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Eli Roth
#6secondscare .. Ever wonder if there is something behind the shower curtain? Well there is 🔪❤️#thecryptt
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The Deadly Dolls have come out to play in this #6SecondScare from Supergirl
Hail Mary full of grace Pt4 #6secondscare Creepy 7-part series from @Messistrawberry
Ƨнɛ σиℓʏ cσмɛƨ σʋт тσ ρℓαʏ αт иιɢнт The Crypt #6secondscare Some creepy ass dolls for your Sunday
"This looks like a good spot." #6secondscare Yes! #Bigfoot makes a comeback on @vine! We missed you!
Always use precaution when approaching road kill..... The Crypt #6secondscare Them critters will bite!
Darkness Falls 😈This#6SecondScaree makes me miss Oct in
Plunge into it, move on, and join the dance. #ReflectionOfAVampire finale #6SecondScare
#6secondscare @fearthecrypt As a former pig owner this really disturbs me @leehardcastle! 🐷�
Not What I Ordered #6secondscare The Crypt 🍕�
Kiss of Death! The Crypt #6secondscare 😘😘�
#6secondscare The Crypt so close... @fearthecrypt Love the new entries! Keep em coming!
NAZI SLASHER!!! pt 3 #6secondscare @fearthecrypt Some great animated Vine scares! Shit's gettin weird.
@eliroth that's cos we've got a lot of pent up fury. plus we gotta deal with blood like once a month so it ain't nothing to us. 😈🔪
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@JosepBergada: #6SecondScare #thecrypt #EliRoth @eliroth The Puking” Very aptly titled! Don't watch while eating!
Want to be a horror filmmaker? Make sure to enter @fearthecrypt and @eliroth 's new contest! Amazing prize!
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Love all the girls directing #6SecondScare! You're way more twisted than the guys! Search the tags here & @vine, they're SICK!
cabin fever on on horror channel, that's my evening sorted, truly brilliant film, like 15/10 tbh @eliroth
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So many KILLER #6secondscare entries already! Search the tag here & on @vine. Let's see more! Come on @twitter SCARE ME! @fearthecrypt
Tallulah's moms haven't picked her up & she's on a terrible agave bender. No use taking it, she has a seemingly endless supply in her pocket
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5. A very October #FF to @eliroth. Side note: I watched Pieces a few nights ago. Still fucking brilliant.
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@zanehijazi: When you're hungry but your best friend is dying” Zane & Heath with an emotional #6SecondScare! 👏👏👏🍴
@Aj95Downer: #6secondscare #EliRoth” IT'S ON!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍@fearthecrypte@vinecrypt @vine
How much can you scare @eliroth in just 6 seconds? Give it your best shot! This is what #savehorror is all about!
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@eliroth Watching Hostel right now on @SHO_Network - my favorite line 'oh shit man, we're never leaving here' #Hostel
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NO JOKE —> “@JohnWickMovie: The Man. The Myth. #TheOne. Keanu Reeves returns to action glory as #JohnWick on 10/24!
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The Crypt Launches #6SecondScare Competition; Winner Develops Film with Eli Roth! #horror
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Want to #savehorror? Join the #6SecondScare challenge by Eli Roth. This genre needs fresh talent!
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Attn filmmakers who still use Vine: @eliroth Launches Vine Talent Search, Will Develop Original Idea With Winner
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Anyone getting in on @eliroth's #6SecondScare competition? Pretty awesome opportunity -…
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