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Forest Bailey
@LiquidStranger is now in Tennessee! His flight just landed an hour ago, and he was quick to tell me how incredibly stoked he was to be here! Tonight is about to be EPIC, all have NO IDEA! See you all soon! #LiquidStranger #Tempt #EDM #EDMNashville #THEMOVE
Liquid Stranger at Tempt Murfreesboro tonight! #THEMOVE
Burgess Falls with the homie @ericvez for this week's nature hike! This HAS to be one of my favorite hikes so far this summer! πŸŒ²β˜€οΈπŸŒ³πŸŒΏπŸ’¦ #Hiking #Nature #Earth #MyEscape #BurgessFalls
Want a preview of what Liquid Stranger will be like on Friday at Tempt Murfreesboro ? Check this video out. Hell,...
I can't believe it's almost here! I can't wait to rage with all of you!! #TomorrowWorld
If you guys want to see a DJ/Producer that throws one HELL of a show, this is the one! This dude has a HUGE stage...
I always enjoy introducing my friends on social media to tracks I enjoy made by local producers in the scene....
Is it possible to have an orgasim from music? Listen to the new @LiquidStranger Shambhala Mix and see for yourself. Bring tissues. πŸ”ŠπŸŽΆπŸ‘‚πŸ’¦πŸ™‡
Liquid Stranger will be gracing us with his presence at Tempt this Friday, September 19th! My entire crew (and we roll DEEP) will there, and so should you! :) I had the pleasure of raging at one of Liquid Stranger's shows last year, and he does NOT disappoint. You all should be recovered from Life O
You already know this is gonna' be HUGE!! Get your tickets while you still can! #FullCirclePresents #Skrillex...
If you haven't purchased your TomorrowWorld tickets yet, use our promo code and get free stuff! Don't miss out! See you guys there!! #TomorrowWorld #EDM #EDMFamily
Looks like the weather is starting to drop below 70 degrees this week. Fall time is on the way. I look forward...
Tonight is the TRANCE edition of "Sunday Skool" at Tempt Murfreesboro! As most of you know, trance has always...
Quick picture with the gorgeous @mkultraofficial and my BFF for LIFE @thatbeatbear at the after partaaaay! #AfterGlow #SilverBullet #MKUltra #BeatBear #EDM #EDMNashville
I literally rushed from LIC just so I could make it on time to catch MK Ultra's set at the afterparty! Naturally it was great decision, as she always has fantastic sets. With looks as stunning as her music selection, she's an impossible act to miss. πŸ˜„ #Afterglow #SilverBullet #MKUltra #Afterparty #
So. Much. ENERGY! πŸ˜πŸŽ¨πŸŒ†πŸ»πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰ #LifeInColor #LIC #AdventureClub #CashCash #EDM #EDMNashville
Life in Color was a blast! A Pic with some of the wolf pack from last night! #LifeInColor #Khaos #CashCash #AdventureClub #EDM #EDMNashville
It's just a few hours away!! Life in Color at LP Field and then the MK Ultra Afterparty at Silver Dollar Saloon...
So although I'm NOT working tonight, in making the drive from Nashville to hit up Tempt Murfreesboro for all the...
🌲🌳🌲What did @alisoneedwards and I do today? We got all up in some nature, of course! #Nature #Hiking
To add more excitement to the mix, I just found out my homie, Khaos, has been added to the Life In Color roster! Congrats, brother! See you guys Friday! #LifeInColor #LIC #TGIF #EDM #EDMNashville
Friday is so full of awesomeness! Life in Color with Adventure Club and Cash Cash starts the night off with a...
Saying that Loudpvck was an energetic experience would be a severe understatement; watching their stage presence was like watching a contained storm...made of sweat and bass!! After a phenominal set, @skinnybmusic @raveheart_ and I had the pleasure of eating some BBQ at Edley's with the guys before
If you raging at Tempt last night with Loudpvck, it's a guarantee you'll be sore tomorrow; their set was SO HARD! #GetHurt #Loudpvck #Tempt #EDM #EDMNashville
#3DDabbing with @LOUDPVCK before the show at Tempt tonight! See everyone tonight! #Loudpvck #Tempt #TheMove
You know it's a good day when you get to dab with Loudpvck! They stopped by the crib to chill before the show, and I assure you they are bringing the pain! Prepare to get #hurt ! #Loudpvck #3DDabs #Tempt #EDM
Loudpvck is tonight!! Who am I seeing there?! :)
Loudpvck is finally back in Tennesee tomorrow! I know I'm not the only one stoked to see them!!
The crew and I went to Cummings Falls today! Rated as one of the most beautiful waterfalls, this trip was a good...
The crew and I hit up Cummings Falls today! Rated as one of the most beautiful falls, I can clearly see why. Good decision. πŸ˜πŸ’¦πŸšΆπŸŒ²πŸƒ #CumminsFalls #Hiking #Nature #LaborDay
Loudpvck is coming back to Tennessee this week!! That's right, my fellow bassheads, the duo will be at Tempt this Friday, September 5th! Their last show held on 4/20 was a COMPLETE SELLOUT, so if you're wanting to see these guys, I HIGHlY suggest getting your presale tickets off now!
@valentinokhan was TOO hype last night! #ValentinoKhan #EDM #EDMNashville #EDMFamily
I've been listening to @ValentinoKhan for years now; it was so great finally seeing him throw down!
Valentino Khan had an an absolutely fantastic set last night! I've listened to this dude's music for years now so it was awesome finally seeing him throw down! #ValentinoKhan #EDM #EDMNashville #EDMFamily
It's almost time, Ladies and Gents! Valentino Khan is going to be at Tempt Murfreesboro this Friday!!...'s the deal. It's raining, I'm seeing a fair amount of lighting off and on...and both Jake Miller and...
I'll be Bartending tonight so come kick it with me! :)
My plans for the evening? Live on the Green with the crew and then some glorious, face-melting, heavy bass with...
Valentino Khan will be melting faces next Friday at Tempt! I KNOW all of you guys already know who this dude is, so no need to explain further; I've been wanting to see one of his sets for the longest time, and now I finally get to! It's gonna' be one hell of a night, guys; see you all there! #Valen
For all of us who are still awake at 2AM: Yea, I can't sleep either. Mr. Sandman isn't sounding very appealing....
For all of us who are still awake at 2AM: Yea, I can't sleep either. Mr. Sandman isn't sounding very appealing. πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€πŸ˜³ #Insomnia #EffMrSandMan #TeamNoSleep #YesImBored
GlowRage is back in town this Friday at Tempt! The last time they were here, it was CRAZY fun! (Not like I have to tell you, since most of ya' were there) It was a near sell out last time, and with everyone being back for school...saying it's gonna' be a packed house would be a complete understateme
TomorrowWorld is almost here! By far, this festival will be the highlight of my entire year; I can't WAIT to completely emerse myself in a sea of fantastic music, fresh faces, and new experiences! Who all am I seeing there?! Also...if you guys haven't bought your ticket for this glorious occasion, I
When my appetite comes knocking, Jason Beauvais is always there to satisfy it! Not only is this dude a great DJ,...
When my appetite comes knocking, @skinnybmusic is always there to satisfy it! The dude is not only a great DJ, but he cooks a mean...well...everything! Ladies, be careful; one meal prepared under his hand may have you staying with him forever! #SkinnyB #ChefB #FoodPorn #EDM