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Forest Bailey
Suits. I love them. Stay classy, Nashville. #SuitUp
Suits. I love them. Stay Classy, Nashville. #SuitUp
The next big EDM show for Friday is here! Jump on these pre-sale ticket prices while you still can! #AK1200...
A few more pics emerged from the Minnesota Bass show at Anthem so naturally I had to post them up! Myself and the crew in VIP; I love my fam! #Minnesota #FullCirclePresents #Anthem #EDM #EDMNashville
I'm stoked to announce that AK1200 will be melting out faces with that heavy D&B music this Friday. He's one of the oldest running Drum n' Bass artists out there, and is also a member of the "Planet Drums" crew! Come check this dude out! 211 w. Main St, Murfreesboro, TN! #AK1200 #BassWarpPresents #T
So I have now discovered what hell looks like. Tax free weekend at the Nashville Walmart. Dear God.
A clip from the beyond-packed What So Not show on Friday! Just as incredible as expected!! #WhatSoNot #Tempt #BassWarpPresents #EDM
Finally!! What so Not is tonight!!! You guys better be rested because they're going to be bringing the...
It'll be so nice to finally get moved into the new place tonight and relax before an EPIC night at Tempt...
I've got cash for anyone who has a truck and could help move beds for Jason Beauvais, Adam Mercer, and myself to...
Alright, guys: The stuff you see in this picture MUST be gone from my house today, so if any of this…
Coasts - Oceans (Kastle Remix) by Chill Trap -…
Hannah Diamond - Attachment (Massappeals X JiKay Remix)…
What So Not - High You Are (Branchez Remix)
The massively successful Australian Duo, What So Not, will be at Tempt on Friday, August 1st!! Could this potentially be the BIGGEST SHOW Tempt has had thus far? Absolutely! This is expected to be a SOLD OUT show, so if you haven't purchased your presale tickets on, I highly suggest d
Combined clips: @ellethesickest , @skinnybmusic , and myself raging to @antiserumsf at Warped Tour...and then shot gunning beers backstage. Good times! 😁 #Antiserum #WarpedTour #EDM #EDMNashville
So yesterday was great! Got a chance to reunite with the homie, @antiserumsf while the Warped Tour was in town! After his set, (which rocked, as always) we spent the rest of the day drinking and enjoying the perfect weather. I also finally got to meet @crizzlybitch while on the tour bus...real nice
Just was told we got the 3 story condo in Nashville we wanted! As if getting the news wasn't good, enough I got...
Had to post this! A clip of Minnesota throwing down at Anthem last Saturday! Great energy; this was the first time seeing him, but won't be my last! #Minnesota #Anthem #EDM #EDMNashville
Who's ready for Minnesota at Anthem tonight? I'm FINALLY able to see this guy throw down, so needless to say I'm stoked about tonight! Who all am I seeing there?! #Minnesota #Anthem #FullCirclePresents #EDM #EDMNashville
AFK shaking life at Tempt! This guy knows how it's done! #AFK #FirepowerRecords #Tempt #BassWarpPresents #EDM #EDMNashville
Clips from last night! AFK doing what he does best: moving crowds! As expected, he had a great set that kept good energy and vibes from start to finish! As if his stage presence wasn't enough, Jimmy is just as chill as he is talented. Great meeting ya, brohan - we've gotta' get ya back to Nashville
If you're not watching @AFKdubstep throw down at Tempt right now, you've outta be crazy! #AFK #THEMOVE
The legend, AFK, and myself taking a quick pic before his set tonight! Ish' is about to be CRAZY!! #AFK #BassWarpPresents #Tempt #EDM
Happy birthday...homie...happy birthday...homie. Happy birrrrfffdaayy! #dontbeamenace @Luminox