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Ellen DeGeneres
After my “Anaconda” video, some people thought my butt wasn’t all me. Today, I tackled Bootygate head on.
Loni Love and my gardener really hit it off.
Dr. Pepper and I freak their freak tomorrow.
American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World is on NBC tonight! I can’t decide who to root for. I’m from both of those places.
You can't say she didn't have a look.
#Teamusher remember to watch @TheEllenShow at 4pm ET today to find out more about my upcoming #URXTOUR
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Today I ushered in a new segment - Who’s in My Bushes? You won’t believe who was in them today.
Kristen Wiig and I let it go.
It was 107 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday. That can only mean one thing - Time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
Kristen Wiig and I are the last two people on Earth who don’t know the lyrics to “Let It Go.” But that didn’t stop us
Why did the man eat yeast and shoe polish before going to bed? He wanted to rise and shine. #ClassicJokeFriday
You really are a ninja warrior RT @AllisonBJanney: Watch @TheEllenShow today as Anna and I have fun taking on the American Ninja Warrior...
Why do teenagers always go out in odd numbers? Because they can’t even. #ClassicJokeFriday
Apparently you can’t pull anything over on this kid. #ApparentlyKid…
Allison Janney and Anna Faris are, as I suspected, both ninjas.
What are the 3 types of movements in a cha-cha? Forward, backward, and awkward. #ClassicJokeFriday
Apparently, Noah Ritter is one incredibly special boy. Seriously.…
Tomorrow he’s going to be anything but exasperated.
Happy #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
.@HarryConnickJR turns 47 today! Happy birthday. I just tweeted to say I love you.
#NeverForget #911Anniversary
Send a little extra love into the world today, and remember why we need it. #NeverForget #911Anniversary
Nicki Minaj and I played a fun game together. This is the first time I'm using this, but #NSFW
He’s here tomorrow. Apparently.
I can't wait to meet you RT @ShawnMendes: Im going to be on Ellen !!!
It was no treble at all. RT @Meghan_Trainor: So insane that I got to meet @TheEllenShow and sing on her show! Best day of my life!...
There’s bad news about #ClassicJokeWednesday on my show today, but great news about #YoureWelcomeWednesday right here!
There’s bad news about #ClassicJokeWednesday on my show today, but great news about #YoureWelcomeWednesday right here
Happy Wednesday! @NickiMinaj @ChanningTatum
Today I helped @ChanningTatum get over his fear of dolls.
Happy birthday, Arnold Palmer! I hope your birthday is equal parts magic and lemonade.
My Anaconda don’t. My Anaconda don’t. My Anaconda video is finally here.
My Anaconda don’t. My Anaconda don’t. My Anaconda video is finally here.…
So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius. #AppleLive
Happy birthday, @AdamSandler! I hope you do something that makes you happy. And is also very funny. And with Drew Barrymore. And you film it
@KimKardashian showed me how to take a selfie. I showed her how to take an ice bucket. #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Can’t wait to see @U2 at the #AppleEvent. I wonder if they’re announcing the iWatch. I watch. You too?
Season 12, Day 2!
Happy birthday, @ericstonestreet! Yesterday, Portia and I were walking down a stone street and we thought of you. There was a dog named Eric
Your ice bucket challenge was wonderful. I'm changing your name to Kim Kardashian Wet. RT @KimKardashian: Tune in tomorrow to watch me...
I’m so excited for the @AmericanNinjaWarrior finals tonight on NBC! I love that show. That’s why I asked them to build me my own course. I’m completely serious. My guests this week are in for it.
Everyone in my premiere show audience got a trip to check out the new @TheLINQ hotel! #LaughDanceSponsor
So excited for @ninjawarrior tonight on NBC! I love it. That’s why I asked for my own course. Seriously. My guests this week are in for it.
Edgar, my Oscars pizza guy, brought lunch for my staff! He has a new restaurant in Silverlake called Wood Handcrafted Pizza. It’s amazing.
Send me an ugly cry photo. RT @ameliagermain Today is the start of Season 12 on @TheEllenShow! Bring on the belly laughs and ugly cries...