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Edward Lui Films
This #glidecam is one heavy bitch now the c100 is sat on it!
#videographer required for BTS and runway show in Cambridge on 4th November email for details modelling@ daniellarace .com TRAVEL COVERED x
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BREAKING: Leaked footage from 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON'!
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iPad Air 2 is calling me, I really shouldn't tgough
URGH so many good shots for today just wanna share them ALL RIGHT NOW. @Luissaburton is so good to…
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Seriously, I've found an artist that I'll never get bored listening to. That voice though @lordemusic
All McCoy'd out now, sadly
Oh my days, Real McCoy's. The band that is, what a blast from the past. Come and get your love! #Nineties
As from Monday I will starting my Youtube channel again. I now have space, and better quality camera to do the...
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Any #Fashion #Bloggers #Stylists want to to collaborate on some shoots, digital or old skool #Polaroid?
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About Time, not bad film. If only you could change the little things in life that makes it a whole lot better
Any #filmmakers film on iPhone or any other smartphone? Curious what rigs you use and recommend, especially one that fits a hot shoe mic?
Just a few snaps from Captain Slow PolaRay, from today's #Polawalk before the rain came down @Impossible_HQ #SLR680
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500 Days of Summer. Love this film!
Seems that all the people I follow who are currently in Spain are tweeting awesome sunset skylines tonight.
All we need is the sound of horses and the sound scape and design can be done #Ambitious #Shakespeare #ShortFilm
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Finally, @londongrammar is now available on @Spotify. Life complete!
Wow, only a matter of time for the @Snapchat hackers to emerge. Shit storm is about to come to light #TheSnappening
What goes through a filmmakers mind... Audio bits recorded during set that sounds annoying, need to get rid!
Audrey Hepburn, screen test shots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961
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Audio peeps, what's a good software to get rid of certain noises in post production? Such as stepping on a twig during dialogue? #Audio
Late night editing, finally finished editing Free In The Afternoon with @Bourne85K. Coming soon #FITA #FreeInTheAfternoon #Film
Now for the ribs. Minus the chips!
Simply graffiti in Sheff
Who would of thought suit shopping for a wedding will be that hard
Just because no carbs...
Don't be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better.
Sheffield bound, let's find me some creative filmmakers up there
It's Friday, have some rabbits in your life!
Don't believe everything you're told! Search for more knowledge and make up your own mind! Don't be a sheep! #openyourmind #peace
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Cinematographer and camera operator looking for exciting film projects and crew to make movies! Shout me film peeps.
One good thing with the HK protest is there's no queues waiting for dim sum in the mornings.
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10 diverse female artists to look at for at the London Film Festival: #lff
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