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Elle Fowler
Click to play. Sneak peek of my next video... LOL. BTW I almost got hit in the eye by that flying wizard hat star... 😐⭐️
editing my video for the weekend... it's a festive one! Any ideas?
I'm thinking a new video this weekend yes?
wanna do a quick #askelle? fire away
yes that's normal RT @flcml3: @ellefowler i read spaghetti as pah-sghettio and thought your cat was making dinner for a second
Watching Frozen and I literally think Elsa was inspired by @ellefowler 😄
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story of everyone's life RT @youtubelover_: I want to reply to elles tweet but I don't even know what she's talking about
2 totally different things, naturally :P
Wow just realized that tweet makes it sound like I'm cooking a baby Christmas tree for dinner? Um no. Spaghetti and then Pah-sghettio.
Spaghetti is cooking, American Horror Story is queued up, Pah-sghettio is on my lap still, being my built in heating pad... <3
pinecone has taken it upon himself to be my heating pad, and is on my stomach. Does anyone know where I put my hot water bottle?!
I have my "moody cow" candle by @CowshedUS burning. Anyone wanna bring me a heating pad and some motrin? And The Notebook. Thanks.
“@NajdahZ: @ellefowler this is pinecone, when elle goes to get something she forgot when filming 😘📷�” 😂😂😂
Hey love bugs! This week I posted 2 new videos, one to each channel. Have you watched them both?! On my main channel I posted a video all about my new fall background and my filming set up, so if you've ever wanted to know what camera equipment and lighting I use make sure to check it out! www.youtu
Have you seen this one yet?! Glitterature: The Jewel by Amy Ewing <3…
I wonder if Pinecone will be a coffee bean farmer when he grows up? He loves it. <3 #ifwisheswerefishes
OHMYGERSHHHHH RT @yourbatwoman: @ellefowler OMG LOOK HOW ADORABLE THIS IS ❤️❤️❤️🙈
😂 😂 😂 😂 �@missmarisacatsa@ellefowlerowler Like
Pinecone is asleep on my bed dreaming of coffee cake and has no idea what's in store for him come Halloween. He will be SO excited.
damn it's 5am. When did that happen?
I'll wrap him in lights and put a booga ornament on his tail yes?
like why COULDN'T a wolf and a bird make a cat dog? But alas, the lyrics say a "woof and a purr"
Remember when I thought the cat dog lyrics were "One fine day between a wolf and a bird..." which made sense in my head btw
LOLOL #notnormal RT @yourbatwoman: @ellefowler OR THIS!!! YOU CAN BE THE CAT AND ALEX CAN BE THE DOG!!! LOL
Pinecone must be a cat fish
What if I was a mermaid and pinecone was flounder? Or a catfish!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Elsa, a cat, a cat with wings, a cat that's pinecone... you guys... HAHAHAHAHAHA ;)
I've been both a Sailor and a Pirate for several years now so I'm ready for something new hahaha
I don't know what I wanna be for Halloween. This is a very big decision LOLOL
That candid hair tuck tho... 😍 Pic credit: @kevingarrison
What are your favorite kinds of October through December videos from me to watch? I know Lush Hauls, Candle Hauls, Vlogmas... what else?
Goodness there were a lot of C words in that tweet
Coney's idea of a Christmas feast could be Chicken, Freeze Dried Chicken Bites, Coffee, and Coffee Cake.
"I'm sad cause I want a coffee and mama won't let me stick my whiskers in her's :( Sometimes being a cat is SO hard"
@ellefowler love your new video elle! im enjoying my morning cup of tea watching it! love you 💘🙈
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anyone else make wishes on kitty whiskers? It's a thing. 1 of cone's fell off the other night and I made Alex wish on it and he was confused
coney is a grump because i refuse to let him stick his whiskers in my coffee. He loves coffee, but come on. I don't need whiskers in there
@ellefowler I just finished my coffee watching your glitterature. Basically my day started amazing! I hope yours will too!
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anyone know where the gorgeous white jeweled dress that Amy's wearing on the new "faking it" is from? I'm obsessed!!
ugh I should sleep LOL. But nope. Making coffee cause I'm up for the day.
Have you seen the new Glitterature I uploaded a few hours ago?!… <3
fell asleep and now I'm wide awake at 1am, ready to take on the world. Naturally. Be normal, body, pah-lease.
OH YES!!! Definitely need this one... RT @kkendelll: @ellefowler banana hairs!!
anything else to add guys?! Bat Earrings... AlbinoDino... remember the weinerwawas???
It's Glitterature time!! "The Jewel" by Amy Ewing…