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Eddie Jaguar
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Ok I'm off to bed... gonna fry my brain with all this artistry. #motivated
"Elbow Grease" - © Eddie Jaguar.
"Hare We Go" - © Eddie Jaguar.
for all the souls that are still awake #jagradio #heylisten
"Bound 2" - © Eddie Jaguar.
"Stagnant" - © Eddie Jaguar. Watch out for the new Chiefs Circle mixtape "Stagnant" produced by yours truly...
"Roses" - © Eddie Jaguar.
Life's all about second chances, and what you do with them. #Jagphorism
Fucking fake people man... I guess it's just me and my amigos.
I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Lion Kings"
I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Lion Kings"
"Bowser" - © Eddie Jaguar. First production to come out of Left-Field Studios tonight. #Welcome2LeftField
Time to edit some photographs in my studio, in the dark, with the best music on Soundcloud on. #inmyzone #mykindanight #fuckyoparty
This is fucking amazing hahahahah Lighter Woods Chris Lathrop Genaro Villa they let in de worm mang
I'm happy for Mark Sanchez. I always thought they did him dirty on the jets. He's always been quality player in my book.
Fuck the radio, thank God for Soundcloud. #startedthemovement
The Bills are so fucking stupid... Unbelievable we lost this game today. It's like their trying to do everything...
I been swaggin since day 1 son. #jaggin #nesi
To all the BYU fans on my newsfeed making fun of yesterday's UTAH game; yes we lost, but we put up a hell of a...
LETS GO UTAH!! Let's show them what we're worth! #utahutes
The Raptors need to bring back this purple jersey man... It's too much swag out there. #swagforthepeople #throwbacknight
Lol he just takes a fish a then is like "thanks, I'm out!"
Rochester weather... It was literally snowing 10 minutes ago.
god damn shit... talent is unreal
There's no one swaggin harder in the gamer right now then my boy Big Sean. When I saw Kanye as the coach I died...
When Eddie Jag and Alamo finally drop Suavè Lighter Woods
HAHAHAH for those who know slap-ass
Swaggin on the hoe like, "where they at doe". I give it an A for 0 fucks given and not caring that the bitch is...
How did we become so numb? How did we get so good at avoiding human compassion? How can we see suffering on a...
I don't get why young people in this country don't vote... If you're not voting, you're dying. If I could, I would...
This is one of the funniest things on the Internet right now
is there any city more beautiful than this? #NY #GrandCentral
The funniest shit ever lmao
whatup jo. @tiffanyleec
God I love New York. God bless this fucking city and its people. #bornnewyorker
I fractured my ribs doing street parkour at 3am on the way home from the bars. I'm getting too old for this shit...
God damn you alcohol.
"It seems... No one wants a troubled boy. Leave alone the trouble boy." #cudi #kingwizard