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Liam Cooper
That was also my 2000th tweet. Sheeeeit
I fancy watching Only Fools and Horses now
Still on that post-exercise recovery 2 days later. Guess chest day is a miss
It makes it sound like I'm watching porn. Can't have my parents thinking that can I
Why have gamers on Twitch always got to sound like they're having sex when they die in game? 'OH MY GOD' 'FUCK'
Just been told by the girl she actually likes Drum & Bass now. Conversion complete 😁
For my birthday this year I'll probably get some money so I can survive ❤
Home listening* don't know why I put a dash there, just woke up a few minutes ago
If only all Deep House tracks were produced just like EDM Trend Machine. Would sound a lot more polished and more for home-listening
Just want my girlfriend to come home 😔
Verdict on betas: iOS 9 seems nothing special other than a new app switcher but El Capitan is a much better, polished version of Yosemite
Why put filters on a screenshot to the point where it becomes unrecognisable?
Backup, restore, update, update again..
Downloading the OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 Beta 😍
OH SoundCloud, why did you have to change things around again??
(It annoys me because the post most likely isn't relevant anymore)
I know that you can choose "most recent" for your news feed preference but I forget to do it every time I go on. Why Facebook, why?
What really annoys the shit out of me (technically) on Facebook is seeing a post I'd like/comment on but finding it was posted yesterday
Was a legs & abs day yesterday
Oh God I've got such stiff legs this morning 😩 and I don't mean my third one
Ranked up to Gold Nova Master (aka Peasant Master) #csgo #prostatus
I cannot think of any better way to exit the shower than coming out of it listening to Edwin Starr - War. That felt cool
400GB of surveillance firm Hacking Team's internal emails & files published via BitTorrent. Ouch. (h/t @hackingteam)!Xx1lhChT!rbB…
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Wrong, wrong, wrong..
Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing someone's subwoofer on a table/desk in a setup
(c) for their money
I think the best thing about 2nd year at uni is nosing into people's new houses during Freshers' week. Interesting to see what people got(c)
I think that's enough of the internet for today. It's annoying and boring me. Brb dentist checkup
Fucking hell then I see an old friend put on Facebook "the world is full of surprises" because he managed to get some 4G in this town
Stop being so aggravating
She actually named it a "remix" but she never did any actual work on it. Shame on you
Just seen an acquaintance post on Soundcloud a 'remix' of a well known pop song but it was just her covering it...
Now Gold Nova 3.. Got gud out of nowhere #csgo
Because right now I can't write any music for some reason. Just somehow incapable and have been for a few months. Gay as
Just gotta figure out a way to keep at it and not lose the goal
I might even become a protein head. Alright - maybe not yet
I think I'm gonna have to start using my vacation time and bench press more wisely and actually get some workouts done
Never fear, the doctor is present!
Geting my dick sucked in Unreal Engine 4. Flushing toilet in Unreal Engine 4. Having shit beat out of me by greasers in Unreal Engine 4. Wow
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Or multiband compression. Or both
It's like the producer made a horribly large peak in the high frequency range with an EQ
What's that nasty hiss in Ellie Gouldings voice in one of her newest tracks? Listening to it over radio and it's piercing my ears
Not the same without my friends being there though D:
On my way back to Leeds for a short stay of moving house and shopping, missed you!… 40 minute mix full of new 2015 Drum & Bass for all sound systems. Vicious, funky, and filthy stuff #dnb #mix

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