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Adam (Edge) Copeland
Why thank you and now I'll go on see what I did there? “@ERICBALFOUR:You are the @EdgeRatedR!”
Ok Eric in Santa Monica, where do I find my @ELECTRICANDROSE
Pink patent leather Docs! “@irishsarah: @EdgeRatedR Are those red Doc Martens?! LOVE them!”
Who knew shopping for baby girls was this much fun
Alright my Aussies the troubles are coming down under @syfyAU
Ok I couldn't keep up, but some great q's, talk to ya soon folks. Back to Twin Peaks
Ghostbusters, Lyric is going as Staypuff “@geekgoddessgirl: @EdgeRatedR Who or what are you gonna be for #Halloween ? #AskAdam
Yep, both still idiots too “@TeamCena101: @EdgeRatedR are you still friends with @IAmJericho ? #AskAdam
Mr.Mercedes by @StephenKing next Walden by H.D Thoreau “@HEELZigglerGirl: @EdgeRatedR what book are you currently reading? #AskAdam ☺️”
This is very #UnCanadian but Pumpkin Spice Lattes make my face & soul happy “@HHHFan83: @EdgeRatedR @TimHortons or Starbucks? #AskAdam
Iron “@christhrash2: @EdgeRatedR #AskAdam how do you make your grilled cheese?”
Nothing compared to the peregrine falcon my friend “@_ptu_: @EdgeRatedR what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? #AskAdam
Ridiculous @EastwoodJayne rules all “@Nicole_MCxo: @EdgeRatedR How fun were the Doria scenes to film for Haven? #AskAdam
Busy! "@TherealJJ4961: @EdgeRatedR sum up how does retirement feel #AskAdam
New challenges, good people, good work, fun work, creativity “@GioPontiFan: @EdgeRatedR What motivates you in your career? #AskAdam
Everything “@BJRACINE21: @EdgeRatedR favorite part of being a new father? #AskAdam
Keith Moon and John Bonham “@RobinJefferson9: @EdgeRatedR #AskAdam pick anyone, fictional or real, to go on a night out with..... Go!”
110 “@JojoGgraphics: @EdgeRatedR How sore was it when Jeff Hardy snapped the ladder on you W/23? on a scale of 1-10 #AskAdam
They're still coming, stay tuned “@KnightGirlSarah: @EdgeRatedR #AskAdam Whats your fav episode of #Haven5 so far?”
New @InFlight_Safety new @foofighters new @Weezer @gaslightanthem@Cher_75074: What music do you listen to a lot these days? #AskAdam
I was the King, hands down, doesn't really stand out on a resume “@yWs4life: @EdgeRatedR was Mike Knox any good at Tommy Ball? #AskAdam
Face Edge=Rollins, Heel Edge=Ambrose “@DJYwrites: Who do you think you would have had a better match with out of Rollins and Ambrose?”
Every Treehouse of Horror “@AidanD1812: @EdgeRatedR #AskAdam favourite episode of The Simpsons?”
Blame @THETOMMYDREAMER@JamesMorrisGD: @EdgeRatedR you said at the hall of fame you would never use Twitter.....what happened #AskAdam
Haven't played a video game since Sega Genesis hockey in college. “@NeroNetwork: @EdgeRatedR #AskAdam You have played #WWE2K15 ?”
Ok long flight to LAX but I'm gonna answer some q's in between Twin Peaks episodes. Fire away #AskAdam
Finally got to see Friday's Haven episode. There was an unacceptable lack of Dwight. More @EdgeRatedR please and thank you. #Haven5
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Hangin like a hair in a beard NEW BEST COMPADRE “@StephenGlickman: Hey @EdgeRatedR what's up NEW BEST FRIEND”
Oh no, #PoorDwight trending “@SyfyHaven: Trends on my tablet right now:
New @HavenHerald tonight @7ET on @Syfy #TeamDoria which means me in a 70 yr old body. Always good for kicks. Watch, tweet, trend, love
National Edge Day means watching @EdgeRatedR's matches all day
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Great job! “@Gianni_Tria: I spent my day doing this drawing for you using a precise style. Hope you like it, Adam.
.@HavenHerald's The Old Switcheroo II airs tomorrow night! If you missed part I, no worries - we have it On Demand:
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Hit in the head, good lord I give up, I swear I'm not drunk #Haven5
Although I guess Gloria is a coroner. I got in the head a lot, but still follow her @EastwoodJayne #punchypolicechief