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Liam Cooper
Cyantifics Vanilla mix of Ice Cream is a rumbler. oogh i love it
Just ordered my tickets for the big freshers' ice breaker party and zane lowe. My stomach feels like its humming
well obviously not right now. i can't just go to the bank right now. well i could. but that would be silly.
gotta get some money put in the bank right now, got tickets and mouse mats to be orderin'
one small sample, one big burst
I've noticed a common mispronunciation of the name Liam when playing with foreign people online.. LIE-am
as if Zane Lowe's playing a freshers' party in Leeds. buying tickets for this motherfucker
Watching Whose Line Is It Anyway, got all the seasons ready for when I'm away 😏
I better meet some Counter Strike veterans at Uni. Better be some LAN parties going on.
aw meeting my flat mates on facebook
i must see @xKore live. must.
tv/film*.. like how do you not know how stupid that makes you look
i don't think some people on facebook understand just what they're putting on when they say "where i can watch x tv/show film online?"
Good thing PeerBlock exists
crazy to think i could get married without having my parents consent right now
Patiently and eagerly waiting for my welcome pack now..
My driving instructor has injured himself and is off to hospital, I was all looking forward to driving on the main road today too!
Deposit paid, instalment plan finished, contract agreed. All set for accommodation at the University of Leeds!
This tune is coming along very well. Very little needing to be done to vocals. Should be an easy release
Society has failed us all. I am reinstalling Bonzai Buddy.
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i'm kidding i'm not a 13 year old pessimistic anti-social cunt
it's like a mental asylum in here
marked my 500th tweet. milestone. i hate almost all of you
... however the probability of me starting a neotokyo/cyberpunk blog is becoming more likely
my tumblr's been almost completely abandoned, i just visit it to put shit in the queue sometimes. seen it all. blergh.
Just figured put grooves on Ableton 9... That shit is so good I've been wondering how producers achieve that sound a lot
"Guess my password and be my new lock screen wallpaper" that's creepy dude, no
I actually did wake up at like 9:30 this morning and not just now even though I just tweeted about it
This is the third time in a row I've woken up at a respectable time, makes me happy
I'm getting my little welcome pack thingy from Leeds University soon and I'm so excited to see what's in it. More importantly accommodation
Now if you don't mind, I'm feeling depressed and horny, so I'm going upstairs to masturcry
Vocals received for City Lights. Time to start work on that. Then bootleg timeeeee
A 1080p screen is just what I wanted out of a phone though. It's a perfect size, so sharp and readable from a decent distance
It's my 18th today!
Aw it looks so miserable and crap outside
Birthday eve :D
Just had confirmation from UCAS that I'm off to Leeds University this year, sickkk
This is CS:GO, people spouting lies and profanities at and about peoples parents
you know, actually be good lol
i should really make a new drum & bass mix that isn't just full of FX and channel cuts with music that everyone's sick of hearing by now
hate to be 'that guy' but never skip leg day
Gonna do my paperwork today, get all the moneys, and then lose 30% of it due to taxes. Waddup life
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Back up to Silver Elite. Praying for good players right now
2nd driving lesson complete, yeaaaah
Still awake I am
I realised that I hadn't changed my main email address' password for 4 years. I was on that shit like a bat out of hell
My parents got a new car, promptly this weekend, I love the novelty of it though #vw #beetle
I don't know how I've managed to get these deep scratches on my iPad screen protector but now it looks like gash
Damn I miss you