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Edward Lui Films
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I just became a Founding Member of @thegridio, AI for website design. Join the evolution
Seriously, the @Interstellar soundtrack needs to be released quicker! #10VIBES #Film #OST
Time to stabilise my film footage #10VIBES
Finally found a UK distributor for @wondlan stabilisers at @CameraKings_UK, now I'm tempted! To stay #Glidecam or risk a new cheaper brand?
Still not sure what I think of the @CanonUKandIE @CanonUSAimaging c100 mk2 upgrade. Maybe it's time to jump ship @Sony @SonyElectronics
Boosting around London last year with @ElizzabethJames because we can; posh as fuck! #PoshAsFuck
Remove a letter from a movie title and this is what you get in illustrative form…
Super fatty patty time! Showing @helsien85 how it's done
Christopher Nolan, @Interstellar film broke me, the story was so mesmerising. If it doesn't win an #Oscar, we have no hope 10/10 #Filmmaker
Interstellar moment is here!! IMAX style with @Bourne85K
Anybody actually use the #Apple #Express? Is it even possible to use it as a wireless point from a PC to connect wirelessly to a router?
Adapting Reception story to turn into a film. @helsien85 to write the screenplay, looking for #audio #soundscape #design person to join us on this heavy audio based short film. It will blow your mind
Clearing up and found some old school flyers for when I, Yella Fella used to DJ alongside @simtub and Snakehips Chris!
Time to make a movie using the iPad. Use every tool you have and make the best of it #10vibe #Film #Filmmaker
Just seen @Zacuto's new Recoil and VCT setup. What are they doing to me, it's screaming at me upgrade!
If you could apply a music in making steak and then another when it's done correctly, what could it be #10vibes
Steak looks pretty good to me, tastes divine! None of this well done malarkey...
Rib eye steak time!
New #ShortFilm The Pale Cast of Thought going up tonight, story/director @Bourne85K, starring @shellyatton #MiltonKeynes #Filmmaker #Film
Just finished editing our film The Pale Cast of Thought starring @shellyatton, story/directed by @Bourne85K, amazing acting talent #Film
Short film The Pale Cast of Thought. Editing, colour grading, picking an appropriate music choice. But first, let us put this film together first with @helsien85. Filmmakers, we never sleep.
Thoroughly enjoyed capturing film from @TooManyTs and @mad_electrifie last night at the Bizarre Safari event. I'm gonna enjoy editing this!!
There is nothing more human than the will to survive. The trailer for Alex Garland's #ExMachina is here.…
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@bellahadid You are calm. You just speak loudly because you're passionate. @edwardlui
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Amazing electro pop, as recommended by @Ray_Liu, @_electricyouth is bliss. Sounds awesome on @SennheiserUSA HD380Pro!
@foxocubeUK approx 20yrs ago this remarkable young man drew a pic... Watch what happened #pricelessfriend
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Nice audio for listening to crap good, little something to monitor dialogue on location shoots now. Thank you Sennheiser, goodbye Beats!
CITIZENFOUR opens tonight! @DazedMagazine Interviewed the director Laura Poitras about the film…
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@edwardlui yeah I guess but I do a lot of music vids. Does that count as film? 😉
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The zombie apocalypse... It's happening. You're either with us or against us! #ZombieNation
AW found this...must be 2 years ago Adam Templeman?/ Richard Osborne- Just let me go music video...
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William Shakespeare keeps following me, how many of them can there be!
Another busy day here today, this time doing some product videos for some very sexy clocks! #slidecam #northampton #studios
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The reason we will be almost missing our train tonight
Should add some men to my port. Where's the boys at ?
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Digging David Fincher right now, along with Tony Scott. I think one day I'd be wanting to making cinematic films like these two.
Next trip = Leeds or London. Who wants to shoot? 👀
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