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Elle Fowler
p.s. time zones suck 😡👊
long day, so tired. love you guys, goodnight! ⭐️🌙
selfies on set PEACE✌️
Dunno why I just remembered my dream from last night but I did. Pinecone turned into a pig. So Elle had a pet pig named pinecone.That is all
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@ellefowler so you could say the floor is BENEATH THE GLITTER 😏
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in other news, I opened up the duffle that I used during the shooting of Studio Fowler and a bunch of glitter fell out. For real.
Do I use Embryolisse during the shoot today or not? It makes my skin look better on camera but it breaks me out... #beautyguruprobs
Morning morning rise and shine ☀️🙆
feeling a bit under the weather and I have a shoot day on set tomorrow... *takes vitamin C* *crosses fingers*
Wanna know what beauty products I picked up in France? Watch my new video!…...
Wanna know what beauty products I picked up in France? Watch my new video! (clickable link in my profile) <3
"Sometimes... like my body... like... wants to play the flute." - @juicystar007 #saidnoonebutapieceofgumever #juicyfruit
about to leave for a meeting but have you seen my latest video? See what I picked up from a French pharmacy!…
Here's one for you: 👸☀️☕️🍳... ✌️hahaha
you guys should send me an emoji story! LOL! :)
You know, just doing my job. Sending out emoji stories like it's a thang.
ok bedtime love bugs! Here's my newest video if you haven't caught it yet :)…
that moment when you are ready to get in bed, and you realize your sheets are in the wash and haven't been put in the dryer... 😡 👊
video up, run ran, 3 loads of laundry done, kitchen cleaned... time for dinner and a movie :D #bestfeelingever
my new video is sending out to subscription boxes now!! Send me a screenshot FIRST for a retweet!! :D
Laying on my living room floor, blasting music and waiting for a video to upload. Keep your eyes on for a new video tonight! <3