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Love , Ela :)
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Hopefully tonight is good
Rue 21 has good sales today
Kinda sad how temporary everyone really is
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Loud thunder and big lighting strikes scare me
My dads being stubborn but he really needs to go to the hospital
I make stupid decisions when I'm mad
Could use a drink or two rn
I like seeing happy older married couples
I really want to see Neighbors tomorrow
Whenever family visits my mom gets more annoying and bossy
My sister won a flat screen tv
My Nana and Grandpa surprised us with a visit 😄
Junior year turned out to be the best and worst year.
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i go to normal to happy to sad to angry to psychotic and back to normal in 5 seconds i swear. 😒
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The lady behind us is so bitchy
My mom received and award for saving her life when she went into cardiac arrest
My mom slapped my sister with the sun visor 😂😂
Hopefully my henna stains right this time
I'm going to be sore tomorrow 👍đŸ’Ē
Starting to not trust others
My walls are back up and my trust issues are bigger than ever.
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I'm so crabby right now
A blanket right out of the dryer >>>
Everything was shut down or they were 35 yr olds creepy white dudes
Tonight did not go as planned
The shit my mom says just pisses me off 😡
I could go for a nap
This was such a loud game. I may go deaf
My sister is a packing machine 🏀
Had a great night 👌
We still have a long way to go too
THis car ride is making me sick 😷😷
Thankful for Miguel taking me home
Hopefully my mom is asleep
Everyone left lol 💁
Having a good night
So don't know of my original plans for tonight are still going down..
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