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Elle Fowler
watching a middle of the night movie, love october, and scary movies
hiiiiii love bugs <3
aww!!! he is! RT @laurenshort_: @ellefowler my cat Kiptyn is almost as fluffy as Cone!
@glamoclock @ellefowler agree! It's basically my entertainment on my way to uni 😄😄
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I wouldn't even want a full mop fur in my water. I wouldn't even want a normal non mop pet fur in my water. it's not just you.
like I know you're only half mop, on your dad's side, but that doesn't give you the right. it's not discrimination, it's not.
Will someone please tell my pet mop that his tail is not welcome in my bath? tank q
best of both worlds. got my video done, without rushing, and now I get to see my person. <3
Reading @ellefowler 's tweets makes mornings way more fun 👸
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The struggle between not wanting to feel rushed shooting a video but wanting to hang out with someone ASAP... #YouTuberProblems
Every time I try to do something productive I end up just watching @ellefowler instead👸💄
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his fur has gone from a cuddly to a mop in about a weeks time, send help SOS
His ear hairs need to be trimmed, lets be honest. P.S. Don't tell Alex cone is on his suitcase getting it furry O_o
booked Coney in for a haircut this weekend cause we are gonna take a little trip to TN next week!
Chanel's Holiday collection seems a bit dissappointing... it's all colors we have seen the last few years
The new MAC holiday collection is SO CUTE this yeah #obsessed
hello hello world hello
Do U know @ellefowler? She seriously finds the cutest things!! Check out this supercute video of her haul from @lushcosmetics
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but not coffee cake from starbucks, let's not get crazy
LOLOL! RT @chicklebird83: @ellefowler i love how dog person is in quotes like we're not sure that's even a real thing
Pinecone strictly eats chicken, with coffee cake for dessert sometimes. He is a carnivore you see.
when a "dog person" tries to give Pinecone a bite of pizza... 😐
you guys understand me and for that I heart you very much
Amen. RT @RamDanielle: @ellefowler I thought they came out of magical ovens at starbucks and the bakers are cats drinking pumpkin spice. Ugh
guys I don't know that they were throwing those out because the glass cases were still filled. I don't know what that was tbh
THIS WAS ME!!! I FEEL BETRAYED! RT @RamDanielle: @ellefowler I feel betrayed.
my pumpkin bread loving heart is crushed by the illusion of treats that are treated well. what the heck is that display of un-treatiness?
ok well... today, I went at closing for a delicious treat, and did you know this is what those treats look like?
ok guys. this is serious. you know those glorious displays of delicious treats in Starbucks? like this?
"hi my name is baloney and i have a squiggly tail"
I stand by this 😂 RT@cocogonzalez266: @ellefowlerr: hahaha 😂 I have two moods. Vanessa Hudgens. Or Her”
In other news Pinecone has now FULLY bonded and accepted Alex into the house and now greets him and goes up to him for attention *heartmelt*
I have chicken stuffed with broccoli cheese in the oven and the new Once Upon a Time in the queue... #happymondaymhm
hi love bugs!! <3 How is your monday evening going?
Or if Glitteratures are more your thing, here is my new one!…
Hi love bugs, Happy Monday! Working on new videos today and tomorrow, make sure to watch my last one!…
Everytime I organize my room I have @ellefowler playing in the background, her organizational videos always get me in the mood to clean!
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You know me... kicking it into gear October-December every year. And May, but that's besides the point, LOL!
LOVING all of the #ElleRequests guys! Thank you! I've been in a video making mood since October started and love all the suggestions!
watching American Horror Story alone at night and I totally have the heeby jeebies now :/// All my doors are locked but I'm scared?
The most ridiculous of Halloween #throwbacks. I was about 16 in this picture, same age as @alexgoot was in the throwback he posted today. Think we would have been friends back then? 😂
do you suppose coney is one of these?
use the hashtag and send away!!! <3
Alright guys, planning out some videos to film this week and would love to see your requests for October/Autumn themed videos! #ElleRequests
Coffee + Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims - @alexgoot (come over, yes?) + a very meowy pinecone = my Sunday as stands currently
Festive Candles and Bath Treats for Spooky Halloween Nights! Watch my haul here! <3…
seriously in love with this picture hahaha 😍 RT@alexgoott:#throwbackk .. that hair though