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Elle Allio
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MI Moravian Watch Updates/News - Reinhard Bonkee and Rick Joyner coming to Michigan
#ISIS terrorists in Iraq are beheading children & marking #Christian homes for slaughter! Join the fight to #BeHeard!
Defend the Constitution Against Lawlessness – Donations Doubled…
Judge Naplotano: Impeach Obama for Amnesty –…
Judge Naplotano: Impeach Obama for Amnesty - Tea Party News…
Mark Levin: ‘Republican Leadership Likes Amnesty’ And ‘Sold Out Voters’ - Tea Party News…
Small Town Forced to Repeal Unconstitutional Gun Laws Thanks to 2nd Amendment Foundation…
Report: Obama Eyes Sanctions on Israel While Giving Iran a Pass… via @Newsmax_Media
Michelle O's Broken Promise to Homeless Vets - Tea Party News…
Mark Levin Calls Out Republican Leadership: ‘Are You More Important Than The Country?’ - Tea Party News…
Mark Levin Calls Out Republican Leadership: ‘Are You More Important Than The Country?’ –…
Company orders – You can’t say 'Merry Christmas' to our customers…
Huckabee: Obama Asked 'Thugs and Rioters' to WH for Ferguson Meeting…
Boehner Hopes To Quash Rebellion In Ranks Over Amnesty - Tea Party News…
I forgot to log out of twitter at my grandpa's. Hence the conservative Christian bullshit on my liberal, wiccan, somewhat feminist account.
I'd apologize for my absence, but I'm sure you'll forgive me for my month-long fuckfest with my hot bartender.
Hot bartender sat in my car with me for two hours after work today. Life is good.
Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet Death is inevitable
I told the bartender I'd give him my tip if he helped me. He goes, "Just the tip, Bri?" And then winked. Shut up and have sex with me.
Well guys. I guess I'm getting married.
Oh fuck the bartender at my work is hot as holy hell.
Lost Kittie from the Whitehall/Drumcondra area. Keep an eye out please @lostfoundpets
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I haven't studied at all and my test is today but I'm playing on my social networks.
"It's times when your at your lowest that you gotta hold your head high, your middle finger higher, and walk right through 'em."
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So where are the good looking, intelligent, responsible, mentally stable straight-edge guys in MI? Because apparently I'm overlooking them.
I still think that Scary Spice would've been the best in the sack.
Never forget that love is an emotion, just like any other. If you don't renew it, it'll fade. If you keep rehashing it, it won't.
My anaconda has conferred with counsel, and it accepts your terms.
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Dear Dumbfucks, The cure to the hiccups is a tablespoon of peanut butter. You're fucking welcome.
I'm watching RENT for the first time. I don't think I like myself anymore.
My cousin's boyfriend told my cousin that he's not comfortable with me being here because I turn him on. What a fucking dickhead.
Don't fuck with me before my morning cigarette.
Sex is the ultimate coping mechanism.
ROYALS!!! (As my family gives me dirty looks)
Yay! County visitation day!
I act pretty tough for someone who gets bossed around by a couple of people who can barely talk and shit their pants.
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Well, I've put worse things in my mouth.
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Retweet if you're against breast cancer or you think I'm a whore
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Funny how the right person can flip your switch from rage mode to complete contentment with just a simple, "Hello."
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