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Eco Warrior Me
Our grandkids will look at their planet and ask "What the hell was your ENVIRONMENT Minister doing in 2015?" "Er, restoring fox hunting."
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Death of six buzzards investigated… Another horror story :'(
Ban fracking in the central belt of Scotland:… via @38_degrees Please sign.
We love this infographic in celebration of #WorldRhinoDay. Take a look at the rhino conservation efforts in Botswana…
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Whose team are you on? We’re on #teamrhino! It’s #WorldRhinoDay, find out how you can help #savetherhinos.
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Happy World Rhino Day- Thanks for being a positive Force for conservation for these magnificent creatures! @RhinosIRF#IntRhinoFoundation
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So here's the crap news on #WorldRhinoDay - 787 rhinos killed so far in 2014. We need your support more than ever to turn this round
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Tesco probe into £250m profit error… 》These are the people David Cameron asked to tell us how to run our country?
Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!
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Tense weather. Dead calm. Expectant. Like a nation holding its breath. Waiting.
It's a big decision. I've thought long & hard about it. Considered my family, community, environment, work & colleagues. I'm YES. #indyref
Let's not wait another 100 years. #VoteYes for a fairer, brighter future for Scotland.… #indyref
Results of the 1979 referendum. Despite more yes votes, no won. #indyref #VoteYes don't trust Westminster.
Ask not what can your country do for you, but what can you do for your country #VoteYes #scotland #indyref.
I've eaten my porridge [sic], it's now time to #VoteYes #indyref #ScotlandDecides
"May your decision reflect your hopes not your fears" Nelson Mandela #indyref
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Yes has been a wonderful, creative movement, driven by people having conversations about the kind of country they want. #indyref #greenyes
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Red card for 'greenest' government… 》Another reason to #VoteYes #indyref
I will #VoteYes on Thursday for a more balanced democracy which respects diversity and equality. #indyref
20-21 Sep: Join the global mobilisation for an economy that works for people & the planet: #peoplesclimate
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UK Govt sent tanks to quell protest in George Sq:… 》The freedom fought for in the Great War? #indyref #telegraph
Actor Brian Cox says a Yes Scottish #indyref vote will see "democracy reborn"
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The sheer support is overwhelming here in Inverness. We won't be outdone by Glasgow or Edinburgh 😉
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So George Galloway is the new face of the labour party! #BigBigDebate
David Clapson’s awful death was the result of grotesque government policies
This debate is not about AS or the SNP. It's about the freedom to determine our own affairs, the people of Scotland will decide it! #indyref
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New poll says Scots to vote yes in #indyref > But Westminster is going to magic up consensus on devo-max.
Please help support Bu Chòir, add a #Twibbon now!
Nuclear bombs sneaked through Glasgow in the dead of night in July
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Punitive torching of White House by British:… Will 'Yes' Holyrood suffer same fate,at least metaphorically? #indyref
I'm #yesbecause the UK is deeply elitist, #voteyes for a fairer Scotland and git rid of the "old boys"…
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This is why we're #bettertogether: 'Deeply elitist UK locks out talent'… #indyref
'Incredible' rate of polar ice loss alarms scientists
Good prospects for Glorious Twelfth… (helped in part by poisoning raptors)
This really is a disaster - Bidding starts for fracking licences
Kenya and Uganda were fan favourites at the Rugby 7s. Learn all about their debt problems here…
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Do we really need this garbage on the NHS: Astrology can aid healthcare - MP