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Roger Ebert
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What does #LIFEITSELF have in common with Prairie Home Companion and Synecdoche, NY? Matt Fageholm tells you:
If #LIFEITSELF isn't in your town, here's how to see it on VOD (video on demand)
No surprise but so glad to see how well & widely #LifeItself is being received. Auds would've rejected a hagiography. Steve James knew it.
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LIFE ITSELF turned me into a puddle. What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Roger Ebert that everyone should see. #LifeItself #RogerEbert
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Steve James in New Zealand for the premiere of #LifeItself. It picked up its very first festival award! Ck out @AFIDOCS June 21 to see it
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Please Share this list of theaters & screenings where you can see @EbertMovie #LifeItself this summer. Just...
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RT @ScandalEYESd: Just became "that person" who yells out in movies. Saw @AVAETC in Roger Ebert doc, #LifeItself & yelled out, "Ava!" (Ha!)
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#LifeItself is one of the best films I've ever seen. Comprehensive, emotional, brilliant
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Katherine Tulich interviews Chaz Ebert about life with Roger and #LifeItself.
Chaz: Roger, Critics made your film the best reviewed movie in America:
Chaz: #LIFEITSELF #1 in Specialty Box Office this weekend!
Chaz: Thank you for seeing #LifeItself and giving good feedback!…
An excerpt from Roger's memoir, "Life Itself." Now a major motion picture #LifeItself.
Even when the theater has gone dark, the story is still alive in you.
What a gift to see him on the screen—to see his spirit shining as brightly as ever #LIFEITSELF
Roger on 2/2/13: “Read another of those hate-Twitter think pieces. Mostly true. Let's face it: Tweet for tweet, I'm the best on Twitter."
“It would please Roger as a critic and a fan of irony that his death is what enlivens #LIFEITSELF.” @GenevieveKoski
Even when the theater has gone dark, the story is still alive in you.
Photo taken by Roger Ebert of Steve James, director of #LIFEITSELF. See it this weekend:
Roger’s “heroic grace right up until the end…is astonishing.” @ChrisNashawaty on #LIFEITSELF
Last published review: "We have gone through [high school] with these two. We have known them. We have been them."
Even when the theater has gone dark, the story is still alive in you.