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Elliot Jay Stocks
As time goes on, I despise having to open iTunes to play my local music. Might give Spotify’s ‘local files’ another go.
Interesting thoughts on tech monopolies (undermined, unfortunately, by the site’s ‘you might also like’ link bait):
Thanks to everyone who tweeted nice things about (and / or quotes from) my @greatdiscontent interview this week!…
Just stumbled across some very old photos, including this one of my mates @TimothyHenty and @MrAlexParsons!
Finally checking Koya off my to-do list. (at @KoyaUdon in Soho, Greater London)
For the next issue of @readlagom, @samkabam and I are on the hunt for some genuinely amazing workspaces. Throw your suggestions at us!
I’ve had @iAWriter Pro on my iPhone and iPad for a while, but I’ve just bought it for Mac and hence officially started work on a new book.
Just been listening to @pencilvspixel’s interview with @schneidertobias and now I’m lost down the rabbit hole of all his awesome projects.
I had a really fun time speaking to @pencilvspixel on the latest episode of his excellent podcast: Cheers, Cesar!
Or absolutely perfect in every way, depending on your stance.
I get how internet ads works. But being shown ads for a product a friend recommended to me in a ‘private’ Facebook message just feels wrong.
The folks at @JUXT are looking for an Associate Creative Director: #authenticjobs
Decided to collate all of my to-dos in @foursquare into the global to-do list, and save lists for recommendations.…
To say thanks for all the YouTube videos and to keep them coming, I just started supporting @CUCKOOMUSIC on @Patreon:…
Anyone know if there’s a tool out there that lets you import any sort data (from a spreadsheet) and then spit out some graphs?
This afternoon, @samkabam introduced me to @DDDumbo, who’s making some of the most unique music I’ve heard in ages:…
The folks at @onabags ( are in search of a graphic / web designer: #authenticjobs
A quick jam I did this weekend to test out my new analog gear:…
(Related: I get an in-time ‘blip’ from the MB, but the sequencer doesn’t follow it.)
Any analogue synth folks know why my MiniBrute’s sequencer tempo won’t sync to my Volca Drums’ tempo? (Volca CV out —> MB CV in.)
Tap the ‘menu’ button on the @madeforhumans site: Tap it again. Tap it again. Tap it again. So lovely! /cc @Yarcom
Seeing Google’s Material Design (…) in the wild really does make me consider an Android device:…
Pinterest fans! We’ve started posting a bunch of @readlagom photos to this board:…
Video messaging. I just don’t get it. I guess I’m getting old.…
Great and friendly customer service — once again — from @Junorecords. If they stock it, I’ll always prefer to buy my musical gear from them.
One of the best things about being home.
New on the blog: ‘Confessions of an independent publisher’ —…
So many great friends in one room. Sad I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone. What’s the next #SuperFriendsConf going to be?
Coffee and pastries on the final morning If Brooklyn Beta – with @drbparsons (at @CafePedlar in Brooklyn, NY)
#BrooklynBeta is the physical connection between the digital dots in my life. Thank you, @shiflett and @FictiveCameron for making it happen.
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Day 2 of the final #BrooklynBeta. Day 1 was great. Superb talks by @johnmaeda and @acasalena, especially. And what a crowd!
The epic, James-Bond-villain’s-lair-esque appeal of this place never gets old. (at @VirginAtlantic Clubhouse)
Finally seeing Tycho live! (@ The Trinity Centre - @TrinityBristol in Bristol, City of Bristol)