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I love that Ambrose is still a thing:… Thank you @verge
I wonder if that insurance plan includes "acts of baby". #parenting
~15 years since declaring Animation/Illustration as a career choice. I'm still doing it, loving it, & still worry about losing it.
Past lessons learned: backup everything. Today's lesson: create a fucking restore point. Tomorrow's lesson: don't swear in front of the kid.
Training run tomorrow; 5 hours running on trails in sandals. Thought this might be a big enough deal to tweet about.
So, it turns out that bees actually have six knees!
Did some animation, boards & poster work for the movie, "Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me". The teaser has been released!
"No use crying over spilled beer", says my husband after I spilled my beer.
Went on Facebook to see when a trail race starts, & was magically transported to Twitter where I considered my political gripes. #WTFringe
Appropriate trajectories will be established just as soon as I figure out how to math. #midnightthoughts
Man, I'm a Rock Star! Or, at least that's what Katy Perry told me in this dream I had last night.
Happy Friday, and congrats to all 50 United States on achieving the next level of liberty today. #LoveWins
Then I realized my running shoes cost 6.5 times more than my dress shoes. #runnerproblems
Baby's still asleep! Yay, I'm effin' free, man! I'm FREE! Free to work, work, work! #Parenthood
You know what's really flat? Pancakes. Pancakes are really flat. *Sigh* - missing Chi-town a little.
If a tree falls in the woods, crash lands on your tent and kills all of you, does it make a sound? #Camping #CampingNightmares
Opa! The house is on fire! #ImCooking
Very excited to receive my first pair of Lunas! Special offer from LUNA Sandals: 10% Off your 1st purchase -… #Minimal
"Just put the beer in the diaper bag - there's plenty of room there." #JoysOfParenthood #parenting
"Click here" has been replaced by "tap here".
I've decided to spend my retirement arguing the politics of drinking water on Facebook.
A tree fell on spot where we stand while getting @foolishwaffles on weekends. #FeelingThankful nobody was hurt.…
Bought a cat toy, and noticing how no cats are playing with it. #Winning
My hopes are that my daughter will grow up in a society where she has the same rights and opportunities as anyone else. #GlobalMoms
Of things you shouldn't say at a New Moms Group: "Anyone have suggestions for losing that last 10 pounds?" #runnersproblems
#ThoughtOfTheMorning: It's not morning anymore.
Live every day like it's your last... unless it actually is your last, in which case, PANIC!
Well, mostly ignored (thank you friends and fans who continue to fave and RT my word garbage).
That's what Twitter is for, a place to promote your goods where it remains safe, easy, and fun to be totally ignored.
If I'm already your friend on Facebook, I'm probably not going to 'like' or follow that self promotional page.
#DrunkTweet: if ur going to say ur an "arrrtist" in ur bio, u better post ur own effin' work in ur BG, or at least something about pirates.
Was about to send a DM to some friends about leaving car keys at their place (in another city), then I realized #HoneyBadgerDontCare
Yea, young 20 something dude, you got passed by an almost 40 gal pushing her 6m baby in a stroller. #running #ZeroDrop #OhShitImAlmostForty
Today's activities include losing myself in work while wearing the paper bag of shame. #MondayMotivation
Sneak peak at my next children's book! So excited about finishing this (though it won't be done until July-ish)!
Taking 'Umbrella Elephant' off our wall and sending him to his lucky buyer! We'll miss that guy. Sold via @vangoart…
Just realized that I've been walking around with an incandescent light bulb at the bottom of my purse for over a month! #TheMoreYouKnow
Had a nice conversation at the bus stop. If any of you are looking to quit smoking, try reading:… it helped me.
Day 21 of #draw21days. Challenge: selfie. This was a fun challenge. Thank you, @lynda
Day 20 (which was yesterday) of #draw21days. Challenge: go outside & draw. This was diner after group run.
looks like i was able to finish day20 of #draw21days..will post 2morrow... w/ time 4 not muchelse, like grammar & spelling. #thankyouhusband
Hope nobody minds I skip #draw21days day 20 - may not get to it. But here's a work in progress. #LadyViking
Saved me 2x in 3 mi today.
Retweeted by Ellen
Does your boss negotiate to lower your paycheck? I don't negotiate a lower price on my work either. #artist #ArtsMatter
Day 19 of #draw21days. Fill the page with faces. Wish I had more time to render these.
Without adequate resources I cheated a little on day 18 of #draw21days. Cut out cardboard shape and ink it up.
Day 17 of #draw21days. Today's challenge: draw two eyes. One photo-realistic, the other totally simplified.
Day 16 of #draw21days. Challenge: draw essence of an owl from provided photographs.

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