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Liam Cooper
All I know is not to go with Virgin Media despite how tempting their packages are
I'm being very picky about this internet I want to get for the new house that I don't think such a package exists
How dare you. He worked hard for that degree.
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I'm very excited to announce that Hammond, May and I have signed a deal with .@AmazonVideo
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This just happens to be the very first thing I see in the first game I join
MW3 was only £3. Bargainz
Bought me and Lucy Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 to kill zombies and each other
Or do you think he's convinced himself it's normal? "You can't please 100% of them mate, you're doing an awesome job - keep it up! ⭐️ 👍"
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Upgrading to Windows 10 :D #Windows10
I just finally got my deposit money back from my university halls. Now I don't feel so poor and I have something to go on holiday with!
Jeez why don't you just do it instead of getting someone to awkwardly like your post
"Like and I will" fuck off, that's what you can do
Our new EP is titled "Trigger Warning". It will be out in the next 6-8 weeks! :D
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Football on the telly. 22 lads & a ball. No tunes, no bar, can't see any speakers, can't even figure out where the Dj box is! Don't get it.
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Earth-like planet Kepler 452b only just discovered and already clubbing veterans are claiming its not what it used to be!
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#IClearedMyHistoryBecause 4chan. That's a good enough excuse.
Which I've just noticed was released yesterday 8 years ago. Shit
Jeez I'm such a moody cunt when I want to be
A good idea is to just not put anything about your baby on Facebook and let your friends and family see it for real. That's social
Yes it's nice to see a video of your newborn waving your child benefits money around
Finally got Destiny. It's only gonna take me like 3 hours to install the initial stuff, gg
"I keep my friends close" "and your enemies closer?" "No! Why would I do that? If they were close they would kill me!" #thesimpsons
Just want the holiday with Lucy to come now 😩
Hopefully I'll be getting Destiny in the mail tomorrow. This is an interesting week this week. Yeah. Even album is on hold
Scottish Man Accidentally Fingers Own Mum Following Buckfast Binge via @Wunderground_ie
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This week marks 10 years since our debut album Hold Your Colour was released. Thank you to everyone who has a place in their heart for it.
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On that tweet burst flex
#GrowingUpWithMyName English people don't pronounce my name wrong, however I've heard Russians, Polish and Swedish people call me "lie am"
No no, been cheated on and I would never wish it upon anyone nevermind do it myself
Funny how it got hacked though, just saw the trending news on Facebook this morning
There's a dating website focussed on cheating? How horrible. I don't know how someone can be so disrespectful to their other half
Bagged myself Destiny for PS3 for less than £14 brand new. I'll be shouting at my door if it doesn't arrive tomorrow
You could stop with the usual dross and put something actually interesting or funny on Facebook. You're acting like someone cares
My grandpa thought the glamping pod me and the girl are going in next month looked like a boat turned upside down 😂
Got the Blood Money achievement on CS:GO for earning $50,000,000 in cash. Only took me 562 hours. Seriously.
Minions will take over the world
Mista, Mista! Get this speaker off of me!
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How to say "I never asked for this" - a lesson from @EliasToufexis, the actor who plays Adam Jensen.…
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I have the house to myself this weekend and all I can think about is shouting at Russians on CS:GO

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