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business running art bacon 21,689 followers
My husband was featured on NPR today! Can $2 cigarette tax keep Philly young people from picking up a habit?…
Finished with the 6 paintings I'll need for tomorrow...…
Dear giant buzzing bumble bee, no, you have not hit the jackpot - it's just me wearing a bright yellow shirt.
Got a forgotten password email I didn't request. Deducing that my Twitter account must be just that desirable. #NiceTryAsshole
Started my morning run in flip flops. #MinimalistBrain #PregnancyBrain #AutoPilot
Coffee without maple syrup is just brown water.
"Laughing Bird", laughing in the face of Wednesday deadlines:… Happy Hump Day
My timing is uncanny... AND blasphemous!
Never considered how good it feels to set someone straight, then not return to the comment section for a rebuttal. #HatersGonnaHate
Run. Walk. Vomit. My new shirt design for the ultramarathoner… #ultramarathon #ultra #runner #Runners
Pre-ordered Surface Pro 3 & have a question: should I have bought it today from a store instead? Because I'm still waiting. #impatient #SP3
I might be the only person alive with a graduate-level reading ability who hates to read. #Unique #JustBeYou #FaceBookDown
Customer: "If you don't lower prices, I'm not going to buy." Me: "I'd die a martyr's death before giving in to your terrorist threats!"
James Brown, known for his catchy tunes such as "Living In America", and his famous last words: "I don't feel so good."
Cat that died about 7 years ago came to me in a dream last night. She wanted to go home, so I put her in a suitcase & took her on a plane.
Oh, and yesterday marked the 5th year anniversary of my last cigarette.
Dear DJ: If you threaten to sue those who drop you before a wedding because you suck, don't contact them later for references. #BadBusiness
Instant 25% price increase to the next person who tries to bargain a lower price on my paintings. My prices are already starving-artist-low.
Bunions are not inherited. Shoe style is a familial preference (an understudied variable) #BunionMyths #runners…
I'm much shorter when I'm sitting down.
Before the internet, we had CB radios & would drive around chatting about bears... hands-free nonetheless! #throwbackthursday
"Strange Brunicorn" Shirt design for Ultra running team #Sketchoftheday #StrangeBrew Happy National Running Day
#CrowdSourcing a caption...Replace: "let the rainbow..", your thoughts? (as if anyone pays attention to my Twitter)