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Emily Schooley
"Officer please": Toronto police pummel man as he begs them to stop in 'mistaken arrest.'
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Just hit a number on the scale I was pretty sure I'd never see again. Apparently the key is coffee, whiskey, and accidentally not eating?
ISIL is a death cult. This is like Auschwitz. It is genocide. We are morally obligated to help. End of story. #daech…
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... Besides coffee, I mean. Which is a bean and totally count.
... Just realized that what I'm eating now is the first thing I've eaten today. #oops
Okay but mushrooms are actually the best thing on the planet.
10/10 - mature friends willing to acknowledge when they've hurt you & work shit out. I shouldn't be shocked when ppl aren't assholes #neuro
Songza played Secret Garden; I now need to rewatch Jerry Maguire, stat.
Note to those a-holes beating up muslim people for no reason: YOU are the definition of a #terrorist. Can't believe some people. #shame
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After couple calls police because they're lonely, cops respond with sweet surprise…
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Me: *looks at a slice of bread* *scale goes up by 5 lbs*
"I'm terrified of #refugees", says the guy in a text, while driving.
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There is no place more disgusting and rotten then the comment section on YouTube videos.
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Here's the pic of a bunch of dicks made into Donald Trumps face. Vote Bernie Sanders.
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I hope Kesha is getting paid for all the Songza plays. Also, thank you @songza for still playing her music. #FreeKesha
Not sure if it is super-tech-nerdy or just awesome that I can colour-coordinate e-tape with various surfaces when putting up lights...
Ikea: good for the soul and the OCD, bad for the credit card.
NYC friends- there’s a Women & Storytelling Series at @YouTubeSpaceNY with some of my favorites tonight.…
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"We also learn to judge... whole cultures in order to justify an unequal division of power" so relevant rn.
And also this ginger girl. ❤️❤️❤️
Also this sleepy man. ❤️❤️❤️
... Three dudes in the time it took to walk home. Triple ugh.
You would think I could walk the ten or so blocks home without getting catcalled. And you would be wrong. Ugh.
Holy crap, I can't get over what a difference curling my hair makes. Too bad it takes an hour.
Anonymous vs. the Islamic State: a war unfolding in strange corners of the Internet.…
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Putting free (good, used) stuff out at the curb with the hopes someone else can use it #justParkdalethings
10 People who simply helped someone and expected nothing in return…
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This is an #InternetEmergency: Bell has a plan to kill Canada's small ISPs so they can price-gouge you at will
Thank you all so much for your love and generosity. We are now just $440 away from our overall...…
Hair game still strong. Plus this fuzz ball.
Our Christmas Stars fundraiser is back! Take home a gorgeous @colourandlight star this holiday season.…
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In summary, here are a few do's and don'ts for artists sharing their works with others:…
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Cate Blanchett talked about LGBTQ+ relationships and the ageism rampant in Hollywood. Defi……
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Evening shout-out! We are just $440 away from our donation goal #cats #love
And more gratuitous hair pics. Can't tell if I have smoulder or tired happening rn.
And this is hair volume after 12 hours on set.
Please share this call-out far & wide: Calling on folks who've accessed an abortion in Saskatchewan!
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Alright folks the name of our latest production with Kicks & Giggles is..... "Binge Watching You Sleep" hitting up @yyzbuddies Jan 2016
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Life goals: get paid to nap. I mean, who hasn't napped on a film set but there's all that doing stuff in between the napping...

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