop background because I secretly want to be her @ChoupettesDiary
Why does the @weatherchannel app say it's 115 degrees here? I'm pretty sure it's not ever 80 right now.
A very Bob Ross style setting for my new little kayak
Are you even allowed to bring healing crystals with you on a plane?
And I still need some lithium quartz
I just spent like $50 on rocks...#reiki #healingcrystals
Had the seriousness of Brazil's loss explained to me by comparing it to Raf Simon's for Dior. I feel your pain.
Normal sleep cycles are for normal people
Why do people make plans and promises they have no intention of following through with?
Vacation plans canceled
I don't think I'm psychic or whatever, but it would make sense
I wish my sister was married to Kanye West so his bff would put me in a Givenchy ad too
I need/want a #vintage Dior dress from between 1949-1954 (no Dior New York or London.) Contact me if you have one for sale please.
My main goal in life is to have a bag named after me
Can someone please teach the @ENews people how to pronounce designers properly? It's so bad.
A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age
Birthday Girl in Chanel and Hermes
My mom is so cute. Last year it was a giant Tiffany box cake.
A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age
How did I just notice that a bunch of weightloss tweets were sent from my account last week? #hacked #creepy
Hugh Jackman can really hold his own with LL Cool J #Tonys2014
So it looks like there's a stomach bug going around the house. On the bright side, maybe now I'll lose those three pounds.
This has been a life changing experience!…
It's easy to get fit for summer!…
This has been the biggest blessing of my life!…
DoctorOz was very right about this miracle fruit!…
I've been feeling amazing since I lost 11 pounds!…