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Liam Cooper
I just made a cheap taste of coffee. Some chocolate buttons and coke. Clever balls.
(albeit the one's that have their racks pushed together ya know what am sayin)
i don't think some girls on facebook realise they just get dumped on the internet in threads like "facebook sluts you know"
it's not like i was getting money from them anyway. monetisation/partnership on youtube for me seemed worthless. ah well, least i tried
i think it's about time i also brushed off those old gameplay videos i have on youtube... embarrassing
Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts deleted. 'Bout time I got rid of all the junk social stuff out my life.
Seen some woman at Asda with a shirt on that said #totesamazing 😷
lowest i will go is 128kbps though, and that's being slightly tolerant..
kinda gave up on looking for 320 mp3s of rock songs (or non-electronic, w/e). i don't put them in mixes and it's just for listening pleasure
petition to have better quality audio on phone calls. i can't further understand people at call centres if they sound 8bit
and.... there goes @TheEDMNetwork 's annoying af twitterbot net.... how much did that cost you?
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Ooo I could really do with a swimming pool right now
Is the smell of your house determined on the smell of the softener/washing powder you use on your clothes? I'm beginning to think that's it
Jessica Nigri could be the girl of my dreams. Maybe.
The suns so hot id fuck it
i'd very much prefer to go see Paolo Nutini to be honest
actually quite genuinely tired of the shit events that happen here in the Newcastle area. i don't want fucking druggy ass raggatek nights
that tweet just sounded like it should be a caption for that conspiracy guy meme didn't it?
what if Tupac actually is alive and he is the ghost writer for a lot of modern rappers
so i'm in a CS:GO team called NE$T now. 3 players full. all silver IV's. could do with 2 more if you're interested...
just one of those days where my headphones won't fit on my head as perfectly as i'd like them to </3