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Dash :)
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I've never been so stressed
But I still kinda dont like her lol
I really dont have a serious reason not to like her. So theres no need for me to be childish I guess
What kind of girlfriend dictates her boyfriends friends. They were friends before yall was together. they'll be there when your gone
My boyfriend interrupted my nap :/
I pay them a molly, now they kiss each other,every time I fuck I gotta hit me least like two bitches
Not really feeling stats at all today
I need to learn to text people like a normal person fr
Imma just go there come back and nap im extra sleepy
My boredom is real lol
amazing how I went from happy to pissed off in the span of 2 minutes
We'll see how long ill have to wait
That was a good sandwich
Im finding that a certain word wants to roll off my tongue
Im extra happy right now
Slightly jealous but thats the irrational side if me coming out
Lol my mom tryna steal my new hair color
It feel good af out
I be on my boyfriend vine like oh what we watch today lol
I feel like going on a walk.....but I cant cuz its the middle of the night
My stomach hurts so fucking bad