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Em Harriss
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"Hi, my name is R0Mx Series III, and I'm in love..." ~Year: 2277, songbook. @Em_Harriss
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Cutest thing ever ------> @sofiaoliveraaa
Someone's opinion of you does not need to become your reality.
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Who's watching The Strain with me right now??
I'm a major gamer and reader. Which means I've lived a thousand different lives.
Where are my family members at? My video gaming, chess playing, Star Wars watching, comic book reading, sci fi loving FAM!?
Vine is a virtual highschool.
So I'm doing an intro song for an upcoming cartoon♥♥
I've been watching all of your tweets. And I've been realizing there are some super fake viners out there. It hurts to see :/
Shout out to @Subfooey ! (Awesome username by the way) thank you for your very kind donation to the EP! You rock and I appreciate it so much
Shout out to these folks! Thank you forever for your care and support on this project! Show them love! @mattsullivan127 @coolllsk @jeromegarot @subfooey THANK YOU
Shout out to @mattsullivan56 ! Thank you so much sir Matt for your funds and your support on Twitter. I couldn't have done this without you!
Shout out to @DichotomyDave ! I got way too emotional when I hit my Indiegogo goal. You will forever be apart of the joy that I experienced!
@Em_Harriss Seriously can't wait for the EP such an awesome and creative idea, how much longer?!??
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Feel like i'm forming an unhealthy obsession towards @Em_Harriss can't wait for EP 6 second clips just aren't enough!!
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Shout out to @jeromegarot ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to the EP, I truly treasure your support. Thank you!
Shout out to @coolllsk ! You are a super awesome COOL friend (see what I did there) thank you so much for supporting this music! Thank you!!
Diurnal Course: 503 The 3rd H-Sub was analyzed. Artilects asked questions. We recieved no response. I stood watching and recording. [RFTS]
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