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You have to let life and resources flow out of you to others in order to have room for life to be poured into you.
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Are you truly PRESENT and AVAILABLE for the challenges in your Life, today?
Nice moment on #Reckless ... I would know that voice anywhere, @JonMcLaughlin ... Be Well.
Get tips from Sam as he explains some of the winning features of @ShannonAndSimon kitchen at #TheBlockGlasshouse…
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No worries @BrotherEDEN check out @BUCKBY_ELEC on FB for some cool photos, vids and more!
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BRAVO @SamBuckby !!! Nice to know more of the team creating besides @ShannonAndSimon .... Hope all this leads to more and more wins !!
Absolutely beautiful kitchen produced by shannonandsimon with the help of @SamBuckby moz_thebuilder…
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Watching #CHEFMOVIE ... stomach growling now. Great chemistry all around. Nice to Majors in indie flicks.., for the love of the script.
What a WORD !! @bishopjakes !!
#TPHonline ... Believing in JESUS, out of our bellies, will flow RIVERS of Living Water.., into the #DryPlaces of our lives. @BishopJakes
You don't have to let life make you dry! You don't have to go home empty! #dryplaces
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#TPHonline . John 7:37 "If ANY Man Thirst, Let him come unto Me (Jesus) and drink!" Jesus is the remedy for Dry Spirits/Places. @BishopJakes
The earth was without form & void & darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God MOVED upon the face of the waters. Gen 1:2
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If you’re not thirsty God can’t help you, you have to be a willing vessel! #DryPlaces
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TUNE IN NOW.., or you're gonna miss a BLESSING !! #TPHonline is Sweeping thru the city!! Sang @BeverlyCrawford!!
Join us for morning worship Streaming LIVE Now! join the conversation #tphonline #tpheMembers
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"I hear the sound of CHAINS being Broken!!!" Good Morning #TPHeMembers... and #TPHonline ... Praise God for @BishopJakes and @TPHDallas !!!
CONGRATS #TheBlockAU - @ShannonAndSimon on your KitchenWeek WIN !! From Chaos to VICTORY !! I feel you Simon. Whew !!
Have COURAGE this week.., please.
When you stand before Him as an empty pitcher God will pour a continuous flow of blessings upon you and you will never be the same again!
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Despite where you are in your life, despite any challenges you’re facing, God can grow your vision and birth your dreams!
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Never doubt in your darkest moments what God has shown you in the light. Hold on tight, your #change ia gonna come! #LIVIN
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#MUSICTATION ... from @wessmorgan ... Testify Brother !!! ... "Long Time Coming" ... ... Amen.
#MUSICTATION ... JAZMINE @jsullivanmusic .. "Forever Doesn't Last Too Long" ... ... SANG !!!!!!!!
There will never be another, but I bet @TheBiancaDelRio is a close second to the wit of @Joan_Rivers / / #TooFunny
Remembering @CollinsKey and #AGTCollinsKey /// Set the standard for all the latest #AGTMagicians ///
Have a good weekend @ShannonAndSimon !! Can't wait to see the Kitchen reveal! Glad the window is back!! #TheBlockAU
How successful you are on any given day relies heavily on your mood & how you are feeling. +
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#TBT 2007 ... Reading @bishopjakes 'Repositon Yourself' on my 50th Birthday
#MUSICTATION presents @JPCooperMusic (yes, again!!) 'Sign My Name' ...… / #TerenceTrentDArby ... are you listening?
I swear @JoshFlagg1 ... you make me laugh out loud, every show.., truly!! Just a work of art!! A WHEELCHAIR !! Too Funny !! #MDLLA
Congrats to Ricky Ubeda on the So You Think You Can Dance win! Here is a clip of him dancing to "Hægt, Kemur...
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It HAD to be You, @RickyUbeda11, It just HAD to be YOU !!! Congrats!! #SYTYCDfinale //
Remember this moment @DeltaGoodrem with ADAM HOEK? There was MORE going on in and he finally told the Truth, Today.
Brother, your energy is contagious and infectious, @mrjamestrimble !! Hot Damn !! Much lasting success !! @dirty_guvnahs
#MUSICTATION, The Dirty Guv'nahs - Morning Light // via @YouTube Follow @dirty_guvnahs // Share with a Friend.
‘What I Know for Sure’ by @oprahwinfrey //… via @BostonGlobe // ... Hallelujah, Oprah's finally an author !!
Today, the @TruthContest website came into my life.., in a MAJOR way ... Read On:…
To God worry seems like a lack of confidence in Him. Trusting Him will always relieve such symptoms and bring inner peace.
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Hi Fam! I'm n Rolling Stone Mag. Martha Wash: The Most Famous Unknown Singer of the '90s Speaks Out… via @RollingStone
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Mr. @JoshFlagg1 ... What a tender 'final' scene with you and your grandma. Your love was palpable. Be Well. #MDLLA
#MUSICTATION ... In need of some #GOODNEWS ?? Look no further than Vanessa Bell-Armstrong .. @vbamusic .. .. Praises!