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From 2008, this word truly spoke to me this morning, @BishopJakes, 'She Poured Out' . RIGHT ON TIME !! / #TPHeMembers
Just watched the highlights of that TwitCam and @jakesims_ you and your musical brothers should break out the instruments on stage.
Loooooove this, @JonoMcCleery ... reminds me of Shirley Horn with a touch of Nina Simone. Haunting.
Ask God to reveal what you were created to do at this moment. You must know what time it is in your life.
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Jamming with a bit of Stevie Wonder an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal
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YOU LOT GOT #Haeniacs TRENDING!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌😊!!!! YOU are THE BEST!!! 😊😊😊😊😘😘�
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Lest we forget, just how talented @itsjamesgraham truly is.., relive the audition, at 17 that seeded @StereoKicks //
What a tender moment with #JasonBBAU and his parents. #WINNER for achieving that goal of acceptance. @BBAU9
How 'long' ago, @jakesims_?? ... I can see you're 'taller', mean older, now. HaHaHaHa !!!!
#HAENIACS is cool, Ben.., and is zAny to the mAx !!! @Bhaenow ...
... it's a Matter of Where you Place Your Focus: #EDENintheDESERT
Excited for tonight's all new episode of #TheFlash? So is @RobbieAmell! Watch and Tweet with him TONIGHT at 8PM PST!
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Hologram #BENonTOUR / @Bhaenow conquering #TimesSquare in the Heart of #NYC. Hey Now, it could happen! #TeamBenHaenow
It was good to meet you, @kihonglee ., Enjoyed our short chat. All the best with this installment of #TheMazeRunner / #ScorchTrials Legend!
... it's a Matter of Where you Place your Focus
‘JP Cooper' transports me to another heart space. 'Satellite’ by @JPCooperMusic did just that, just now. /…
Shake it off, @itsjamesgraham, indeed, but I pray this lights a fire that NOTHING is Given and EVERYTHING is Earned. LEAVE NOTHING UNDONE !!
I'm moved by how genuine the friendship/brotherhood is this season, @Bhaenow and @JakeQuickenden. Continue to do your best, joyously.
This is how I woke up, this morning: #BeBlessed. // "Spiritual: Prayer That Asks For Much" on Vimeo #Vimeo
I just started following The Life Christian Church on Vimeo:
I really hope there's a wildcard in your season, @ZonkeMusic, 'cause as much as I truly wanted #Eliezer to get thru, I"m sad for #Thembeka.
You need to get used to it @JayJames, this will soon be your norm. I hope you were equally inspired tonight by #Maroon5 & your doppelganger.
I hope this is not only a KICK in your BUMS but a WAKE UP Call, #StereoKicks to get on your instruments & PERFORM as a BAND. #NoMoreBoyBAND
ABQ welcomes you, @DexterDarden and @MazeRunnerMovie ... Bless you for the work it will bring. Prayerfully our paths will cross 'soon'.
There's an unexpected SHIFT coming in your LIFE! Your PURPOSE is Greater than your PAIN! #GetWellSoon
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Suffering must be a part of the process! You can't have resurrection without crucifixion! #GetWellSoon
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You can't be delivered until you've been bound! You can't get up unless you've been down! #GetWellSoon
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I might have been wounded, but I'M BACK! I'M A SURVIVOR! #GetWellSoon
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My Faith may not stop the injury, but it hastens the recovery! #GetWellSoon
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If you cut me, I heal real fast! I don't cry long, because I'm gonna GET BACK UP! My Faith works! #GetWellSoon
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People who have Faith recover and heal faster from wounds! #GetWellSoon
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Today @TPHDallas: @BishopJakes is reading from 2 Kings 20 for his message, #GetWellSoon ... Good Morning, #TPHonline
God's going to put you on somebody's mind who's in a position to restore what you lost! WATCH
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You done good, @JayJames ... as hauntingly as we have come to expect: // #XFactorUK ... Bravo. Standing O !!
I just started following JOP on Vimeo:…
Contractually, I know mum's the word ....@JakobOwens .... HaHa. But hey, you looked good on camera.., but what else is new??!
Ben @Bhaenow sings #JohnLennon's Jealous Guy | "Just a very really special vocalist"| #XFactorUK // via @YouTube
Would be funny to know the 'real' about that Braxton video shoot, @JakobOwens aka BraveMan !!
I'm a man of spirit and instinct, @AlexCAndersen. Read your, watch your youtubes.., your spirit reached out.., and I responded.
FYI, I was searching for 'When I Found You', @FrancescoYates, when I stumbled on the Call Remix. Great Tune!!…
Awoke to this #FerdinandWeber remix of CALL by @FrancescoYates, (@MattMorris) / Fell in love with it all over again!…
Very nice @JakeQuickenden and Ben @Bhaenow, how is it that Jake and Alex follow me and you don't!!?? Shame !!
YES !!!!!!!!! @willANTM21 for slaying that photo shoot and winning best photo!! WERK !!!! #ANTM21
... It matters NOT how much I believe in you ...
Hold On, @ElanMorrison. Hold On. You are not forgotten. #TheMUSIC will save you, again.
You can always tell who a person is by who they run with #HCPC2014 @TempleofPraise_
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I just started following Jeff Wolfe on Vimeo: