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Elle Fowler
I've reached over a million likes on Facebook, .. wow. Let's get "Wake Up Call" to 1,000,000 views to celebrate!…
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@ellefowler im feeling an allthatgitters21 marathon 😎
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feeling a big brother/disney movie marathon tonight. and maybe a laundry-doing marathon. and maybe a pb&j making marathon.
Apparently my condo is going to be empty when I get home at the rate Blair is clearing me out...
Loved @juicystar007 vlogs and I swear when @ellefowler gets home she'll be like "WTF IVE BEEN ROBBED!" But I'm sure elle knows lol
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"I think we should go swimming" 🐊
Hahaha @ellefowler is not going to have anything left in her condo.....if @juicystar007 has anything to do with it hahaha! 😅😅😅
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dat polaroid tho... 70s chic
Watching a scary movie about a shark and I'm all "we have to lock ALL the doors and windows and make sure no blinds have cracks in them!!" 😮
p.s. anything with animals/beasts will scare the heck outta @alexgoot so bonus points for those
Ok guys... I wanna watch a scary movie. Any suggestions? Scariest new one you've seen!!
Working on a makeup tutorial...
Gonna film a video today...
Omg it's my 6th YouTube birthday!!!! Thank you for my favorite Instagram accounts for reminding me! 🎉🎁🎈🎂
My little Pinecone is such a sweet boy. I miss him!
My little Pinecone is such a sweet boy. I miss him! 🐱
@ellefowler I think you have the cutest most beautiful cat in the world. I'm in love with this little pinecone!
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There's always a photo op when you're with @alexgoot...
There's always a photo op when you're with @alexgoot...
OMG Pinecone in Blair's daily vlog... SO CUTE! I miss the little bug!…
"Don't you like that beer? I think it kinda tastes like a milkshake" -@alexgoot say wut?! 😐
omg I want one!! RT @CuteEmergency: AT WHAT STORE CAN I GET ONE
Busted. @juicystar007 :P RT @MissBiaanca: @ellefowler and she took your Mocha-coffee :D
What are you guys doing in this very moment? I'm sipping on coffee and watching @alexgoot edit a new cover (intense editing, fo' real)
For those asking, Pinecone is doing much better!! Blair is taking care of him while I am in NY and she sends me video clips of him!