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To the single people: be sure your standards for a future significant other include treating you well (and be sure to reciprocate).
Cyber-stalking my favorite food truck: @foolishwaffles ...We'll be looking for you at the Chestnut Hill Market! :)
Feeling #depressed. Just thought I'd share that with 21 thousand of you (though some of you are probably robots and won't understand).
How bored and desperate does one need be to watch a full-length movie on a cell phone?
#CommonCore: a new and exciting way to do math that inspires rage in people over the age of 30 who failed to pass basic algebra.
RIP Joan Rivers. You may have only been on this planet for three-hundred years, but your legend will live forever.
Views found here are my own... except for when also viewed by someone else. Then they’re shared.
Always forgetting about some of these until someone requests a license to use my work:…
No collection of physical discomfort is complete without a harrowing case of poison ivy. #PregnancyProblems
Wearing sunglasses is a lot like being on Facebook... nobody knows you're watching them unless you comment or give em' a thumbs-up
Aww, man, my right mouse button stopped working - thus transforming my IBM into a Macintosh.
If you follow home improvement trends, this tie will match the color of your walls:…#Microbiology #SingleCelled
Thank you, #runners who give me a smile and thumbs-up when I'm out there running. You guys rock! #PregnantRunner
I'm convinced that there are unicorns dancing on the ceiling at night - I mean, what else would the cat be staring at?
ALS is a horrible disease, and it's good to see the #IceBucketChallenge go viral. But, wouldn't it be more effective in winter?
Cowardly is as cowardly does., my name is trending. Just don't ask me to do your dishes - I don't do dishes. But, I can build a table from an old door!
When people think I'm forgetting to add quotation marks & citation to things I say, it makes me feel smarter than I likely am. #LifeIsGood
A true sociopath will often never win, but will use hypocritical & abusive methods to confuse their targets. #TakeCharge #StandYourGround
Since when did Nike Frees become "minimalist" shoes? They're not even zero drop! #RunnersWorld #MinimalistProblems
It is difficult to be kind to people whose misery runs so deep, all they know how to do is hurt others. #HatredBreedsHatred #CheckYourself
Some people are never happy unless they're making you miserable. Remember: you are not responsible for their happiness. #PositiveThoughts
When I was taking notes in #microbiology class, I would never have thought my sketches would make people so happy!…
When educated people fail to read the book on positive social interaction, they can become trolls of the internet. #LifeIsTooShort
Browbeating people over language that is "politically correct" makes you no different than those who attempt to silence your dissidence.
Finally got to go to #SIGGRAPH! ...and was probably the only pregnant person there. #SIGGRAPH2014
Thinking about giving a book on how to overcome passive aggressiveness to the passive aggressive in-laws. #ThisCouldWork
One thing is for sure - #WorldCatDay would never exist without the internet.
For those not on DA. Illustrated movie poster (movie in pre-production). #happymonday #NSFW
Illustrated the poster for this horror-comedy in production:… #HappyMonday #NSFW
Refrained from comment on bananas in an FB pic of local farmer's market foods. Banana farms in the Northern States? #FeelingAccomplished
The food pyramid was invented for the benefit of Big Agro - that pisses me off. Other things that piss me off are hangnails & mosquitoes.
Finding. The. Right. Punctuation. Seems. Extra. Difficult. This. Morning. #HappyFriday
“Positivity” shouldn't be a real word. In my rough guestimation, future learnings of said word will leave a trail of unfortitudeness.
If invited to a baby shower, don't publicly post you decline because of a housewarming party & invite the host to that #FacebookIgnorant
'God is great', sure, but coffee is so much better! #InfidelQuotes #Nontheist #Atheist #Agnostic #Apostate
Pro Tip: never go to an education conference while pregnant unless you wish to hear everyone's birthing story. #TMI #WTF #PregnancyProblems
Can we talk about something other than birthing experiences? No, I will not tell you what I plan to do with my nipples. #PregnancyProblems
No, I do not want to hear all about how your doctors set a mirror so you can watch yourself give birth. #TMI #PregnancyProblems
The Trump tower looks a lot smaller in person. #ThatsWhatSheSaid
"Legalities before ethics" must be written in fine print at the bottom of the hippocratic oath.
Driver with "Proud Mother of Twins" bumper sticker: If spontaneous biological events are your only assets, flaunt em' when you can, I guess.
If by "strange" you mean "creative" then, yes, I'm very strange.
#VerizonFios, stop soliciting at our front door - we're already customers! Do you not want our business? #HorriblyInterrupted #BadBusiness
My husband was featured on NPR today! Can $2 cigarette tax keep Philly young people from picking up a habit?…
Finished with the 6 paintings I'll need for tomorrow...…
Dear giant buzzing bumble bee, no, you have not hit the jackpot - it's just me wearing a bright yellow shirt.