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Dash :)
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You can't change your future without changing the energy of your now
Lukus better keep them eyes on that computer
Im hungry but don't want to eat. I dont even have any water to sustain me
This headache tho...some almonds would be perfect
Fourth cup of tea, starting to feel better
Its slippery af outside eye almost fell
Its just so cold outside
Vegan soup with kale spinach potatoes and Quinoa
I swear last night i heard a robotπŸ˜…
Cleaning up is looking impossible
I should make vegan chilli next week since its so cold out
You've got to be joking about the temperature...way to cold for me
Definitely twisting his dreads when i see him
It feels good to feel good
All of thehealth problems before that eye couldn't find the answer to were sloved
There's a definite difference in myself from when eye ate meat, from becoming a vegetarian and then becoming a vegan
Didn't quite find what i was looking for but found plenty of other information
Zazen is more than just meditation
Where is he getting these pictures?!? πŸ˜‚
😭 wasnt expecting the third degree
πŸ˜‚ where does he get these names from
Cant imagine where'd I would be without meditation and yoga
I dont particularly care for some of the things I see on Twitter
Vegan dinner will change your life lol
The fact that i started akame yesterday and im on episode 17 πŸ˜…
Had a akame dream lol
The fact that i just made these black eyed peas yesterday and ive already eaten most of it
I can't sleep and really haven't slept yet. I probably wont sleep at all until I get off work
Can't wait to get groceries I need more fruit and vegetables
Cast aside earthly desires and the path you seek will become clear
Ive restricted the times I will eat. If I forget by that time oh well lol I clearly didn't want to eat to begin with
Im ready to go home
The things I see on my TL..absolutely disgusting
Im done my stomach fucking hurts ugh no more of that food
Wth are the people I live with cooking!
Idk how im feeling
Accept things for how they are nothing more nothing less
I will continue this later when theres less noise
I feel so relaxed
I honestly probably wont go to my next class I never do smh school sucks ass
I need to get my life together smh
When given the opportunity to tell the truth, it should be taken
The fact that im still up
β€œ@PrettyBrandon: This shit really got me weak af πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚” @eat_dash_bitch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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