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With anak sosialita denpasar haha (with William) [pic] —
Thank God hahaha (at Societas Verbi Divini School) —
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He's the kind of guy who makes you love your name just because he says it. 😘👌
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"did you know you're angel who forgot how to fly?" i want to hear that..
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#Pisces is not jealous or possessive and if they feel jealous they will hide it.
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Hot boys everywhere when I'm with calvin.....
With Calvin at Kuta Beach —
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me: ok i’ll study at 8:00 clock: 8:00 me: *pretends i didn’t see*
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Je m'ennuie de lui.
What's goin on with these dj's mentions
I dont have a song lmao "@PlatinumDJG: @elissadrews we can put your song into DJs emails tonight! hit me 678-632-4741"
Happy wedding koko dedy and cece novy<3 (with William, Ferdinantha, and 2 others)
@elissadrews aight you should help me get one lmao I've been single for too long
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H.o.m.e.w.o.r.k = Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge
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Haha merci beaucoup!<3 "@kharissardam: @elissadrews awh haha congrats thooo"
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At Klenteng Cao Fuk Miao —
Just posted a photo @ Klenteng Cao Fuk Miao
Udah gaul belum? Hahaha (with William, Ferdinantha, and Emilia) [pic] —
Communication is most important to a #Pisces since they're always needing to be understood
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Ko dedy's wedding [pic] —
Yess no school!
Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of Insidious 2, we're getting spooky with our five fave horror sequels!
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Almost 2 a.m in the morning and we are still awake
He doesn't notice lol
Aku on my way, waaaiiittt disana yaa @EmiliaDewiii @meyldaDewii :(
I downloaded it & deleted it RT @elissadrews: Ew so justin & miley have a song called 'twerk'. Someone please smash my head in with a brick
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Is it just me or is Miley Cyrus a female reincarnation of GG Allin? #justsaying
Ew so justin and miley have a song called 'twerk'. Someone please smash my head in with a brick
I hate packing tbh
@elissadrews oh nooooooo:((( i don't wannnnt Niall is my babyyyyyyyy nooooooo:((((((((((((((((
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Me demandent si je m'inquiète
Ne me blâmez pas
Heureux d'apprendre que vous êtes bien, and im good :) xx "@tattooedbypayne: @elissadrews same! :( j'étais punie d'ordinateur aha :(( but,
@elissadrews yes its true -____- but the songs good by the way :D
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Naked naked naked hahaha "@silieselly: Just watching Miley Cyrus "wrecking ball" with my young sister... uuummmm wow"
#Pisces are good at spying, stalking, and finding. You can't hide from a #Pisces.
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Couples who spend at least 5 minutes a day laughing together are more likely to have a stronger relationship.
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