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Forest Bailey
(In Honor of the upcoming Jurassic World Movie) I've never posted a #TBT video, but this one with @ericvez and I always makes make laugh; it's almost one of the first Instagram videos I ever made, ha! Good time, man...good times. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #JurassicWorld #RunEricRun #MyFirstInstaMovie
Here's just ONE of the many tracks Whiiite has produced that I like! Check it out, then click the event link in...
Hong Kong HAS to be one of the most interesting places I've travelled to! At only 5'10, I usually view myself as an average height guy, but over there I TOWERED over everyone! I also loved how even though the city was so enormous, it still held much culture and beauty. The fact that I could buy a cu
For everyone still going HARD after the RL Grime show at Exit/In December 16th, (Get your tickets while you still...
The Ying Yang Twins brought a BEYOND packed house last Friday! Sooo CRUNK! #YingYangTwins…
@whiiiteofficial Although I've listened (and enjoyed) his music for some time now, I never really knew how interesting Whiiite actually was until I researched him after finding out he'll be at Tempt on Friday! (I'll post a YouTube video featuring him in the comments section below) He writes well-kno
Although I'll already be at this event, I wanted to share this to give everyone else a chance to win tickets to...
In just a few hours, Rubiks Groove will be jamming out at Tempt! Decked out in full costumes, these guys are...
Tonight is going to be so much fun! If you enjoy 80's cover bands in FULL costume, this is the show…
Tonight is going to be so much fun! We've got Rubiks Groove, which is an AWESOME 80's cover band! Check out this...
Oahu, Hawaii was obviously one of my favorite places to visit! I had actually lived on this glorious island for 6 months back in 2007, and I wouldn't mind retiring there one day. It's funny; I was so ready to get outta' there at the end of the half year timeframe, but now I'd give just about anythin
Wooooow!! I'm pretty confident in saying that was one of the biggest shows I've been to at Tempt this year! The Ying Yang Twins KILLED it last night! #YingYangTwins #Tempt #Hiphop #Rap #GetLow
Ying Yang Twins at TEMPT Murfreesboro in just a few, short hours! The excitement is real!! HAHN!!! =) #Tempt #TGIF #YingYangTwins #THEMOVE
HAHN! Tonight is the night! YING YANG TWINS are here at Tempt Murfreesboro! Tickets will be available…
South Korea: One of the most unique and interesting places I've ever travelled to! I explored both Busan and Jinhae-hi while I was there; although I could barely navigate these cities due to the language barrier, the amount of culture I was able to soak in was unreal! The historical sights were beau
Thanks for a fantastic show, guys! We appreciate you! πŸ™
What a FUN show! DJ Craze, Ape Drums, and CRNKN were PERFECT support for Bro Safari! This year's "Animal House" tour has to be my favorite so far. Thanks, guys! You were great! #DJCraze #ApeDrums #CRNKN #AnimalHouseTour #Tempt #EDM #EDMNashville
πŸ˜³πŸ‘Š @crazearoni 15 seconds on Instagram does NOT do this man justice; in fact, I'm almost ashamed to post such a short clip. This dude was INCREDIBLE!! I can completely understand why he is a 3x DMC World Champion, and is a fantastic addition to this year's "Animal House" tour! Thanks so much for g
Bro Safari is in the building! You guys won't believe the amount of production the "Animal House" tour had brought in! That, combined with the amount of talent on this show GUARANTEE'S that this is gonna' be one hell of a night! Doors open at 9! Get here!! #BroSafari #AnimalHouseTour #EDM #EDMNashvi
Finally, the "Animal House" tour is finally here!! Bro Safari, Crnkn, and Ape Drums will be at TEMPT Murfreesboro...
I absolutely LOVED the "Animal House" tour last year! Watch the recap video to get a glimpse of the type of...
It's almost here! On Wednesday, December 3rd, The "Animal House" tour hits Tempt Murfreesboro! Bro…
I'm still in disbelief that @yachtclubco has done us a HUGE solid and is bringing both RL Grime AND Branchez to Exit/In on December 16th! Both of these producers have incredible stage presence, as well as phenomenal music selection in their sets. This is NOT going to be a show to miss! #YachtClub #R
One of my Top 3 favorite countries I've travelled to: Malaysia! Home to the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia's capital) was INCREDIBLE for shopping; some of the slickest outfits I've ever worn came from the stores inside the towers! Among that, the nightlife was just as amazing...places
Thanks to @yachtclubco , @Exit_In will be hosting two of my favorite artists out there: @RLGRIME and @branchez !! Grab your tickets NOW!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, this week has SO much in store for all of us in the Murfreesboro area! I'm aware that word has already spread like WILDFIRE about these two events, but just in case you haven't been on social media for the last MONTH and need to be informed of all the epicness: Wednesday: Bro
In 140 characters or less... Tonight is another reason I'm thankful for my friends/coworkers/family. They ALWAYS make situations brighter. πŸ™
I just pray I land a second job this week, or I just don't know. I WILL continue to have a positive outlook though. Negativity is toxic.
I wish I had more of an expendable income so I could treat my loved ones to the special things they deserve.
God, if you happen to be reading my tweets right now... Please make tonight a successful one. I could really, really use it.
I absolutely love following @SoundRemedy ; His inspirational tweets are just as heart-warming as the beautiful, melodic tracks he produces.
Ambush!!!! In just a few hours, Kid Ayrab's CD Release Party starts at Tempt Murfreesboro! This guy,…
Tonight is the night! In just a few hours, Kid Ayrab's CD Release Party begins! If you enjoy GOOD Rap/Hip Hop...
This show is going to be SOOOOO good!! =)
I cannot WAIT for RLGrime!!! You guys get your tickets early for this one! #YachtClub #RLGrime #EDMNashville #THEMOVE
Just started my morning listening to "Valhalla" by @RLGRIME ...God, am I feeling this! So good!! πŸ™
Ahh, Saipan! Also part of the Micronesian chain, this tropical island was a simple, yet gorgeous place to visit! The ocean's clarity was amazing, the weather was always great, and the food was TOO good. Definitely a place I wouldn't mind vacationing to during these winter months! #Saipan #PlacesIveB
It's almost here! On Wednesday, December 3rd, The "Animal House" tour hits Tempt Murfreesboro! Bro Safari, CRNKN, and DJ Craze are on this year's lineup which means this show is gonna' be HUGE! 211 w. Main St, Murfreesboro, TN! #AnimalHouseTour #BroSafari #CRNKN #DJCraze #Tempt #EDM #EDMNashville #T
Now THIS is what I want to come back to! After spending Thanksgiving (Thursday) with my family, I'm taking a...
...annnnd because 90% of my pictures posted are taken with male DJ\Producers out there, here's a quick #picstitch of some of the gorgeous women that make my job so enjoyable! I figured my male IG followers wouldn't mind getting some eye candy for a change; that, and these ladies deserve a little re
Winter is creeping up on us, thus triggering my nostalgia; the more the temperature drops, the more I wish I was back in Guam! I lived on this tropical Micronesian island for almost 4 years (2004-2008), and as must as I got "island fever" while residing there, I'd do just about anything to live ther
Award for "Most Positive Vibes" goes to @KennedyJonesTHO so far this year; every time I read one of this dude's posts, he's helping fans.πŸ™πŸ‘Š
Can't wait to see my Tennessee friends next month!
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So many artists are trying to get signed when the focus should be on writing good music.
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I am SO stoked that Tempt Murfreesboro is a stop on this tour! Last year was amazing, and this year is SURE to...
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday Funday! ...And so everyone knows the events for this week: (Other than...
It's gonna' be tough few months, but with focus and dedication, I'll get through it all! Remaining positive is the key! #PositiveTweets
Lorin! Do you have an e-mail address I could send a letter to? 😁@bassnectarr
Video clips from last night: The first half features @itsbeargrillz throwing down on the decks, and @mitis finishes the second half with that melodic dubstep! So good! #BearGrillz #Mitis #OasisTour #Tempt #EDM #EDMNashville