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Mεgan Fox
Bila kau minta Untuk melangkah Pergi jauh dari hidup aku Aku tak mampu Untuk halang kau pergi Kerana kalau betul sayang Kau takkan pergi.
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I am so exhausted. Hm I need my babyboy :'(
Sebab apa. Sebab aku yang takut kehilangan org yg sgt berharga dalam hidup.
Aku perempuan. Tapi aku dilahirkan bukan untuk dikejar. Aku dilahirkan untuk mengejar.
Aku perempuan. Tapi aku tak pandai pujuk. Sebab tu orang yg aku sayang tak pernah takut hilang aku.
Salah aku atau tak.. Lbih baik aku minta maaf sbelum nnti aku yg sedih.
It always me. Yes, you may put the blame on me :')
Hm. Tengok tv sesorang la :'(
Tatahula apa nak jadi dengan kepala ni :(
Its 1030. Hm. Does he made a call ? :'(
Dapatkah selamanya kita bersama. Menyatukan perasaan kau dan aku. Semoga cinta kita kekal abadi. Sesampainya akhir nanti. Selamanya.
Aku tersesat menuju hatimu. Beri aku jalan yang indah. Izinkan ku lepas penatku. Tuk sejenak lelap di bahumu.
Dia taknak aku sedih2. And aku pun dah janji. Keep strong, Alice.
You dont know, how your attitude can hurt me.
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Stop introducing your girlfriend as 'awek'. Even a random girl being called awek. She deserves a better name like 'sayang' or 'my girl'.
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I am still the most happiest girl in the world :'D
Im holding on to whatever makes me happy. But suddenly.. I need to share my happiness with another one
Hold on to whatever keeps you happy.
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I am not good enough. Slowly.. I try..
She did say. She hate sharing !
You know how much she trusts you. How much she loves you.
She thought youre so sure that you will marry her. But then.. Theres another girl that you love more than you love her.
Im sorry for being too far.
Teach me how to smile properly again?
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Cant sleep. I did promise i wont remember what happened today.. But still my mind blew off !
Idk whether this is my destiny or not
Hmm saya tak pernah sayangkan perempuan lain mcm mana saya sayangkan awak sekarang :')
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Alice, keep your mouth shut. Dont show how you feel inside or youll ruin your happy day just like yesterday :')
Teringin nak bahagia selama lamanya.
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#Akupalingpantang bila orang dok tengok aku dari bawah sampai atas. Hokhaloh nak kaki cakap! Anytime aku boleh kasi!
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imagine your boyfriend took your photo in silence and made it as his phone wallpaper💓💘
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I really like you. A lot. I know sometimes I mess up and do things that make it seem like I don't care but trust me, you're my world.
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I wish I could turn back time to when everything was perfect.
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two years after losing his wife to cancer, a man re-created his wedding photos with their young daughter 😥�
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Baru perasan muka comot dengan hitam2 eyeliner =,=
Its raining. Just like what my heart did
10 mins to go. Cant wait for him to come back from work :'D
Kesian kat diri sendiri. Terlalu sangat Mengharap kasih orang Mengharap cinta itu berbalas Tapi sayang Orang tu tak pernah Nak menghargai.
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Some say I'm too sensitive, but the truth is I just feel too much. Every word, every action & every energy goes straight to my heart.
Promise me you won't be like everyone else.. I'm countin on you to be different. To be a constant thing in my life. Don't let me down.
I promise you this, no matter who enters your life, I will love you more than any of them. #truth
Erghhh. Nak buat apa ni :(
You're mine and ONLY mine. All rights reserved. #sorrygirls
I'm the type of girl who starts to tear up because of high frustration. Not because I'm actually upset. Eh. Sama ke ? Err
If It's meant to be, it will be. #havefaith