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Liam Cooper
I've got 99 problems but I'm steadily working my way through them. I've actually only got 3 problems now. 96 fewer than originally stated.
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Pawn Stars is excellent 😂
Lucy just got me the newest Mixtrack Pro for my birthday!! So happy 😍
Today marks the 5th anniversary of Quake Live! #Quake @idSoftware
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A snail can have about 25,000 teeth.
Retweeted by Liam Cooper… This track sounds so simple, yet I'm addicted already
Fairly sure I just seen an advert on TV about missold PPI that used Comic Sans. Committing a sin, if you will
Got an adorable balloon from Lucy! My birthday begins now
A phone has just rang on the TV and I thought it was my phone that was ringing. It was hilarious and I laughed for about 6 minutes.
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asdfmovie9 on 7th August. More exciting than a new feature-length film
I should really get on with collaborating on a track for this album though. No one better than my Brother for this, probably. Long awaited
Caesars Palace (if I don't over-engineer it) will probably be like my favourite on the album. Like the one that would become a single
Half of those are just ripoffs of some songs already. They're all unfinished anyhow. Something will come of them! Gotta scalvage some oldies
This is what my album folder (all projects) currently looks like. Ideas > Composition > Production > Mixing > Master
Lynx could start selling the smell of excrement and people wouldn't notice
The reality is you do care a lot deep down you're just trying to look strong
I'm sorry but if you're sharing those quotes on Facebook that are like 'take me for who I am and if you don't like me I don't care' then..
'No you're fired'
Oooh I wish I had the drums from Plasticworld by Pendulum. Tuna and a half
It just takes you straight to the static page. WHY CHANGE NOW?
Quick profile view when you hover over someone on your timeline? That profile view you get when you click on it is now no longer there
HM >:( Twitter is starting to become very much like Facebook in a usability sorta way
But now my SoundCloud is lookin' funky
I just had to salvage my wallpaper from my Twitter from a few months ago because Windows 10 deleted most of my photos
All I know is not to go with Virgin Media despite how tempting their packages are
I'm being very picky about this internet I want to get for the new house that I don't think such a package exists
How dare you. He worked hard for that degree.
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I'm very excited to announce that Hammond, May and I have signed a deal with .@AmazonVideo
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This just happens to be the very first thing I see in the first game I join
MW3 was only £3. Bargainz
Bought me and Lucy Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 to kill zombies and each other
Or do you think he's convinced himself it's normal? "You can't please 100% of them mate, you're doing an awesome job - keep it up! ⭐️ 👍"
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Upgrading to Windows 10 :D #Windows10
I just finally got my deposit money back from my university halls. Now I don't feel so poor and I have something to go on holiday with!
Jeez why don't you just do it instead of getting someone to awkwardly like your post
"Like and I will" fuck off, that's what you can do
Our new EP is titled "Trigger Warning". It will be out in the next 6-8 weeks! :D
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Football on the telly. 22 lads & a ball. No tunes, no bar, can't see any speakers, can't even figure out where the Dj box is! Don't get it.
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Earth-like planet Kepler 452b only just discovered and already clubbing veterans are claiming its not what it used to be!
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#IClearedMyHistoryBecause 4chan. That's a good enough excuse.
Which I've just noticed was released yesterday 8 years ago. Shit
Jeez I'm such a moody cunt when I want to be
A good idea is to just not put anything about your baby on Facebook and let your friends and family see it for real. That's social
Yes it's nice to see a video of your newborn waving your child benefits money around
Finally got Destiny. It's only gonna take me like 3 hours to install the initial stuff, gg

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