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sorry it kinda my bad habbit, i always smelling my arms and hair after shower. #nohate
my skin smells like the strawberry british shower *sniffing my arms*
my hair smells like lime scented *sniffing my hair*
eating puppies snack and read wattpad #thisishowidoonthurs
Eclectic eyewear. Shop blue shades with contrasting details.
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love me til my heart stops or until you hate me
if u didnt hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, dont invent it with ur small mind and share it with your big mouth
learn to say no without explaining to yourself
dont promise when youre happy, dont reply when youre angry and do not decide when youre sad
for better for worse
Guys ! Really excited to announce our new album is called FOUR !!
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Our new album is called FOUR. Can't believe we are releasing our 4th album already, couldn't do it without our fans!
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*liam tweets #whereismike* *wakes up next morning its trending number 1 world wide* The 1d fandom everybody
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I wondering if somebody out there was missed me. *no answer* I take it as no *go back to scrolling down the tweets*
And luckyly I'm free for the rest of today #LaughTilItHurts
I'm little bit random today, blame my brother who forced me to drink the vodka things in the morning. Hello hangover,long time no see u
Sorry typo, I mean Joan Rivers. But still, safe on there you lady #legend
RIP joan river, you're so incredible funny and I can't believe I will watch fashion police without u commented on their fashion #legend
Morning fifth of september, 13 days to go until your birthday shawty @popypalupi18
Nope"@justinbieber: Have you found it? #soon"
Shits always happened to me. My phone is off but when I call it, its ringing but the screen is death. Okay
I really need to visit @AyudiaUlfah and Anna, as soon as possible #family
I want to watch LUCY!!!!!!
Just sit on the corner, with the macbook showing a lots of paper and works but I'm scrolling down the tweets with my blackberrys like what
Can someone telling me what is #DevonneByDemi I kind off walk a little behind. It would pleased me tho #lovatics #DemiWorldTour @ddlovato
Upcoming wedding, hang out with the cousins and travel to another world. It needs two weeks then I'll be free as a bird
If u just want to play a game with me, then I'll show u how the game being played
not every freshman would hang out in these old library with two starbies in front of them | listen dude, maybe I'm not that kind of freshman
The worst thing is my phone doesn't work like the way it does, so annoying
This library its kind off my second place, I run to when I feel so overwhelmed about things wish I have u by my side
And forget about those stupid little things
do it if you love it, only if you love it things you love can be hard, but you gotta work at it if it was easy, everyone would be doing it
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the trick is to not let people know how really weird you are until til its too late for them to back out
too early for hangover
can u remember who u were before the world told u who u should be?
trust me, im more than normal. and thats why people called it crazy
sucking lolly like 5 year old, it just a #lolly anyway
hard times will always reveal true friends - my brother / my bestfrenemie
ayeeee baru buka bbm trs liat recent update @AyudiaUlfah yg katanya kangen akuuuu.. aaaak kangen kamu jg sayang, kapan nguliah?
lo nyuekin gw sejam, gw bakalan nyuekin lo seharian #MYRULE
semakin kau mengejarku semakin ku menjauh darimu