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So apparently when I'm overwhelmed with cuteness I can't type. That was supposed to say "I'm just happy that @dogshaming is always there..."
I crave vintage Chanel @caramiavintage #caramiafreechanel
I'm just happy that @dogshaming to make me smile. So effing cute!
I hope that Brian Cranston inspires a comeback of the William Powell mustache
I would have had a reason to watch the VMAs if I had known Sam Smith was performing
Sometimes I wish I was David Bowie...or at least had his cheekbones
I think a lot about death
In love with this drawing done by @jennythesatanist
I want a dress made out of film strips #ProjectRunway
Watching Project Runway for @garancedore
Watching 'The Thrill of It All' with my mom. I never noticed how much James Garner resembled Karl Lagerfeld.
Playing @CovetFashion instead of sleeping
Those ASPCA commercials. I can't. I just want to adopt every animal ever.
Everything turns out to be a lie
Can't wait to wear my new @shopkikilarue lace kimono
New desktop background because I secretly want to be her @ChoupettesDiary
Why does the @weatherchannel app say it's 115 degrees here? I'm pretty sure it's not ever 80 right now.
A very Bob Ross style setting for my new little kayak
Are you even allowed to bring healing crystals with you on a plane?
And I still need some lithium quartz