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Ed Miliband
We want cities, towns and villages across the UK to fly the Saltire and send a message to Scotland: stay with us.
Fantastic to hear that Prince George will soon be a big brother! Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their happy news.
I will miss Jim’s friendship and decency. On behalf of the Labour Party, I offer our sincere condolences to his wife and children.
Jim Dobbin's death is a sad day for Parliament. He was a dedicated public servant, representing the people of Rochdale for three decades.
The Darlo Mums are a true inspiration. I’m proud the whole Labour movement has come together to support their campaign for the NHS
The SNP put their campaign ahead of the people of Scotland today. Only 2 SNP MPs turned up to vote against the bedroom tax. #LabourNo
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Apologies for cancelling Friday constituency diary commitments but we defeated the Govt on the #bedroomtax
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Please help support No Thanks, add a #Twibbon now!
@scottishlabour MPs helped defeat the Tories today in the Commons on the #bedroomtax. Labour will abolish the tax.
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RETWEET @Ed_Miliband response to @theSNP MPs not turning up to vote against bedroom tax.
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In just 8 months a Labour govt will abolish the #bedroomtax, freeze energy prices, raise the min wage & get young people back to work.
In contrast to no-show SNP MPs, every Scottish Labour MP was in the House of Commons voting to get rid of the #bedroomtax
Alex Salmond is conning people. He doesn't stand up for social justice. Today the majority of his MPs didn't turn up to the #bedroomtax vote
Our @scottishlabour MPs in Parliament today taking a big step towards scrapping the #bedroomtax
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The Government should now scrap the hated Bedroom Tax following overwhelming vote by MPs - @RachelReevesMP…
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Labour will now seek to amend the bill to scrap the #bedroomtax completely. But an important victory today for all those paying it today.
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Salmond's SNP have put #indyref ahead of the people of Scotland. In knife edge vote, only 2 SNP MPs turned up to vote on the #bedroomtax
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David Cameron’s defeat on the bedroom tax shows two things: the Tories are on the way out & we can build social justice across the UK.
Incredible news. We've defeated the government on the cruel bedroom tax. This is a huge blow to David Cameron.
Voting now to reduce the number of people who pay the bedroom tax. Huge turnout from fellow Labour MPs who want to see it scrapped.
The Bedroom Tax is cruel, unfair, and it's not working. Say you’ll help us scrap it:
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RETWEET THIS: "If the government won’t ditch its hated Bedroom Tax, then the next Labour government will" @UKLabour…
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Today Labour MPs vote to reduce the number of people who pay the bedroom tax. And next May I'll scrap it altogether:
Debate on #bedroomtax underway. Huge number of MPs here. Let's hope this is step towards scrapping it. Labour will cancel it in 8 months.
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@LabourList: Labour will hit back at the Bedroom Tax this Friday, pledges @RachelReevesMP - but will the Lib Dems?
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MPs starting to arrive in parliament this morning ahead of crucial vote on #bedroomtax later. Cruel and nasty policy that Labour will scrap.
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#GMB members are campaigning for a NO vote in the #indyref for jobs, pensions and solidarity #GMBvoteno
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People shouldn’t cash in on our kids' education. Say no to the Tories for-profit schools:
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The SNP are offering Tory policies - cutting taxes for corporations, cutting spending on schools & hospitals.
PLEASE RETWEET: The front page of today's @Daily_Record says it all - No Thanks to independence. #indyref
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SNP has a funny idea of social justice: 3p tax cut for corporations, keep the tax cut for millionaires, no energy price freeze.
A Labour govt in 8 months will: freeze energy bills raise the min. wage introduce fairer taxes tax bankers’ bonuses scrap the bedroom tax
My message on #gms: vote No on the 18th, and vote for a Labour govt in May to bring social justice and change to the whole of Britain.
.@Ed_Miliband will be on BBC Radio Scotland #gms just after 8am highlighting why social justice is best achieved by a #LabourNo #indyref
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What we have seen must strengthen not weaken our resolve to defeat ISIL. #PMQs
We've all been disgusted by the murder of Steven Sotloff. Our thoughts are with his family and those of the British hostage being held #PMQs
ISIL's cold-blooded brutality against the innocent offends the values of people throughout the world, wherever they live.
The killing by ISIL of another hostage and the threat of more violence demonstrates again their murderous barbarism.
Ashya King needs the love of his family and the best medical care. Hopefully latest developments mean he can be reunited with his parents.
Janice Turner interviewed me for @RedMagDaily about the urgent need to improve representation of women in government:…
We need more young people in public debate. Sites like this are a great way to get involved: #StandUpBeCounted
ISIL is a deep threat to our world but we need a diplomatic and political strategy to defeat them.…
In 19 days, Scots have a big decision. Thanks to our members who are out today campaigning for every vote. Join them:…
The report into child abuse in Rotherham was devastating. Here are my comments in the Doncaster Star:…
ISIL is a deep threat and source of instability to our world. We can’t shrug our shoulders and hope it goes away:…
Douglas Carswell’s defection is not just a blow to David Cameron. It shows the Tory Party too divided to stand up for hard-working families
The ceasefire in Gaza - agreed by both sides to end the bloodshed - and the commitment to further talks is a very welcome development.
Alistair Darling showed once again tonight that Alex Salmond has absolutely no answers on key questions around independence. #BetterTogether