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Want that goal body? Work out, eat healthy and drink green tea. 👉FitTea.comr �
How I stay in such good shape: 1. Eat healthy 2. Hard workouts 3. And this: 👉FitTea.com5 �
Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and steamed vegetables make the perfect fit meal.
The most underrated pre-workout is plain old coffee – without sugar of course.
Foods that should be part of your diet: brown rice, plain oatmeal, turkey, steamed vegetables.
Drinking a glass of water every other hour will keep your skin clear and your metabolism stoked to burn fat.
Metabolism Boosters: almonds, spinach, cold water, turkey, salmon, hot peppers, oatmeal, blueberries, coffee, ginger, yogurt, green tea.
Some of the healthiest foods for you, period. Avocado, raspberries, tomato, lemons & limes, onions, garlic, peanuts, spinach. Eat them!
A caloric deficit is what is required to lose weight.
Chewing gum boosts your brain power.
Sunny eggs🍳 in acorn squash, whole wheat toast with apples, honey & havarti and fresh
Oatmeal with quinoa flakes and raisins, topped with dark chocolate and peanut butter 😌�
Fav if you love watermelon 🍉�