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Liam Cooper… 40 minute mix full of new 2015 Drum & Bass for all sound systems. Vicious, funky, and filthy stuff #dnb #mix
Surely there's lots of conflict between that many people just to make 1 song? Must be some science behind it
Makes me wonder how much work and decision making goes into making a 'pop' track if it requires nearly or over 10 producers and writers
New mix incoming... It's been a while
"Oh yeah, I will hump you with my PowerPoint"
Reached 500 hours total play time on CS:GO.. Uh oh
Ethically sourced free range porn
We are truly in the future
Holographic augmented reality goggles (HoloLens), virtual reality with head tracking (Oculus Rift) and fucking hoverboards (Lexus Slide)
Well... I won't be living in it for the rest of the Summer holiday but it's good to know me and my housemates have it!
Going to get the keys to the new house and move into it next weekend, exciting times!
Joke. Just in case that somehow is indeed real
I don't mind if no one cares. I'm an independent white black alien pansexual
Thanks for tuning into my most recent criticisms and rants
Door Kickers is such a ponsy name for a SWAT shooter type game
That Skittles skittlespox advert is so bad. Cringey in fact
Looking for some English speaking Gold Nova's to play comp with today, anyone? #csgo
Clearly nobody cares. Just shut up and keep it to yourself
I could say this over and over again but some of my friends on Facebook don't half put some shit on there
I'm finally Gold Nova on CS:GO! Only took me like a full year to get out of the silver shizzle
Say goodbye to "physical digital" copies aka wav's and mp3's.
I wonder what will take over. Probably streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music..
"Back in my day we had to check Beatport everyday to get the latest tunes" is something I can imagine some people saying 10 years later
I'm such a bad example of a son to my grandparents. They were visiting and I woke up at 10, which is... Very late to them
I love certain times of the year like father's day when my brother and his girlfriend come down. Had such a good day
Smuggling Coke Up Your Arse Reduces Risk Of Bowel Cancer – Claims Colombian Doctor
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Stock Porn Comments is probably the funniest Twitter account I've ever followed
Pinterest is an absolute gold mine for home décor/DIY 😍
I tell ya what though: what I got so far of the album is bretty gud
*Saves project instantly before switching to headphones*
Ableton Live 9 always crashes when I switch audio devices. Not sure whether it's a sound card problem or Ableton. But it's very annoying
That vocal in Rio by Netsky. Can't get over how simply brilliant it be
Wherever she goes, I go, we go, flying over cities down to Rio, it's real
I've had such an awesome day!
They're all so weird
Every ad I see of Game of War just makes me steer away from the game more and more
I still find shat and cack hilarious words
Why do French people love role playing servers on Garry's Mod so much? Is it something to with dem custom printer modz
Chris Evans is probably the best choice #TopGear… weirdly not a fan of their snares but this... tune #dnb
Fucking fucking fucking fucking bastard fucking Windows
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I think I should leave the bedroom window closed before I go to sleep next time
I've had some weird dreams lately. The last one I had: I dreamt I had a pet baby squirrel that was on my shoulder everywhere I went

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