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Elle Fowler
Pinecone guards my bedroom door from monsters and hooligans and "chickens" (twisty ties off bread bags)
so of course the one night I'm actually sleepy at a reasonable hour I'm fighting sleep... I wanna do other things, not sleep!
Finally sitting down with a cup of tea and watching @ellefowler 's new video ☕️😌💕
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the hammering is back. wtf.
any ideas anyone? RT @carolinee21_: @ellefowler is there anything we can do for an extra entry?
Autumn is my favorite season and that means NEW BEAUTY GOODIES! Watch this video to see what I picked! <3…
and then make sure you are following here on twitter and retweet my next tweet, and tag 3 friends! <3
ok here you go! If you haven't seen it already, check out the info section of my new video for prize info…
hiii <3 twitter giveaway in a few mins?
Everyone go watch @ellefowler's new @Macys Autumn Beauty Haul and tell her I sent you!!…
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i think i need an early night. My insomnia has been insane lately and I need to reset something in meh brain :/
There's nothing better than coming home from school with a new @ellefowler video💕�
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😳 RT@MissiCC:@ellefowlerr I doc. all dreams. zombies were chasing evr1.. wanted to eat our cells but no1 would giv them up. So we all died.
A BRAND NEW video just went up! It's an Autumn Beauty Haul... my favorite kind!…
wait i just changed a setting on the video. Is it working now?
@ellefowler how quickly a 💩💩 day can be turned around with one little notification! 💄💄
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@ellefowler Thanks for following me! I LOVE your videos and you've introduced me to so many new products over the years!
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wifi is going very slow so if you eyes are glued open you can relax them for 20 more mins or so!
i can hear pinecone purring all the way from the other room 😊😊#happycathappywifehappylifeife
also I had 2 nightmares last night, both about the same person. 👎
working on uploading a new video now! Keep your eyes open because I will do a follow spree for the first few people who send me screenshots!
Instead I'm stuck deep in the internet learning things. Like about Hi-wa itck.
also I don't have a hammer, so there's that.
that would be fun, but alas, I am not a prophet nor do I know morse code. Now I'm sad. How come I'm not a morse code knowing prophet?
perhaps I should hammer back, maybe in morse code. I can send them a message, or a prophecy.
i think my neighbor is building a closet on the other side of my bedroom wall. Or a picture collage. Something with hammering. ITS 2AM!
Pinecone just woke from a deep sleep with a fright and ran straight off the bed and into the wall. Did he have a nightmare?
in all honesty the greek yogurt thing lasted for like 3 years so I don't even think that counts as a phase, but this egg thing? a phase.
why have I become obsessed with scrambled eggs? I want it every darn day now. Remember when I had my greek yogurt obsession?
i put a cookie in the microwave 4 hours ago and forgot it in there 😐
it's a 4 load of laundry kinda day I think
wait wut? guys what does this even mean? RT @SincerelyTumblr: Ios8 update got me like
Do you suppose if I leave it lopsided anyone will notice? I can pretend it's normal and then people will be embarrassed to comment on it.
oh! pinecone can now jump on my bed. He just crawled up the fallen corner, like scaling a mountain. At least something good came of it.
my tweets are clearly very exciting. They match my life (AKA, excitement levels through the roof)
@ellefowler I absolutely love your random tweets about your sad looking bed and pinecone chasing a chicken. Keeps me very entertained :) x
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dont ask y my bed is on risers. I know its not normal outside of college. (I needed the storage dammit! I have Halloween decor under there!)
so now I am sitting on my sad lopsided bed, hoping it doesn't just break completely underneath me *looks at mattress skeptically*
guys my bed fell through 1 of my bed risers and now it's all lopsided and sad looking. Only on 1 corner. I'm not strong enough to lift it!
yay!! <3 RT @JessieJabber: My @bhcosmetics items from @ellefowler 's giveaway came in today! Thank you Elle!
I have to pick him up and put him in front of his chicken OR HE DOESNT KNOW IT'S THERE. And he watches me prep the plate. And put it down.
He acts like he doesnt have any idea where the chicken went, wandering like a blind dino, until I physically move him 1 foot to the food
Pinecone's morning routine: Begs for chicken while I make coffee. I make him a plate. I put it on the floor in the same place everyday.
p.s. I wish I was a morning person. I LIKE mornings, I can just never get up early without it being a huge internal fight with myself