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Emily Campbell
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Love perfect Friday nights with the perfect guy. @TenorSaxman16 #ClichèRelationshipTweet
And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine
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So ready to be immersed in the focus on winter guard season. Don't need the annoying little drama in my life. ✌️
@MeninistsTweets: True” lol no chivalry usually just dies after about the third date
Lololol @ the irrelevance of those retweets.
Just having a great day. Not even James McCarry could bring me down. 😌🙌
And all the sudden you're nice to me lol.
Dying of boredom at work as always
Listening to Christmas music because I just can't wait for the best time of the year to get here! 🎶🎄🎅
AP Chemistry 2 got me feeling about as smart as a potato.
Drum corps: to those who know, no explanation is needed. To those who don't know, no explanation is possible.
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I just want Chipotle
So bittersweet that Achieving Balance 2014 is forever now just a memory.
Especially going to miss having my favorite guy out there performing with me @TenorSaxman16 but I hope your senior year is amazing, hun.
Heck of a football season with some amazing people in the Band of Gold. Going to miss this years senior class so much...
I honestly don't understand why people have to mistreat and bully other people. Do you really feel that bad about yourself?
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I love half days and being able to have lunch dates with my fav @TenorSaxman16 Thanks, hun! 😘😊
Squad too fresh @jojochelz @lisa_marie_1999 #FridayNightLights #ColorGuard #squad
All these drum corps audition/camp tweets breaking my heart because I don't have the money this year 😢
Alex from target? More like Chandler from spring creek, am I right ladies😂😂😂
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Why has our power been out since early this morning?
My snapchat has got to the point where if you snap me twice you're in my best friends
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These past few days have made me realize how unbelievably fast this year is going by. I'm just not okay with that.
Forever just so thankful and happy to be a part of the Boswell Band of Gold!
Knew this would be hard but I had no idea it would be THIS hard. When it comes to weaknesses; this is feels like my biggest one.
I swear I will be so mad if we wear our warm-ups and not our uniforms to perform at the last home game.
it doesn't make a guy cool to be a jerk to girls. respect is respect and everyone deserves it equally.
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Going to be another night of Hell at Springcreek. I hate this job seriously so much.
The imminent doom of having to do my 1600 word Gatsby essay when I get off work tonight... 😢
Those of us that take responsibility will always take a toll from those that don't.
True boredom is when you do homework on a Saturday night. Bright side is finally having a free night to myself I guess lol.
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When your teacher says do your essay but you thought she said ese
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"@itscoleharmon_: "you make my enchilada tingle, Guadelupe" "jorge, we are at escuela!"" god damn it
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Tip to everyone: Do NOT ever apply at Springcreek BBQ. You'll regret it I promise.
Today has been a roller coaster of emotion.
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Big thanks to Emily and Chandler letting me third wheel the whole night, maybe next time I'll have a date haha💕
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