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Liam Cooper
Custom speakers for the studio are FINALLY ready >:) currently being tested before shipping:
Retweeted by Liam Cooper
Aw yea, my Hospital Records tee arrived! #hospital
I feel so shit :(
So wait up I'm not sleeping alone again, toniiiiight
Just fucking stop - you're a straight up dick
It's just a consistent negativity with said 1 or 2 people. Always trying to take the piss out of 1 person to become somewhat accepted by us
Okay that's a bit harsh actually. It's only the 1 or 2 I thoroughly don't enjoy being around, the rest are cool people
Some of the people I know in my residences have actually turned for the worst now. I prefer being at uni
I've got such a nasty ass cold
I told you I wanted the separate drums for easier sidechaining, you hat!
Working with difficult producers 101
If you knew you were going to collaborate with me, why did you render a FULL drum loop instead of separating the kick and snare from perc.?
"You now have all the ingredients to make Halo" my programming lecturer is top lad
Bitches tweeting "last night >>" like they did something special except be hoes
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Only 25% of phone battery used throughout today, trust me - that's good
Just thought about it in this Computer Systems lecture. Talking like nanoseconds fast for decisions to be made
Come to think of it: computers and networks are fucking quicker than I thought nowadays
1st of December kids! Ahh, what a time to be alive
I remember this one time I spoke to someone on the Just Eat Twitter account and he was also a drum & bass producer from the UK, small world
When I have gigs in earthquake prone countries I always DJ with a dog biscuit in my pocket so the rescue hounds find me 1st in an emergency
Retweeted by Liam Cooper
Just 2 weeks and I'll be home for Christmas. What a feeling :)
"@officialjaden: When She's So Fine That You See A Picture And Immediately Start Doing Push Up." Thats some weird attraction to someone dude
I'd love an app developed that can find all the tweets I wrote out but then decided not to post, I bet theres some proper beauties...
Retweeted by Liam Cooper
"What happens when a woman walks around NYC with a camera on her butt" what the fuck, people of Facebook? why would I wanna watch that?
It's only understandable since the bitter winter has arrived, its getting dark early and I'm away from home
EXCELLENTS ALL ROUND. To be honest I'm not all that bothered but someone to watch TV/movies with would be pretty fly right now
I'm certain that more than half of the people I know in the residences I'm in have found love. Still single here
I can't think of a more generic name than "Lee Guy" hahaha
To get or not to get Instagram back..
The pictures aren't even funny or cute either
Does anyone else have that annoying friend on Facebook that posts pictures of their dog to get likes?
My parents say they don't want me to get them anything for Christmas, and to save my money that way, but I refuse to do so
I'm not a moody bastard, I'm just a bit jealous that everyone's partying and I would be joining them but I was out last night #nobooze
Certainly won't be getting much sleep with the amount of parties going on in my block
To jailbreak or not to jailbreak.. is there a point anymore?
Excited to get my Novation Launchpad ordered on Tuesday when I get paid, let the VIPs begin!
Gone and done another rearrangement of my room. I love it. So cosyyy
I'm talking about Spotify by the way... forgot to mention that in the tweet
Quickly getting addicted to the amount of playlists readily available that are selectable by mood. I fucking love music.
Haagen-Dazs strawberry shortcake ice cream is.. it's.. it's beautiful
I don't think you realise just how much small power you have over me, bigging me up like this all the time and telling me that you're shit
I don't think anyone in my flat knows how to change the toilet roll on the roll holder except me
Tiesto is the worst dressed man in music
Retweeted by Liam Cooper
Meanwhile, I just bagged myself a @HospitalRecords tee for a tenner from their merch store thanks to sales. Reppin' good music labels ;-)
Wow! Neon Shadow is so good! Honestly, if you like fast action FPS's and you want a mobile game to kill time on, buy it
Another super chill day. Heating on, hot chocolate at my side, Kings of Leon playing :)
This morning - I should say. Got woken up by my friend who wants to pick up his car from my residences so that he can be let in