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business running art bacon 21,625 followers
“Positivity” shouldn't be a real word. In my rough guestimation, future learnings of said word will leave a trail of unfortitudeness.
If invited to a baby shower, don't publicly post you decline because of a housewarming party & invite the host to that #FacebookIgnorant
'God is great', sure, but coffee is so much better! #InfidelQuotes #Nontheist #Atheist #Agnostic #Apostate
Pro Tip: never go to an education conference while pregnant unless you wish to hear everyone's birthing story. #TMI #WTF #PregnancyProblems
Can we talk about something other than birthing experiences? No, I will not tell you what I plan to do with my nipples. #PregnancyProblems
No, I do not want to hear all about how your doctors set a mirror so you can watch yourself give birth. #TMI #PregnancyProblems
The Trump tower looks a lot smaller in person. #ThatsWhatSheSaid
"Legalities before ethics" must be written in fine print at the bottom of the hippocratic oath.
Driver with "Proud Mother of Twins" bumper sticker: If spontaneous biological events are your only assets, flaunt em' when you can, I guess.
If by "strange" you mean "creative" then, yes, I'm very strange.
#VerizonFios, stop soliciting at our front door - we're already customers! Do you not want our business? #HorriblyInterrupted #BadBusiness
My husband was featured on NPR today! Can $2 cigarette tax keep Philly young people from picking up a habit?…
Finished with the 6 paintings I'll need for tomorrow...…
Dear giant buzzing bumble bee, no, you have not hit the jackpot - it's just me wearing a bright yellow shirt.
Got a forgotten password email I didn't request. Deducing that my Twitter account must be just that desirable. #NiceTryAsshole
Started my morning run in flip flops. #MinimalistBrain #PregnancyBrain #AutoPilot
Coffee without maple syrup is just brown water.
"Laughing Bird", laughing in the face of Wednesday deadlines:… Happy Hump Day
My timing is uncanny... AND blasphemous!
Never considered how good it feels to set someone straight, then not return to the comment section for a rebuttal. #HatersGonnaHate
Run. Walk. Vomit. My new shirt design for the ultramarathoner… #ultramarathon #ultra #runner #Runners
Pre-ordered Surface Pro 3 & have a question: should I have bought it today from a store instead? Because I'm still waiting. #impatient #SP3
I might be the only person alive with a graduate-level reading ability who hates to read. #Unique #JustBeYou #FaceBookDown