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Eddie Jaguar
The one thing you gotta realize is that Life isn't waiting for you. In fact, time is only working against your...
No one can motivate you but yourself. Other people can offer you opportunity, but motivation lies in your true...
Damn.... Manziel proving the haters he can ball. #johnnyfootball
We went to work on this track today at #LeftFieldStudios Chris Lathrop #TheGarden #CG #GuruShit
This is how me and my baby Skype. Hahahah #catlife #isharemybfdotcom #betyoulovemyhashtags @tiffanyleec
Lighter Woods dagos thrive off that shit
"Postcard" - © Eddie Jaguar #Stagnant #In-tent #CG Chiefs Circle
I'm thankful for this life I have. First off thank you to God for blessing me, I will continue do follow the path...
the goddamn Knicks man... unbelievable.
#CG youngins go harder then your veterans. #stagnant #comingsoon Chiefs Circle
"With a sad lament, my dreams have faded like... a broken melody... While the Gods of love look down and laugh at...
How I almost broke my ribs and contused my cartilage Vinny Peone
bear mountain. @tiffanyleec
my cute little hiking buddy @tiffanyleec
Climbed to the top of Bear Mountain yesterday, the view was incredible and the vibes were strong. 4 miles, 1284...
today we are on some Brazilian vibes #jagradio Cant wait to be home in December!!!
Remember that one time when Kim Kardashians big greasy ass got more coverage than the first time humans have been...
Lighter Woods little nigga stuntin hard
Am I the only person here that thinks that Iggy Azalea is not attractive at all? I mean if I was Swaggy P I sure...
My boy Obama representing for us immigrants. #proudimmigrant #Obama
I feel like working right now... #jagradio
These fucking #knicks man...
Once again the Legend comes through for the #people. #respect
This literally had me DYING in laughter. Goes to show some of you crazy misconceptions about cannabis might be...
big ass steak cause it's wednesday.
big ass steak cause it's wednesday.
Damn if I was out there in Buff I would... Game tix too son
Hoje é dia de Palmeiras. Tenho o maior orgulho do meu time é nossa história. Vamos levantar muitos títulos nesse...
If this was America, dude would have been tased and charged with "resisting arrest"... #fuckthefreeworld
Gwen Stefani is still gorgeous at 45 and I feel like she's getting hotter every year still... I mean GOT damn!
If I say I'm gon be there, mutherfuck I roll through When I bring her to the lair, her eyes gon be low too Don't...
lol T-pain is a funny ass mutherfucker
There we go UTAH!!! 7-3 I''l take it.
Remember back to the early 2000s when Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera had a slut off? #thosewerethedays
Tonight it's just me and my studio and the coffee pot Wanted to be philosophical, but I lost the thought These...
Is Kyle Orton trying to be bad? Another season down the drain. Suck ass team. God dammit Buffalo. When will the misery end?