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Ed Miliband
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Douglas Carswell’s defection is not just a blow to David Cameron. It shows the Tory Party too divided to stand up for hard-working families
The ceasefire in Gaza - agreed by both sides to end the bloodshed - and the commitment to further talks is a very welcome development.
Alistair Darling showed once again tonight that Alex Salmond has absolutely no answers on key questions around independence. #BetterTogether
The death of Richard Attenborough is a sad day for the film world and the Labour movement. He and his work will be remembered.
The killing of James Foley is an appalling act. We will support government both to find the perpetrators and combat the threat of ISIL
Scots have always been part of leading the UK. In one month they vote on whether to leave. I hope they say No and stay in the UK #LabourNo
My statement on the situation on Mount Sinjar in Iraq:…
Talking jobs,pensions, trade & achieving social justice across UK with @Ed_Miliband @GemmaWDMP in Clydebank #indyref
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I've just been to Braehead & Stirling. Lots of people wanted to stop & chat - most say we're #BetterTogether.
The Tories have let women down. Another 5 years of them risks turning the clock back even further for working women
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100 years to deliver equal pay for women? We won’t stand for that. That’s #TheChoice in 2015
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We know that the people who would stand to lose most from Scotland leaving UK are those who have the least.
Our message to Alex Salmond: If you care about social justice in our country, you can't leave the economics to guesswork.
A century to win equal pay for women? That's just shameful - well said @GloriaDePieroMP
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On the most basic question of economics - Scotland's currency - the Yes campaign has no answer.
RETWEET: Five more years of the Tories risks ever larger numbers of people unable to get the social care they need
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Labour would fund NHS by integrating social care & health" @leicesterliz on the #TheChoice btwn Labour & Tories…
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Rise in care home fees outstrips earnings by 54 per cent via @Telegraph…
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Under David Cameron: The number of older people receiving home-delivered meals has more than halved
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50yrs ago today began work as apprentice Mining Engineer. 50 yrs a Trade Unionist: 27yrs a Labour MP and voting NO Thanks 18 Sept.
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Well done Alistair. Showed that Better Together offers the best of both worlds and Alex Salmond has no answers on the key questions.