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Elle Fowler
Loosely translated to human it means, "Hi it's coney, I can't hear you but it's all good, I love chicken and I am a dragon worm." Bless him.
Goodnight Goodnight 🌙⭐️ and Baloney says 🐱✖️👂✌️❤️🐓🐲🐛👌
alright it's definitely past mine and the baloney's bedtime! A new video will be up TOMORROW! :D
almost 2am, importing footage to edit. Feels like old times, like college nights, aside from the sore running legs. That's new.
shot some videos, ordered some LATEEE dinner... feeling happy!
ahhhh... I ran. Namaste. 💆 Crunching on some cereal now.
sounds like I was legit complaining about my coney baloney. I wasn't. 🐱👌
hahaha that last tweet was a follow up to one that I posted right before that got sent to drafts hahahahaha 😂
black leggings + white long haired cat... no. just no.
like, I even thought to myself, "is this national treadmill appreciation day? what is going on?"
went to the gym, which is always EMPTY at this time, and every single treadmill and elliptical was taken. Guys, this is just not my day.
Internet is down, building said it's a "scheduled outage". No bueno for a Monday, guys... 😠
woke up in a weird mood, can't shake it ://
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Storytime... I love Fall and pieces of gum #juicyfruit and friendship and red wine and I hate time zones and cilantro.
guess what's almost here? Fall. Guess what I love most of all? Fall.
love you guyssssss love love xx
does anyone know of a good place in LA to get custom running shoes to your feet? one where u run for them and they look to see what u need?
woke up feeling like an old granny... sore hips, thighs, and abs (??) from yesterday's run #ouch 👵
face masks, dark chocolate, red wine, and girl talk with Sam... so very much needed, <3 her so much!
Seriously feel this way after a good run, like nothing can bother me. Running centers me.👟💆🙌
ok that run made up for that really crappy one last week #Motivation
and playing off that last tweet, about to go for a run and then having a wine night with my college bestie 😊#balancee
my life RT @SincerelyTumblr: i want a hot body but i also want to eat junk food why is life so difficult