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Liam Cooper
I've had such a productive day today, which feels great. Better now that I can finally get a sit down and relax for the rest of the night
I made the playlist for the first deck social on Thursday, but its 18 tracks long and I only get a 30 minute time slot. This gun be hypermix
... I don't know what mark they are
Do Pioneer CDJ 1000's play FLAC files? I'm preparing a set and have never played on them before. Need to know before I burn the disc
Sometimes when I see "prom" I misread it thinking it says porn
I can hear so many people around me having fun. Damn I'm so bored, and not going to get sleep :(
Guess it's another night in for me
Which is pretty much my expectations before I arrived in Leeds.. Good people, good music, good place.
It's just been non-stop though. Absolutely mental. But like, a good mental. Thoroughly enjoyed every night that I had attended.
I still have the fear that no one in my friendship group in my residences will want to go out anymore though. Sad, really.
I'm really emotional tonight. Just take me back to last Saturday already. Let me replay everything. Ugh :/
I've honestly loved every last second of fresher's. What a fucking blast. I wish it was like this all the time.
Uh oh.. I promised myself this wouldn't happen.
i want this cable coming tomorrow so i can have my amp back up and running. missing the full range on my monitors because altec lansing sub
Like as if I've drunk that much this week, the feeling of being drunk has just carried on each day
I don't know if it's the lack of sleep or amount of alcohol consumed, but I'm light headed/dizzy & unaware. Going to blame it on both
Personal tutor forms are tedious as fuck
I haven't actually had that much time to myself this week, its fantastic
Pendulum - Watercolour #bcm
People in front of me and behind me are trying to figure out where musclenerd is :) Good thing it’s still dark
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I'm so fucking bored 😦
Pay rent with bitcoin
So is iOS 8 worth upgrading to?
But yeah I went shopping today. Fascinating. Came back with a wool funnel neck Jacket for winter and a messenger/man bag for uni. Successful
They'll all be getting to know each other right now and I'm just going to arrive a few days later like... Hey... I've been here all along...
Actually really jealous of all of the students organising to go out for a drink that have moved in fairly early right on the fb group
Hope everyone with an iPhone is enjoying their bono
8bit audio codecs are funny when they're used on voice
I haven't been out because I've been practicing getting a perfect note streak playing Through The Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 on expert
Parents are watching come dine with me in the dark. Bit scary really
Mis sold PPI? No I got all of the pixels per inch I paid for thank you very much
My life is a constant battle between making music and playing Counter Strike or Quake.
Albeit I know he was showing respect but the way he has executed it is funny
About to make a possibly rude tweet. Just seen some 13 year oldish kid post on Facebook 'R.I.P 9/11' like 9/11 is an entity/being
gotta love Quake Live.
Rumor has it, there will be a Quake Live update tomorrow.
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Mono vs. Stereo vs. Quadrophonic & 5.1/7.1 systems basically. ESPECIALLY mono systems such as a mobile phone
You can point out so many problems with your mixdown simply because you've listened to it over and over on your own system
On the note of the last retweet. I never realised how important it is to reference with as many systems as possible
Always keep your old monitors for reference
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10 days. Just 10 days and I'll be moving out of here after living in the same place for 18 years. Simply surreal… i guess this is how you speak to your clanmates