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Dash :)
I just....i can't
Even at this stupid job eye continue to send positive vibes to everyone
Good rising everyone today will be another fantastic day
The sheer amount of excitement thats bubbling up
Be honest with yourself so you can tell the truth
Just now getting to sleep smh
When @EatMy_Peaches got the taco sauce in her room and im tryna whip up burritos
You shouldnt only be thankful one day a year
People keep saying happy uhh whats so happy about this day
Looks like im going home tonight even though im really not trying to
You've got to look inside to find real happiness
No one will be able to love you the way you love yourself
I swear they literally yell like everyday.
😊In a fantastic mood 😌
Haha hope my king is prepared for these vegan dishes. I haven't had anyone else to cook for I awhile
Maybe i should look into a vegan restaurant haha i cant make enough stuff yet tho πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯
Smh when people say "im going to die anyway meat wont hurt"........ive just got no words
Eye innerstand myself and thats the best understanding one could ask for
Im perfectly ok with that
My family doesn't understand what eye an becoming, what eye am aiming to become
.....i want dreads..😢
Im so in love with vegan butter 😍
You can't change your future without changing the energy of your now
Lukus better keep them eyes on that computer
Im hungry but don't want to eat. I dont even have any water to sustain me
This headache tho...some almonds would be perfect
Fourth cup of tea, starting to feel better
Its slippery af outside eye almost fell
Its just so cold outside
Vegan soup with kale spinach potatoes and Quinoa
I swear last night i heard a robotπŸ˜…
Cleaning up is looking impossible
I should make vegan chilli next week since its so cold out
You've got to be joking about the temperature...way to cold for me
Definitely twisting his dreads when i see him
It feels good to feel good
All of thehealth problems before that eye couldn't find the answer to were sloved
There's a definite difference in myself from when eye ate meat, from becoming a vegetarian and then becoming a vegan
Didn't quite find what i was looking for but found plenty of other information
Zazen is more than just meditation
Where is he getting these pictures?!? πŸ˜‚
😭 wasnt expecting the third degree
πŸ˜‚ where does he get these names from
Cant imagine where'd I would be without meditation and yoga