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Elon Musk
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On annual camping trip w kids. Trying a place just south of Carmel in California this year.
@SpaceX: Soft water landing of Falcon 9 rocket booster. Full update:…
Looks like body slam, maybe from a self-generated wave
Detailed review of rocket telemetry needed to tell if due to initial splashdown or subsequent tip over and body slam
Rocket booster reentry, landing burn & leg deploy were good, but lost hull integrity right after splashdown (aka kaboom)
Flight 10 of Falcon 9 was good. All six ORBCOMM satellites deployed on target.
Tesla Superchargers delivered over 1GWh last month. Long distance driving growing exponentially…
Tesla Model S named top model in perceived quality via @USATODAY
Test flight of Falcon 9-R with deployable grid fins for better hypersonic thru subsonic control…
Goal is for unsubsidized solar power to cost less than grid electricity from coal or fracked gas
SolarCity to build the world's largest advanced solar panel factory in upstate New York
Edmunds beats Tesla LA-NY record by several hours! “@edmunds: Made it! Our Model S made LA-NY run in 67 hrs and 21 mins"
Apparently, lots of confused media inquiries about blog title. Look, we just to make sure they don't set us up the bomb.
Some news about Tesla patents tmrw at 10am
Faith restored in humanity. French toast > money
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Eugene—the supercomputer, not 13-year-old—first to beat the Turing Test by @NathanMattise
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Ok, but the sloths kinda had it coming "Humans Blamed for Extinction of Mammoths & Giant Sloths"…
Recording of Dragon V2 unveil at
Live streaming of Dragon event at