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My mom never stitched Halloween costumes or baked cookies. She was an EMT who scraped bodies off the street for 20+ years. #RebelMaker
In the world of social media, never argue with a nincompoop, they'll always outpoop you.
Extreme views allow for zero humor. #lolitics
No joke - this is a real activist group: Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, also known as "SHARK"... #AcronymFail #lolitics #lol
#YouSingleBecause you grammar no get you gainful employment.
Gosh, runner's tie is getting some attention... Thank you, fans and runners, and runner-fans!…
Practicing the fine art of negotiating fine art.
The fact that Mickey Rooney has been trending on Twitter all day gives me hope for the population of Twitter users. R.I.P. Mickey Rooney.
"I ran 15 miles today" - things that make my grandma go 'OY!' seriously, she's pretty awesome at 98 - still going strong.
If you're posting selfies in a bathroom mirror & not creatively adorning yourself in toilet paper, you're #WastingYourLife.
Original "Prehistoric Bird" is now for sale @ARTtwo50 marketplace #original #art…
Then we can really say our lives revolve around bullshit...… #ULTRALIVE
City of brotherly love, sisterly rage, and neighborly hate... #WithLove, Philadelphia #XOXO
Sometimes it's good to get things out on the table and just talk them through. #BreakingBad
If I ever have a girl fetus, I'm not telling anyone because fuck pink, & fuck you for giving people sexist gifts before they're even born.
You have to be stupid to enjoy #GrowingUpFisher (no offence to stupid people who don't watch the show). #OverRated #Unremarkable
At least #Turkey's government didn't buy rights to the 2014 Olympics and block all access to it unless you payed. #FirstWorldProblems
Uploading files to google drive allows for more than enough time to clean my office.
Because power tools are a girl's best friend..…
While everyone bowed to kiss the heels of the guy in front, did anyone happen to notice that God, Yahweh, & Allah don't exist?...# Temple