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It should have been a deal breaker when he said he couldn't appreciate Brancusi and Giacometti
I need @GeorgeHamilton to give me tanning tips because my tan is most people's pale #stewham #russiansdonttan
I totally carbed out this weekend and now I feel gross
A little surprise from Vogue to brighten up the morning
I got that summertime, summertime sadness 🌸🎢
#ImNotReallySelfishBut I just want MORE Birkins and Chanel bags...oh and maybe a few Celine and Tom Ford
I ordered a fall bag already even though I'm in denial about the summer ever ending
June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962 ✨ 53 years ago today
My cute little nameplate from @onecklace. I've always wanted one. Get 6% off your purchase with the code INSTA.
Found this #throwback. My first tear sheet and still a favorite.
I'm really into sun hats
Walter Palmer paid $55,000 to hunt #CecilTheLion. He should be ordered to pay several times that to a wildlife preserve.
Check out this giveawat to win an Hermes Collier de Chien cuff bracelet
love this portrait @rzcdesign_art did of me πŸ’•
How does Dennis Rodman not have his own reality show yet? That would be quality entertainment.
Please Lord, don't let the Reese's Minis in my bag melt
Yeah I'm definitely out of sorts. I read #ZaynAppreciationDay as #JayZAppreciationDay, although that would be a lot cooler.
I'm sure the on-call nurse is super thrilled to be listening to my rambling at 4:30am about wanting to change antibiotics. #sick
Catching up on last nights Real Housewives. I've always liked @CountessLuann, but seeing this side of her has made me like her even more!
I need to take a break from @DiscoveryID for awhile. That last episode of Unusual Suspects was more than I can deal with.
I have a litter fever 😷 Time for an exiting summer day of online shopping and Netflix.
I'm being harassed by a beetle (or is it a cricket?) I don't like nature, I want to go back to the city now.
If someone made a coffee table book of @kanyewest's tweets along with pictures of him looking unimpressed by everything it would be amazing.
but especially that mother of pearl clutch inspired by the iconic Schiaparelli x Dali compact
Please Lord, grant me all the gowns, jackets and clutches from @schiaparelli Couture fall 2015 πŸ™
Bertrand Guyon's debut collection for @Schiaparelli has stolen my heart. The references to the original designer solidify it's place as the jewel of Paris couture week.
This couture week is restoring my faith in everything. #PFW
Is it weird that one of my favorite summer activities is driving by Grey Gardens in the convertible? #STAUNCH
Thank you for making me lose my appetite. I really need to lose five pounds.
Trying to force myself to go to fireworks tonight even though I'm so nauseous.
Still haven't been able to relaunch my blog because some japanese company stole my domain and the language barrier makes things complicated.
When you can't sleep and @CovetFashion keeps having connection errors 😫#firstworldproblemss
Going back to working out and limiting carbs tomorrow. It's bikini season and I feel gross.
Proud to be an American today #lovewins
Tears in my eyes. So proud to be an American today! #LoveWins #MarriageEquality
Before the sunburn #hamping
Now I just need to find space for more throw pillows
I realized that I'm finally an adult by how excited I get shopping for furniture and throw pillows
Not even mad that he messed up my blowout #perfectday
Should I feel obligated to vote for an acquaintance's/friend of a (few) friend's dad for president? #DonaldTrump
My mom just resurrected my Fendi B belt that I was obsessed with when I was 14. I feel like it's too soon.
...what did I just watch?
I'm getting season one Theresa Guidice flashbacks with this chick #newmoney #realitytv
Wait, she wants to show off her jewelry & Chanel so she buys a basic dresser instead of having a custom closet (with safe) built? #NewMoney
I'm so confused by @eonline's latest show "New Money"
Dress: @dolceandgabbana bag: @chanelofficial shoes: @repettoparis_official

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