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Elle Fowler
anyone been to frightmare manor in TN?
Need some October inspiration this week? Make my pumpkin spice latte face mask!…
DIY Spiced Apple Body Scrub, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Lip Scrub, and more in this new festive video!…
the entire house is asleep seeing as it's 2am, but nope, I'm wide awake, hi hi
Happy #NationalCatDay love bugs! Love these girls meow! 🐱
made a midnight snack of sugared ham and pumpkin bread (not together but like yeah, together) and omg I am so happy 😍
but in all honestly he is still there and I have gotten the kind of giggles that can't stop won't stop
walked into the kitchen, saw this... he says he is "getting rid of hiccups" (oooh ok... 😐)
I forgot how much I love watching @ellefowler videos...I need to catch up! #timetobingewatch ❤️
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DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Face Mask? YES PLEASE!…
"just because" presents from @alexgoot to make my filming easier 😍 (been wanting that remote for ages)
New video... and this one is one of my favorites! Join me for an autumn-themed at home spa night...…
LOVE the new video! Especially the spiced apple body scrub! 😍
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Everyone go watch @ellefowler new video! Can't wait to try this!! 😁😍
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A new video is going up now!!!
I'm gonna put a bonnet on her head for Halloween and have her be the big bad wolf 🐺
She stands in her scary stance and looks at dark windows and doors and looks terrifying.
watching movies in the dark with Pasha the wolf and I have to constantly tell her, "go lay down, don't be scary."
I just wanna say that I don't condone sister tags without all sisters
my le wee fee is so slow ugh
alex is NOT invited btw don't tell him SHHH
alright guys I have a screwdriver drink and a red blanket on my head, let's hang out.
le pinecone is in his le carrier at my le feet being cute
am I am bird? am I a plane? Oh wait, I am
tweeting from the sky, hi hi I'm on a plane hi
hahahahaha why did this make me laugh like a madwoman? RT @RelatableQuote: I'm crying 😂�
Guys I haven't been home since last Christmas. Blair has visited like 3-4 times (she is there now) but I haven't
And I'm like, "Settle down Mom, I will just sleep in my own, like a normal person."
My mom gets really excited when I tell her I'm coming home and says things like, "YOU CAN HAVE YOUR PICK OF ANY OF THE BEDROOMS!!!"
Tonight I will be snuggled into my bed in TN with my Pineconito cat and my Halloween socks
Slept for a few hours, still gotta do some packing and running around before I leave eek! Why am I always running late to airports?! 😫
gooooooodddd MORNING!!
Damn you rule girl, you kill it. That rap was so on-point. @ellefowler
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@ellefowler that was so good! Haha what's your rapper name? 😝👊🎤
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@ellefowler Well if the whole "beauty gooroo" thing doesn't pan out, you've got a future in rapping! #MixmasterElle?
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and now it isn't red anymore, it's white 😫
but for real though I have been tasked with "de-hairing" Alex's suitcase because pinecone has made it his bed for the last 6 weeks or so
gotta lint roll Alex's bag, pinecone's got some swag, he's been hanging out, dreaming bout, maybe like a flag
I gotta charge my devices, cook some spanish rices, maybe ask pinecone for his words of advices
I need to snack then pack, and maybe I'll nap. I gotta hit the road, not be slowed, it's my mode, I gotta get get get to my moms area code
I think it's snack time, yes? And maybe nap time. Then pack time? OMG WHY IS THIS ALL RHYMING?!
ok videos are done... now need to clean, pack, etc and maybe sleep some? Leaving in T-minus 8 hours
pinecone looks so handsome with his little haircut LOLOL he looks like a marshmallow cause his cheek fur is all rounded and trimmed
why can't I always be organized? I don't know the answer to this.