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Guilty as charged: I buy my crew's affection with fresh mozzarella from DiPalo Dairy :…. And it works big-time.
Martha's Vineyard pie update: Pie Chicks has the best pies on the island: flaky butter & shortening crust, fresh fruit, non-goopy filling.
So much bad tandoori chicken in the world:a miracle to find a great one in NYC at UWS's Awadh.Or you can make Kenji'
Why celebrated chef Sean Brock (Husk) is a serious eater. He told me that Meat n'3 palace Arnold's is "my favorite restaurant in the world."
One of the food world's great smiles will be seen no more. So sad to hear about the passing of the Borgatti's pasta patriarch Mario.
Sometimes dream do come true.I ordered a Greek omelet at NYC's Lexington Avenue Candy Shop & they made it the right way in a pan w/butter.
Saturday Night Feed-ver: Dominican standout John's Fried Chicken (Inwood),greenmarket corn, & Mille Feuille's chocolate almond cake. So fine
Underrated Grocery Item:Frozen Limeade.It's tart,refreshing,tastes like lime, and pairs well.Right? Plus, it's available all year locally.
Pete Wells is right: Huertas is a terrific restaurant.The $55 prix fixe menu is a a worthy successor to the original Torrisi concept. Go now
Nehi genius or Del Posto sorbet sorcery: combine raw and cooked Concord grapes , and end up with a sorbet that tastes like grape soda.
Time-sensitive sorbet alert: the nectarine sorbet at Del Posto will change your life. But hurry up, nectarine season here is ending.
More on Del Posto. I took a gluten intolerant friend there yesterday and she couldn't believe how good the pastas and desserts were.
We wrote about this before, but it's worth repeating that at Del Posto every pasta is available in gluten-free form.
Dirty French Report: much great original French-influenced food from Rich Torrisi's soul. Eat roast clams, chicken for two, lamb carpaccio.
Pigs really are flying.Walmart is going a helluva lot greener when it comes to what food they… will soon follow.
psyched to go eat at Dirty French tonight. What are the must-orders on the menu? This serious eater wants to know.
"Just think how badass you'll feel buying chicken feet!"DGritzer's conclusion on how to make the best chicken stock:"
little disappointed with my meal at aldo sohm wine bar; everything at least fine; nothing was transcendent. chill vibe and very welcoming
I have now had 2 seriously delicious burgers at the new BRGR on the UWS: beefy, salty, juicy, crusty and medium rare. I may be a new convert
Marta: it's very big and quite loud. I don't understand why big, loud restaurants feel the need to play music. The energy is already there.
I had a terrific dinner at Marta: thin-crusted Roman-inspired pizza, smokey short ribs with a fab gremolata made on the coolest grill ever.
So genius it scares me: Kenji's Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)….
Today chef stamps are available: James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis, Felipe Rojas Lombardi. Wonder how many folks know them?
Goddamn you, Kenji. I just made my wife some crispy pan-seared fish fillets and they didn't look like Curse you
Big news from our man Gritzer: People who think you ruin tomatoes by chilling them are wrong & need to chill out:
the best fried clams on martha's vineyard are at sandy's fish & chips in vineyard haven. the bite gets all the ink but sandy's is superior.
went for my fried clam fix at john's on martha's vineyard to find they had none because the wholesale price had doubled in the last week.
A cool Kickstarter effort for a digital how-to cooking 'zine for those with intellectual disabilities.I'm investing
sorry to have sent everybody a bum steer with the wrong url for the 4 year old reviewing the French Laundry.Try this:
a hilarious and loving post about a 4 yr-old reviewing the French Laundry: I want her to write for Serious Eats.
what a meal at Charliebird in nyc: liver pate, raw scallop, quinoa, every veggie on menu steak w/duckfat fries, roast chicken,not 1 bad dish
our man dgritzer gives us the lowdown on making fresh tomato sauce in I tasted: stupendous. No cheese needed
Our Asian noodle nut gives all noodle lovers the skinny on buying Asian noodles both skinny and fat: So much info.
My 1st BK chicken fries: crispy,salty fried chicken matter, very tasty, line on box: potatoes are so last year, ya gotta love it
The mother of all soft serve posts: so good I wish I'd written it:Forget In-n-Out:the ultimate Mr. Softee secret menu
favorite packaged ice cream of the summer so far: High Road Roasted Coconut Makrut Lime: nutty, creamy, just sweet enough with a spicy tang.
se bday party for daniel gritzer: fried chicken off b/n Popeye's and Blue Ribbon. Blue Ribbon was solid and quite good. Popeye's was awesome
perfect Sunday: strawberries, corn, sungold tomatoes from the greenmarket & some Shake Shack buttery caramel w/cocoa nibs custard next door
Join me for free dinner, drinks and art at the Queens Museum this Thursday from 7-10 pm. RSVP here: This will rock.
is there anything better than fresh berries in the summer topped by vanilla ice cream? maybe a great hot fudge sundae, a toss-up, perhaps?
Now Robert Cray is playing and singing like nobody else.he is the guitar player master of dynamics. And he is a great singer and storyteller
James carter killed it at Brookfield place lowdown Hudson blues Fest doing his organ trio thing. Sonny Rollins meets jimmy mcgriff
I do love a great pesto, but I forgot to give you the url: for SE's D. Gritzer's definitive treatise on the subject.
great pesto is a beautiful thing in small doses, and SE's D. Gritzer explores every element of pesto to figure out what everyone should know
Had such a fine meal at Maysville last night in NYC. Deceptively simple food beautifully executed, served with no attitude. Go. You'll see.
I am hitting a Filipino restaurant very soon.Why?Because I just read our piece on it: Warning:Prepare to be hungry.
Everything you want to know about great French pastries in New York on SE:the holy trinity of butter, sugar &flour.
Admit it. You love Sesame Chicken, even if it's not authentic. Here's our man Kenji's seriously delicious take on it.
had amazing vegan meal at Del Posto; Are restaurants of that caliber in other cities doing the same thing? If yes, which ones? Do tell.
Serious Eats' Daniel Gritzer explains all about blanching vegetables. Funny, smart food writing at its