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#ThankYouForTheLove anonymous buyer of my #microbiology button. You're the best!…?
My "Run. Walk. Vomit" trucker hat is quite a bit more popular than expected. Enjoy!… #Runner #Ultramarathon #Ultra
A tie with Ebola on it (for that special biotech)… #Ebola #Micro #Microbiology
I don't think my jar of pennies is enough to pay the marketing assistant.…
Dada's looking after baby, and I'll be working the night-shift. Yay for doing work that doesn't involve babies!
I wish to live in a society where people are not defined as "black" or "white". Those terms define extreme colors in photoshop, not people.
O'malley just kinda blew me away a little bit. #DemDebate #showmanship
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. You can only fail so many times until death - with death comes less of a concern for failure!
If the #MicrosoftServiceDesk tech working on my issue is in India, he's been on it since 3am...I hope you're paying him well, Bill.
Received a call from Microsoft Tech Support at midnight last night. #CustomerServiceFail #OutsourcingToTheOtherSideOfThePlanet #TimeZoneFail
Lines are much easier to follow when someone else is writing them.
#SoThenISaid "art is dead", and everyone was like
"Great drawings, nice, unorthodox story", what my friends are saying about the new children's book:…
The baby is asleep. 2nd cup-o-coffee brewing. Now free to continue sketching out the next project. #mondaymotivation
A story of building creatures in the snow (by yours truly):…
Professional grade cheesiness is a talent I don't have.
Looks like I got bit by a spider. No report of superhuman powers, yet...
A #Shout_Out to myself for publishing another kids book! Have a look inside:…
.@GoogleKeep I'm so glad I found you!
If you have Kindle Unlimited, my book is free. Remember to watch for flying snowman heads!… #childrensbooks
I thought every day was #NationalCoffeeDay.
Being boastful about my beliefs never made them any stronger or more real than the beliefs of others.
Just published again - #childrensbook "Flat Head Zed"…
I used to think people who sang to themselves were crazy, then I caught myself doing it. #parenthood
Preparing for a grand exodus in the wake of Hurricane Francis.
Today is going to be a good day. Oh, wait, it's 2pm already? Today is going to continue to be a good day.
After finishing my book, I'll have some time to learn a new skill - cut back on foul language, or game programming...#decisions
I consider running to be more of a depression maintenance plan than a pleasant hobby-like activity. #runner
The proof arrived in the mail. It's not actually in pudding at all - what the heck?! #publishing
Had a nightmare I was being chased by bees. Could have been worse - could have dreamed I was animating for cereal commercials.
I got taller, but never enough to make the trees seem shorter. #HappyRun #Nature #Runner #Sketch_Dailies
See that pile of sh*t? Leave it there, but arrange the turds so they don't stink as much - that's formatting.
Option #1) ignore all self-respect & take a midday nap. Option #2) continue hitting F12 every time I go for the 'Backspace' button.
Well, so much for getting back to sleep. *locates injection site for caffeinated IV drip*
Been up since 4am battling memories of abusive words from really mean people. Conclusion: I'm still the better person. Sleepy, sleepy...
This is what happens when you binge watch "Game Of Thrones". My sketch of the week: "CatDragon"… #Cats #Kitty #Dragons
All this trash-talking about design is making me hungry. #GoogleLogo
Google designers must have that same box of toys found in my kid's playroom. #GoogleLogo #ColorFail
Megatransect Race Report (and I also drew a picture):… #Megatransect2015
#ProTip: don't treat armpit chafing with a giant band-aid because it will eventually need to come off. #SelfWaxing #Megatransect
For creating vibrant and charismatic horror leads, I thank you. R.I.P. Wes Craven.
Stuck in an endless AdSense login loop. Self destructing in 5...4...3...2...
My experience with the Windows 10 Update (and a new cartoon)…
Onedrive was just too darn good to last. #Windows10Fail
I love that Ambrose is still a thing:… Thank you @verge
I wonder if that insurance plan includes "acts of baby". #parenting
~15 years since declaring Animation/Illustration as a career choice. I'm still doing it, loving it, & still worry about losing it.

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