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Elle Fowler
Happy Birthday to my favorite ANFCEO who has made his entire career about being green and was also born on EARTH DAY! So dedicated 🌏
...for 12 days now and I am so. over. it. πŸ‘Š#hiyahh
finally got antibiotics. I'm ready to kick this sickness to the curb! I've been stuck in "more than a cold, but not as bad as the flu" limbo
Just passes a man on the street with a bright pink poodle who was trying to convince passerby that the dog was born that way πŸ˜‚πŸΆ
@ellefowler you are an app on my phone with my other favourite youtubers πŸ’—πŸ’— please follow me
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Responding to comments on the latest #StudioFowler video! Come say hi!… @ilovemakeupYT
Such good feeling when someone asks you "is that the same tattoo @ellefowler has?" YES & finally somebody who watches great yt people! haha
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Blair got me a sub and I'm a happy girl now :) :) #lovemysister @juicystar007
@ellefowler FREAKIN REPLIED TO ME ON HER YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!! If you couldn't tell this really made my day!!! Thank you so much elle😊😘
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working on my next video - it should be up tomorrow! Make sure you have seen the latest one first! :)…
@ellefowler Will definitely be trying this shimmery look this summer! Such a pretty glow #StudioFowler
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AAaahhhhhh #StudioFowler is all about @ellefowler today!!! @ilovemakeupYT aaaahhhh so excited!! I need to finish this ASAP to watch it :O
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.@ellefowler shows off her favorite looks for day & night using some of her fave shimmer makeup #StudioFowler
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Find the Pinecone! (Hint: He blends in with my new chairs perfectly!) I think he thinks those chairs are just an extension of himself and his own fur #catnap πŸ±πŸŒ™β­οΈ
A movie set in the desert. Wine, music, and half-put-together Subway sandwiches with @alexgoot "Look at the...
A movie set in the desert. Wine, music, and half-put-together Subway sandwiches with @alexgoot "Look at the Cactus Tree! We should name them Treetus's!!!" 🍷🌡🌳
So I'm snuggled into bed with a Pineconito and hope to get an amazing night of sleep. Goodnight Twitter World! And Happy Easter!
Going into today's shoot sick + dry ice smoke billowing + desert dust storms in Palmdale = a very coughy and sick Elle
trying out a new look today.. think I nailed it. @alexgoot would be proud! #justkidding #thisisalex #hijacked #wakeupcall
"I'm 20 mins away!" *One hour later* "Um... sorry, I took a wrong turn. I don't think I'm in LA anymore?" @alexgoot
up super early, hair and makeup ready. gonna be a looonnnggg day :)
@ellefowler Elle!! I wanna say hey and that I love you and Blair's videos!! Studio fowler is the best thing since sliced bread!! Love Grace
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I have this little snuggle bug in my bed and I'm ready for some zzzz's! πŸ±πŸ‘ΈπŸŒ™β­οΈ
Pinecone got a haircut and is seriously so little. He is literally the length of like 2 or 3 Apple TV remotes in this picture. Definitely the smallest cat I've ever had!Such a sweet little full-grown man-cat. #munchkincat #overgrowncottonball 🐱