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Elza Tanari
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She ran like Frozone from the incredibles 😭 z
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This baby will finish high school at 9 and college at 13
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Mom is acting like a teenager in a restaurant with her new iPhone. I think I need to confiscate it! #antisocial πŸ˜‚U
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all this picture needs is Jojen Reed. alive. #RajaMinyak
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you see, we didn't have the guts to ask for a picture with the Wolverine. he's too bomb😩 #JakartaComicCon15 p.s. happy Batman day
ga full team tp kaya paramore 2007 right right
belum pulang beLUM #KolaseTerindahJtw2k15 #ganyambung #tercakep #kenyang #MotiMakanAyamGua
-midst of cramping limbs tb- happy birthday, mami GraceπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ ζˆ‘εΎˆηˆ±δ½ πŸ’–
😎😎😎 #imnotthatshortthough
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he shaved and then he left
#tbt ft. cina beler plus I've been tagged by @vtrixie and @nadiaslsbll to post #MyTop15Playlist I guess why not ((this playlist is recent and temporary- say one sole month or so)) 1. HALO HALO LAPAN SATU HAHA gadeng What Do You Mean - Mantan Suami Pertama Elza 2. Anklebiters - Paramore 3. There's Ho
I liked a @YouTube video ageLOC Youth / Y-Span Intro
Γ©n Γ©n ka minus emak kita Fina dan anak kita Ines
si neng geulis nemenin aing berkelana dan milih tempat yg punya sejarah di hatinya dan ada salmon enak urang pesen dan nambah dan eh dasar si gelo sayurnya nteu abis jadi buat aing. #BandungJuara. #SokIye
the time we were on a cruise shaped unlike a cruise the time I almost kicked a huge fish whilst snorkeling the time Kecha danced awkwardly yet still looked so gracefulπŸ˜‰ the time salt was all over my hair rinsing away purple to brown the time we cut ourselves trying to carve on a piece of wood the t
happy birthday Benito wow you're 17 gettin more and more distant eh, very well
happy birthday Indira/Inez/Indi/Iis/Omi/Anjas #baeforlife
throwback to that time we thought four confused young peasants could nail this overpriced little photo booth. oh and I'm not actually that small.
Anonymous said: hello endorphin. sorry im going anonymous. we talked once, but i'm sorry but you never gave...
dari biru menjadi abu-abu. dari guru menjadi seorang ibu. we've missed you, miss. #tbt
I liked a @YouTube video Jonas Rivanno ft. Asmirandah - Kita So Janji Pa Tuhan
I liked a @YouTube video Jonas Rivanno ft. Asmirandah - Suka SukaMu Tuhan
still don't remember eating lontong at school, ever, but I miss school... sort of.
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the extreme and steep hike was literally butthurting and wasn't entirely necessary. but indeed Andy, it really was worth it😍
HELLO - just letting you know, my message box is now open again (after ages of figuring out how my theme...
we'll probably regret how we posed here in three years time but, see y'all next summer!πŸ’ͺ
I liked a @YouTube video Kamp Nasional Remaja Gereja Toraja
sio Tete manise jaga beta pung ambone(?)
cantik kali urang oh hey Joan snapchats too now
chad sheeran ❌ @ivansitohang GET ITTTT AYEEEEE
I liked a @YouTube video from @AskAnythingChat Pentatonix Answers Fan Questions On Ask Anything Chat w/ Romeo,
langitnya bagus man kek matalu beneran deh tp disini kedip segala btw leher gua mana
thanks for the awesome anniversary show, Pentatonix. i enjoyed it so much i ended up realizing i didn't touch my phone one bit but thank goodness Martin did so my man's photograph on the bottom is on him.
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I liked a @YouTube video Nafiri Philia VG Reunion - Ya Tuhan Semesta Alam.wmv

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