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When I was taking notes in #microbiology class, I would never have thought my sketches would make people so happy!…
When educated people fail to read the book on positive social interaction, they can become trolls of the internet. #LifeIsTooShort
Browbeating people over language that is "politically correct" makes you no different than those who attempt to silence your dissidence.
Finally got to go to #SIGGRAPH! ...and was probably the only pregnant person there. #SIGGRAPH2014
Thinking about giving a book on how to overcome passive aggressiveness to the passive aggressive in-laws. #ThisCouldWork
One thing is for sure - #WorldCatDay would never exist without the internet.
For those not on DA. Illustrated movie poster (movie in pre-production). #happymonday #NSFW
Illustrated the poster for this horror-comedy in production:… #HappyMonday #NSFW
Refrained from comment on bananas in an FB pic of local farmer's market foods. Banana farms in the Northern States? #FeelingAccomplished
The food pyramid was invented for the benefit of Big Agro - that pisses me off. Other things that piss me off are hangnails & mosquitoes.
Finding. The. Right. Punctuation. Seems. Extra. Difficult. This. Morning. #HappyFriday
“Positivity” shouldn't be a real word. In my rough guestimation, future learnings of said word will leave a trail of unfortitudeness.
If invited to a baby shower, don't publicly post you decline because of a housewarming party & invite the host to that #FacebookIgnorant
'God is great', sure, but coffee is so much better! #InfidelQuotes #Nontheist #Atheist #Agnostic #Apostate
Pro Tip: never go to an education conference while pregnant unless you wish to hear everyone's birthing story. #TMI #WTF #PregnancyProblems
Can we talk about something other than birthing experiences? No, I will not tell you what I plan to do with my nipples. #PregnancyProblems
No, I do not want to hear all about how your doctors set a mirror so you can watch yourself give birth. #TMI #PregnancyProblems
The Trump tower looks a lot smaller in person. #ThatsWhatSheSaid
"Legalities before ethics" must be written in fine print at the bottom of the hippocratic oath.
Driver with "Proud Mother of Twins" bumper sticker: If spontaneous biological events are your only assets, flaunt em' when you can, I guess.
If by "strange" you mean "creative" then, yes, I'm very strange.
#VerizonFios, stop soliciting at our front door - we're already customers! Do you not want our business? #HorriblyInterrupted #BadBusiness
My husband was featured on NPR today! Can $2 cigarette tax keep Philly young people from picking up a habit?…
Finished with the 6 paintings I'll need for tomorrow...…