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Ed Miliband
I'll repeal David Cameron's Health and Social Care Act which puts privatisation and competition at the heart of the health service.
A Labour government would guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours & a same-day consultation with a doctor or nurse for those who need it.
Under David Cameron, it has got harder and harder to get a GP appointment. One-in-four patients wait a week or more to see their GP.
Chris Leslie on the Osborne speech - Labour will balance books fairly and reverse the tax cut for millionaires…
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In case you missed it - here's what Labour supporters are out campaigning on today: our NHS pledge:
Thanks to everyone out campaigning for our NHS on the #labourdoorstep today. Follow on @UKLabour's website here:
Phoney Farage: the Barbour jacket-wearing, tally-ho shouting, ex-stockbroker, ex-Tory commissar for the working class
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I spoke in support of action against ISIL in the Commons earlier. I’ve posted the full statement I made on Facebook:…
I’ll be speaking in the Commons about our support for action against ISIL in Iraq soon. I will share the statement I make afterwards.
We cannot turn away from the threat of ISIL in Iraq. That is why we will be supporting the Government's proposal for UK military action.
The Prime Minister has announced the recall of Parliament to discuss action against ISIL. Here's where I stand:…
I would like to wish Jewish communities throughout Britain a happy Rosh Hashanah:…
Our NHS needs supporters -- like you -- to defend it. Can you help us this weekend?
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Really thoughtful and interesting speech from @BilldeBlasio. Here's a photo from backstage:
Harry Leslie Smith was born before the creation of the NHS. Watch him warn how his past could become our future:…
We built the NHS. We will repeal the Tories’ Health & Social Care Act and we will transform the NHS for the future:
We can rebuild Britain - but only if we work together. Say you’ll join us:
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I just finished my speech about Labour's plan for Britain's future. This is my promise on the NHS:…
I'm about to speak to Labour conference about our plan for Britain's future. Watch Follow @UKLabour for live tweets​
I met an auto-electrician apprentice called Elizabeth yesterday. Here’s what she told me:
I’m adding a few more things to my speech & giving it a final read through before I speak at #lab14 this afternoon:
Have a look at the BBC report on Ed Balls' important speech & Labour's priorities in office:…
It's great young members have a chance to be at Labour conference. Read what some of them had to say about their week…
Important speech from Airbus boss Robin Southwell at #Lab14 on vital role of EU in securing UK jobs and growth…
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Our proposal will mean a pay cut of £7,125 for the PM. As we make tough decisions to balance the books all ministers must take the lead.
A Labour government I lead will cut government ministers' pay by 5% - and block any pay rises until the books are balanced.
A Labour government will have to take tough decisions. That will include capping child benefit. We’ll also cut and cap minister's pay.
For managers like Billy Vickers, paying a decent wage is a business decision too
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Our vision for Britain’s economy is one where everyone who works hard is rewarded. Agree with that vision? Join us:
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Hard work should pay a decent wage. The next Labour government will raise the minimum wage to tackle low pay:
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As Prime Minister, I'd raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour by 2020:
People are treading water, working harder just to stay afloat. That's why we have a plan to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour. #lab14
I’ll be on the @MarrShow shortly. We want to raise the minimum wage to £8p/h. Here’s what I told the Observer:…
We will deliver on our promise of further powers to Scotland on the timetable set out during the referendum campaign.
Change doesn’t end today - it begins today. Full text of my speech in Glasgow this morning:
Our United Kingdom is stronger today than it was yesterday.
I am delighted and proud that the people of Scotland have made this historic decision to stay.
Today the people of Scotland have cast the most important votes of our lives. Thank you to everyone who has worked for a No today. #indyref
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To everyone who voted NO, talked to voters, posted online, or did anything else with @scottishlabour or @UK_Together today - thank you!
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Think you’re too late to vote "NO" in the #indyref? You’re not! Polls are open until 10pm.
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16-yr-old Riya’s voting no because she believes in breaking barriers, not creating them: #LabourNo
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Vicki’s voting no for her children and future generations to come. Follow her lead today: #LabourNo #indyref
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Day after day, the risks of separation have become more and more clear. Stand up for a stronger Scotland. Vote No. #LabourNo
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Helping to get out the #LabourNo vote in Glasgow. Polls are open until 10pm, don't forget to vote.
Chances are, you’re minutes away from your local polling station. Don’t waste time -- have your voice heard now. Vote No #indyref #LabourNo
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Jon has a simple but important question for the Yes campaign. They can't answer him: #LabourNo #indyef
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