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Edward Lui Films
The new 'Black Iris' headdress. This one has taken a while to make down the sheer volume of beadwork on it.
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Bit of late night dim sum
If Will.I.Am's gravestone doesn't say Will.I.Was, I'll be pretty disappointed #justsaying #ThoughtoftheDay
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I grew up watching @EyeOfJackieChan movies. My favourite film has got to be Armour of God. What's yours?
For a writer that is the key to the missing part of your film, speak with @Bourne85K @bbcwritersroom @NewWritersUK #ScreenPlay #Writer #Film
If you're a writer then we want to hear from you! For more info visit Please RT & Share
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Shakespeare's Venus And Adonis rehearsal shoot
Life plan: take care of yourself because no other fucker is going to do it for you.
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Some mother is rustling up bacon and eggs! Why?
Is it me or is it actually sweltering hot tonight? Windows open, fans on
#FF #Cinematography is an art and is only understood by genuine craftsmen. Look for work by @edwardlui #film #fashion #musicvideo
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Because race driver
If you want a decent script writer in the first place, you go to one. Trust me, you'd wanna film these scripts @Bourne85K #FF #Writer #Film
Because awesome music videos coming out left right and centre @OneChrisScott #FF
Don't make me start on these two, they don't need a reason to take pics but they do @eymc275 @Ray_Liu #FF
She eats steak and flashes. Pretty normal day for our mousey biscuit @ElizzabethJames #FF
She lives in Sheffield and she digs mixed kebabs. That's food you filthy minded people! She takes pictures @KatieSoze #FF
Just because photography bro @Photobykam #FF
First one of the day because she's a filthy rebel; but when she's good she takes pretty pictures @ElspethVanDHole #FF #GiveADogABone #Owl
Not gonna lie, @mariotestino and #KateMoss are a match made in heaven. Throw in @Burberry and I'm done. Amazing! #Fashion #Burberry
Next year, me and @Bourne85K will be at @FdC_officiel with #VenusAndAdonis short film. We have worked too hard for this #Cannes #Cannes2015
Pre-ordered my Nokia 3310. Snake II. Buzzing.
Directed this Monologue scene from Jim Cartwright's #play 'Road.' w/@shellyatton and Cinematography by @edwardlui.
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Looking forward to be filming @shellyatton with @Bourne85K film making vision #Filmmaker #ShortFilm #Monologue
Vote now - brewing experiment batch Porter. Will add either fresh: a.Elderberries b.Figs. #vote #craftbeer
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Game of pool. Bliss.
Just because photographer @kamkoonphotog88 #FF
Building a dirty American motel room for Small prints music video. Any American friends able to get me…
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Its a beautiful world out there, you really think you know someone. That is, until you speak to them, a work front, yet so creative inside