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Dash :)
Im up early dont have class until 11
When you get irritated all over again
Do I smell garlic bread?
I can't deny how much I love you
Someone cook for me
I dont feel good and im sleepy
My heart kinda hurts
I want a frosch and lector plush :/
Today was supposed to be our anniversary *sigh* πŸ˜”πŸ˜•
I forgive but just because I forgive doesnt mean im going to act like nothing happened
Every action has a reaction. Positive or negative
I just dont understand
Welp oh well i guess
If I get done with everything today im going to workout
I've been waking walking up early
My fro gets it popping lol
Going to class is making me sleepy
Its really not even that cold
What is it that you desire most?
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I don't even care tho
Starting to realize that I honestly dont care about alot of shit anymore
Love how my fever is going up
Last day of me skipping class lol
Sexual energy is creative energy
Somebody come take care of me. I dont feel good
I dont feel good and its putting me in a shitty mood
I would still be up
The radio annoys me
Shitty ass droid front camera smh I can't wait to get a new phone
Ugh I miss taking pictures with his iphone camera lol
Someone save me from this job
I need to read more, learn more and overall just become more aware
Not being able to express certain feelings sucks
Oh well its not that serious
The little cute shit counts fr
When bae dont want to talk to you, you be sitter there like
Be holding me down, when im down lifting me up till we're in the clouds
Feeling like shit while at work is the worst
Im in a weird mood
Think ill spend tonight reading and talking to myself
If its going to be it will be
I dislike constantly asking the same question over and over again. Ive realized that if I have to ask more then twice its out of my power.
A good man should encourage you to become a better woman
Theres nothing like being with a amazing person who makes you want to be amazing right along with them
That food was good af
People really get upset at the fact that some people are faithful in their relationship. Smh
Man its hot af in this bitch