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Elle Fowler
Responding to comments and questions now!…
"Mama, do you think one day I'll grow into my paws?" 🐱
movie night with a still sick boy and a still needy baby christmas tree whom looks just like a blanket right now
Have you seen my newest video?! Come along while I get ready and I'll show you my skincare, makeup, hair, outfit... even my breakfast! <3 Repost from @elle_fowler_blair_fowler --- Go watch Elle's new video if you haven't yet! It was amazing! Hope you guys like th
oops was searching the tags for @ellefowler and not #askelle so I missed a bunch! Resend if you are so inclined if you haven't been answered
also I have a few minutes... anyone wanna do a quick twitter Q&A? Use #AskElle and search it if you wanna see questions and answers!
american horror story season 1 marathon allll dayyyy + cold room + lots of blankets + hot coffee = best day ever.
pizza making and chicken prepping for the sick boy and the needy cat in that order. 😷🐱🍕🐓
I think my obsession with @ellefowler glitterature videos is a HUGE problem. I need to study for my exams! 😹
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ok I'm not done with this ep but why aren't Michelle and Graham a thing? They are SO SWEET to each other.
snuggled on the sofa watching Bachelor in Paradise #happygirl
Wakeup and watch @ellefowler 's vlogmas videos every morning because I'm that excited for Christmas time already.
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i made that word plural boo ya
hi there gorgeous's
Just finished the @ellefowler @juicystar007 #earbiscuits @rhettandlink and it was awesome and really down to earth. ☺️
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It's the equivalent of leaving goats tied to stakes like in Jurassic Park (a scene that made my cry) except more humane. #howtofeedaTRex
I know he's 8 pounds because I weighed him today to recalibrate my scales. #normal
when you live with an 8 pound T-Rex, you have to remember not to leave chick fil a chicken nuggets on the counter. HE. WILL. SHREAD. THEM.
taking care of a sick boy and a grumpy Pinecone and an entire Australian zoo family. mostly Pinecone cause he's demanding.
Now the proud mama of an entire Australian zoo family. 😂😍😛 "But why do they both have babies?" "Oh... I don't know. I didn't notice." These two (4?!) babies get to get added to my growing collection of overseas stuffed animals hahahahaha <3
Have you guys seen my latest video?! Come with me as I get ready and see my skincare, makeup, hair, and outfit!…
ok gotta shower, get ready, grab coffee, and head to the airport in a few hourrrsss
Come Get Ready with Me! Skincare, Makeup, Hair, and Outfit!…
#proudellevator since I was 18, far from home, & during my first year of college @ellefowler has been with me through it all.
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Never seen videos of @ellefowler b4, but when my timeline was all abt her new vid, I watched it and now I'm a #ellevator *still watching*
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hahaha thank you! RT @JJSamuel90: @ellefowler I usually don't watch your make up videos but I did watch this one
haha I can't even deal with that hashtag 😂😂😂 @vfransiasi@ellefowlerler thank you so much#proudellevatortor ;) ♡
wow!!! you guys were amazingly fast on this one!!! :D :D :D
I'm gonna do a little follow spree for the first few people who send me screenshots of the video :) East coast... that means you!!
alright guys... my new video is going to go up in 30 mins!!
alright guys, my video is finally DONE and uploading now... will be up bright and early in the morning!!
I think I left my brain in the bed with my nap and my baloney cat.
well obviously I haven't packed... I'm not going anywhere. 😐
just picking someone up not going anywhere thank goodness, I haven't even packed!
gotta leave for the airport in like 6 hours eek!!
Self, don't ever listen to self again RE: naps. Slept for 3 hours. aaarughhhhh!!!!
decided, "oh! I'll just take a 30 min power nap! Self, that's a great idea. Research says it can make you way more alert!".
goals... finish this video and upload it and clean my whole house and get a full nights rest. Doable? Prob not hahahaha
"But it could be a million things that aint no good." 😂😂😂 I love southerners.
"You might end up with a dagum Hawaii trip. You might end up with a dagum built up diesel truck." -Beast Mode #BB16
kind of like "Oh hey self, oh you want mac n cheese? Yeah let's make it and then not want it anymore once it's cooked. Yeah."