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Ellen Pompeo
"50% of pregnancies in the US are in intended. HIV is on the rise. Girls think because..." #WorldContraceptionDay
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Capshaw was giving you Beyoncé hair
So east coast...are we still legit?
West coast don't look at your phones!!!!
Will be live tweeting for west coast feed
East Coast here we go
Me too! Today @ 2pm PST RT @IAMQUEENLATIFAH: I'm glad I had the chance to talk to @iJesseWilliams today. VIDEOS:
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Help us find a home for our Pet of the Week, Rolo! Please retweet!
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@EllenPompeo Readyyyyyy. This was a few days ago, but I was ready then too!
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@thewankybitch: @EllenPompeo will you be my Thursday Person? 😁” thought I already was
@FreshPrinceOfHU: @EllenPompeo will always be the Thursday Bae.” Love me some fellas...
@sandwichlove_: @EllenPompeo can you say goodnight to your italian fans?x7” buona Norte
@Shawno_v: @EllenPompeo Can't wait for the premiere!!!!! so excited” hi Shawn
@McDreamFamily: @EllenPompeo dude looks like a lady” not really sure I'm a "lady" either
@Al_Zumbo: @EllenPompeo nope you'll never notice me” nope never
@anistonatomy: @EllenPompeo I CANT VBEEATHE” you should start before you pass out
@anistonatomy: @EllenPompeo nO YOU DOD NOT JIST RWEET ME” um yes I did
Grateful to you all & anyone who has ever contributed. That said; S11, let's do this! @EllenPompeo #MakingOfHistory
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Tino otherwise known as mac daddy
So anyone wanna hang out Thursday night? Does 8 o'clock work? #whosgonnakeepmecompany? #TGIT
We are going to look back in 50 years and shake our heads in disbelief we allowed our food to be taken over by processed chemicals!
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I’m taking a stand to end extreme poverty and so can you. Take action & be a #GlobalCitizen today 💖
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Meet the college women who are starting a revolution against campus sexual assault:
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Leo DiCaprio, Sting, Mark Ruffalo march in NYC People's Climate March
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.@WWF China's CEO Sze Ping LO is joining us in NYC! It's time to march for change! #PeoplesClimate #seizeyourpower
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World spewed nearly 800 million tons more CO2 in 2013 than in 2012; led by China, US & India:
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We've been asking why everyone showed up today for the #PeoplesClimateMarch. The answers are inspiring.
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Okay so these guys are like my brothers literally but.....Damn #justsaying #shondaknowshowtopickem #TGIF
Me and @iJesseWilliams Talkin' bout How To Get Away With Shmurda. #TGIT Life
Btw the part of Big Boo was played by this guy #freddyactsafool
@laurawalker86: @ellenPIMPeo @EllenPompeo Surely everyone watches #OITNB ? #Amazeballs” if they don't they should those girls are giving it