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Emily Campbell
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I left Kansas and it was 30 degrees and got back home to Texas and its 81. Praise Jesus! 🙏
#RulesInARelationship don't text, call, FaceTime, owl, pigeon mail, etc. a another female that you wouldn't want me to know about.
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I will always melt when you tell me that you're in love with me. I'm glad you know there is a difference between love & in love.
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I've had an amazing break in Kansas. But I'm happy to be heading back home. I miss my bed.
Thanks for an amazing night @McKenzieWeien @bailey_shaffer @8igmac13 I missed you guys so much and it was so nice going out!
Just glad I get to finish off this awesome break up here tomorrow with my friends. It's crazy how much you miss the ones you grow up with.
#RulesInARelationship don't make your lady feel like she has to compete with another female. She should feel like your first and only choice
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#TipsForGirls the difference between a boy and a man is that a man will continue to pursue your heart even after he's already won it.
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At least dad is coming through strong with this Christmas music for the last hour and a half I have to spend in the car today.
Good Lord Kansas is so freakin cold
Kansas bound 🌻🌻🌻
@FreddyAmazin: Relationship Goals” this is more like something I'd do to U @TenorSaxman16 😂
Booked my flight. Can't wait for April!
@DrumCorpsQuotes: Good luck to all those auditioning for a drum corps this weekend!” Im just sittin here salty...
Ughhhh this storm.
Winter guard floor painting party LOLOLOL
Considering how bad the book was; I am very pleased with the movie. Mockingjay was deserving of my weeks excitement.
Omg Mockingjay was incredible! Achieved my expectations from the book! Thanks for a great night @TenorSaxman16
all girls want to be spoiled, not with money or expensive jewelry, but with attention, effort, & constant reassurance.
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Mockingjay premier tonight!!! Ahhhh!!! Much fangirling! Much excitement!
I was having a great day too. Then people decide to just piss me off.
Still salty about not being able to go to the @Crossmen experience camp this weekend. 😒😞
Got a letter from Harvard tonight being selected for the National Academy of Future Physicians. Am I cool yet?
If u real play me on words with friends. Name is emdc1998
Words can't express the excitement because @TenorSaxman16 bought us tickets to the Mockingjay premier!!! ❤️😁 He's literally the best!
It's like you never learn that 99% of the time I'm right. Lol
Let's get this week over with so I can have Thanksgiving Break. And I can be in Kansas seeing all the people I miss most! ❤️ Been too long!
Holy cow it's actually snowing. Texas.... November... What?!
Love perfect Friday nights with the perfect guy. @TenorSaxman16 #ClichèRelationshipTweet
And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine
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So ready to be immersed in the focus on winter guard season. Don't need the annoying little drama in my life. ✌️
@MeninistsTweets: True” lol no chivalry usually just dies after about the third date
Lololol @ the irrelevance of those retweets.
Just having a great day. Not even James McCarry could bring me down. 😌🙌
And all the sudden you're nice to me lol.
Dying of boredom at work as always
Listening to Christmas music because I just can't wait for the best time of the year to get here! 🎶🎄🎅
AP Chemistry 2 got me feeling about as smart as a potato.
Drum corps: to those who know, no explanation is needed. To those who don't know, no explanation is possible.
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I just want Chipotle