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Adam (Edge) Copeland
Watch a sneak peek of @Syfy's all new 5th season of Haven (@HavenHerald), starring @WWE Hall of Famer @EdgeRatedR!
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Watch a sneak peek of @Syfy's all new season of Haven (@HavenHerald), starring @WWE Hall of Famer @EdgeRatedR!
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I was just going through some of my old Facebook pics & found this gem☺️ I miss @TheBethPhoenix in the ring :(
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Oh no...gong(but well played)“@TheBrookerMan: @EdgeRatedR @LanceStorm @HavenHerald @LeeChildReacher Only if the price is Dwight. (Sorry...)”
I like it! How much is your agents fee buddy? @LanceStorm @HavenHerald @LeeChildReacher
Amazing day on set! I love him, so I'm biased, but my first day with @TheLucasBryant at the helm directing was a blast, and intense #Haven5
Tarps and Bungie Cords in the back of the pickup. I'm a full redneck momma gittin' er dun! #movin
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So today is a new day! Moving, sun shining, kissing our baby and so proud of Dada! #Family
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. @EdgeRatedR @OUTATIME13 Maybe it's like Tinkerbell, if everyone tweets loud enough @Christian4Peeps will appear.... #Haven5
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Time to go to work “@JOSH_SMITH_13: @EdgeRatedR what time is it were you are”
Watching #Haven for the first time and just saw @EdgeRatedR for the first time shows already got me hooked.
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.@EdgeRatedR Talks Life After Wrestling, Favorite Moments With Christian, Being A Father, Haven
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Just adding my voice to the chorus of Peeps who want to see @Christian4Peeps on Haven. @EdgeRatedR #Haven5
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@EdgeRatedR Today is my 25th birthday and instead of asking for anything I want to make people smile. Love your show and you are amazing.
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Make it happen Shawn! The peeps have spoken! #Haven5@sumfreak41: @ShawnPiller @EdgeRatedR @Christian4Peeps omg yes please!!!!!!”
Do people want this? - "@cutejessejames: @EdgeRatedR People would love to see @Christian4Peeps make a guest appearance one night. #Haven5"
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I'm gonna take a stab and say he ain't pleased #Haven5@k91greene: @EdgeRatedR better question, what's Dwight doing tonight?? #Haven5
New episode of @HavenHerald tonight! What is Mara gonna do this week? 8 ET on @Syfy in the U.S, 10 ET on @showcasedotca in Canada #Haven5
Well look who made his dream come true...and changed his name. All in one day. Good job buddy. Happy for ya. Knock em dead @KyleEdwardsWWE
No, nor will I ever be “@NattieTheChamp: @EdgeRatedR Today I saw like 3 guys posting that you are clear to return to @WWE. QIs that true?”
Very intense #Haven5@iHeartMyAdam: @EdgeRatedR what you can reveal about Haven 3rd & 4th episodes "Spotlight" & "Much Ado about Mara?”
One of my faves “@SeanRyder27: 12 yrs ago today at Smackdown taping in San Diego,CA @EdgeRatedR def. Eddie Guerrero in a No DQ Match.”
Had no idea about half of that stuff. Thanks “@GioPontiFan: @EdgeRatedR My friend Jeuron Dove wrote this.…
Peeps alert! @Christian4Peeps on NOC pre show tonight with Peep Show & his guest the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla @IAmJericho @WWE #Snooks
Thanks, I'll keep workin “@lireavue: @countmystars No kidding, right? Whatever off-season study/work he's doing, it's WORKING. @EdgeRatedR
I like you Vince, I've always liked you. Work on Dave, and don't get in my way. Awesome line @EdgeRatedR @HavenHerald
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Wow @EdgeRatedR is getting some great screen time in #Haven promos. Dwight must be killin it (or dying by the looks of it)
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Was always a fan of @EdgeRatedR and will be forever, but Dwight is my favorite person ever 💕#JustStartedHavenn#Season44 💕💕💕
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Help this sweet elephant by signing? Keep Raju the elephant free!… via @Change
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Tampa area pup needs your help before 3 today. Let's do this…
Thanks for the kind words buddy “@Eron_PWP: Hey, just completed a piece on why your one of the GOAT. RT? @Team_PWP…
I'm watching @HavenHerald "Speak No Evil" on DVR starring @WWE HOFer @EdgeRatedR who's super power is being with @TheBethPhoenix :) #Haven5
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Ok U.S Havenites, that was fun, hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. Now Canucks enjoy 2 hrs worth on @showcasedotca #Haven5
Oh snap, there's a new Guard leader in town #stayouttamyway #Haven5
She's absolutely killed it, and so fun to play off of and watch #Haven5@rrjr84: @EdgeRatedR How do you like @EmilyroseLA as Mara? #Haven5