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Mark Brennan
Big night at @SBG_Ireland Sbg Ireland Concorde tonight. Awards ceremony at 7pm where we the coaches honor the...
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So I'm guessing offsides don't apply to United now either?
Or turning @reddit posts in to "witty" articles - when will the madness end :(
So many tabloids using click bait headlines on social media ... another step closer to Idiocracy!
Forgot I had an Instagram account .. may start using it again!
Sorry @LFC , but I think we need to start seeing other people ...
Our 12 Safety Tips for Christmas. We're sure even those of you up in Dublin shopping can spare a second to RT!
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Some light dustings of snow last night in Dublin/Meath, and around @DublinAirport - it's on the way! Get the shovels and salt ready!
Convert Unix Time to DateTime in C#
Who remembers @BrookeAlley ?! She was one of the first @YouTube peeps I used to follow back in the day! Awesome times, I feel old now ...
The snow has arrived up north ... it's on the way!
I'm going to start keeping a coders/dev blog over at more info soon :)
I'd love some cola Frosties ..
In 1 area of the gym, @John_Kavanagh is teaching a BJJ Master class that includes a UFC fighter & BJJ comp medalists
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I'm going to code a plug-in that hides all click bait articles/websites, pain the in the arse so they are!
So where's this big snow storm that was supposed to start in November??
Season 3 of Lilyhammer - let's be having ya! :D
At this rate Liverpool will be finishing in the bottom half of the table .. can we get our #RodgersOut yet?
Just Liverpool being Liverpool -_-
If you're a musician, you need to check out @SurfaceTensionM 's "intunative" , going live just in time for Christmas!
Grab some ekayi on @TheImpossebulls latest release "Everything is Different: Impossebulls Remixxed" @blocsonic
My new sounds: The Impossebulls - Think (About It) ekayi Mix… on #SoundCloud
Tomorrow! Feat FRESH remixes by cheese, ekayi, @DrMindflip, Lyndon Scarfe, @GreggyKrueger & of course C-Diggity-Doc!
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Forbidden planet, a forbidding comet. First rugged image from the surface of the 4.5 billion yr old dirty snowball.
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The rain is so heavy it's setting off car alarms!
The early preview of Yarpy I posted on @WohooInMusik is starting to creep up the Wall of Sound! :)…
A fallstreak hole occurs when part of a cloud freezes into ice crystals and falls below the cloud layer…
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Christmas has started in Dundrum already
It's cold out there tonight, the snow's on the way!
De feckin' gea!
I've had enough of Liverpool this season, give me a shout a couple of weeks in to next season (only if they've got their arse in gear) :)
Apollo I is now available in full, for free download on @WohooInMusik ! #free #electronic #music #independent #artist
I will be making "Apollo I" available as a free download tonight on @WohooInMusik #free #music