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Edward Lui Films
So annoyed with @myhermes delivery driver loosing my lens by leaving it in a shed. Far too suspect, destroying my saved funds, now lens less
Boro get Liverpool away in the cup AAAHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH! UTB
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Edward Lui ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Done it, pass the bucket! #ALS #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS
Enjoy the remaining summer days of sunshine filming #ProjectFilmSupply
There's something about filming weddings, it's no longer capturing a moment, it's reliving that same moment cinematically. Let your day be magical!
Slider! Awesome tool, should be one in every filmmakers tool bag.
Equipment check, let's get this wedding filmed! #ProjectFilmSupply
Looking for a studio or empty unit I can hire for a week to build a set and shoot a video. Get in touch.
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When your PC can't handle the video workload, colour correction/grading modules, 25% live view and no sharpening done. Time for an upgrade!
A little something I filmed with @feena_m behind closed doors, say hello... #Lingerie #Film…
If people have looked yet, get on #ProjectFilmSupply as it will change the way you view videos
I may have forgot my film but had two left in the SX chamber, cash back
Seriously @Interstellar movie needs to come out now! #Film
Gourmet burger time
Smokie sausage sandwich!
We took our newest music video 4 rockers @TCTGYB to the next level with help from the awesome @DJIGlobal Phantom RT
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Fellow #FilmMakers, show me what you've created lately #ProjectFilmSupply
Wait there's a pattern here, making money? The Expendables - 18 The Expendables 2 - 15 The Expendables 3 - 12a The Expendables 4... PG?
On to my next Eddie Cheng behind the scenes documentary already with @sallehsparrow. Can smell that hair getting curled, smokey ha. New video up later over at Come chat to me over on twitter @edwardlui