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Liam Cooper
Apple strudel Muller light yogurts are where its at
Barrels are the bane of my fucking life in CSGO
Got another collab sorted for the album... Shaping up pretty well so far
I really hope your Dog isn't standing in the way of that 1TB PlayStation 4 Fallout 4 bundle. #BlackFriday
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Aren't squirrels just rats with bushy tails? It's that characteristic that suddenly makes them cute
The Leeds University Christmas tree is up! 😍🎄
Switching all of the features back on seems to make no difference with a plus
Turning off location and doing all the general power saving stuff does not affect battery life on my Nexus 5 at all
Yesterdays photo shoot was great fun!
Doing a photoshoot tomorrow!
Thanks for telling me the weakspot of the boss, you know I could have gotten this extra information from players or friends some other time
I know I sound like a cliché old gamer but I really liked games when they weren't so obvious on how to complete an objective
Well if you do internet banking and online shopping on a public WiFi network then you deserve to be hacked/frauded
(C) per month but its really not
AND I'M NOT FINISHED YET. The end price of a contract is so much more expensive than just paying for the phone, so you think it's cheaper(c)
Freedom guys, freedom.
If everyone switched to giffgaff and actually paid for a whole phone upfront, the world would be a happier place
Not getting stupid overpriced bills when you accidentally don't get notified you've almost reached your limit on any of your package
Not tied to a dumb 2 year contract where most iphones hardly last that long. Pay for whatever package of mins/texts/data you want
I still think contract phones are the most horrible method of upgrading your current telphonique device. Just invest and pay monthly
Find more ways to connect with Windows 95.
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Or maybe I like to pronounce beta as YOUR DAD
Bay-tah. Definitely bay-tah
Bee-tah or Bay-tah? How to pronounce beta?
It's -3°C outside 😩
Just seen someone on the train with his laptop producing on fruity loops. A rare sight to see someone producing on the go
Why involve cleaning cache to speed up a device? Isn't that what cache is there for in the first place? To improve performance?
And no doubt it'll just be something from a can :^)
I feel like I'm in luxury in my head like "HMMM what could I possibly mix up tonight"
I love that feeling of having a shit load of food ready and waiting for me when I'm back at the house
I definitely think being taught how to use git should have been done in year 1 at uni. Especially when we were doing python projects etc wtf
This guy in my class is still on iOS 6 on his iPhone 4/4s
I almost forgot to mention to Twitter about my first music video! (as NovaLYnx)… @NovaLynxMusic #dnb #music #rap
Maybe he should an hero
The git cockend. Drive a fucking Prius or something if you're so conscious about the world and wanna be an hero
A cancer of the road (cyclist) told me to 'fucking move' under his breath while I was crossing the road and the green man was flashing
Paolo Nutinis' Iron Sky is a good memorable song of the Paris attacks. It's not based on it yet it matches it almost perfectly
I wish I could spoil my parents, girlfriend and friends like they have done every special occasion like Christmas. Job is required right now
Homosexuals are GAY
This water for my coffee is BURNT

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