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not proud of it, not mad at it
submitting to hennessy
remy archy and black mack is the fuego pack…
part of me wants to strangle them and part of me just wants to weep because the battle against mass social retardation is a losing one
I really be wanting to strangle people when they abort a conversation mid sentence to do some shit on their phone
feelin the love sheeeesh
funeral at the beach
funeral at the beach music
well, prince's album is amazing
if you catch me out and about ask me to play it for you and I might if you're not from hell and/or tumblr
@earlxsweat timing is key. It'll drop when the time is right
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perpetual smh at internet
everyone hassling me about music need to shut the fuck up I been sitting on a completely finished album since June just shut up and wait
chief keef music very refreshing and also one of the better parts about being alive if you disagree please feel free to not say anything
[Bonus] Our 'album' should be better than our 'promo campaign'. This is the problem via #hype in 2day's music. Be bigger than blind support.
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the never catch me video is fire nigga @MuraiHiro @Thundercat @flyinglotus
pro part coming soon
im on my surgery shit
@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: ultimate bitch mixtape is done!!! words from Lil B!! - Lil B” to add anything would be overkill. you see what time it is.
to my fam: if I go before you go that's my bad
just had my first anxiety attack
if you not blind then take yo little skimpy ass rat ass dog back home stop tryna flex in the damn airport
real freaks don't run around proclaiming they freaky
what good is being a freak if it's only on the internet #priorities
in NY tryna get married and divorced before I leave
teleporting on a bitch, brb
scraped the bottom now im otw back up les go
we went 0-100 real quick on some damn sailor Jerry's LETSGO
hahaha #neverforget
my little brother and his girlfriend loving mayonnaise
everybody know I'm one of them real grimy, out of pocket type dudes
lol guess what I'm doing rn it rhymes w knitting
injuries are not gangsta bro smh
not fucking with it right now not fucking with it one bit I'm not feeling it
now @jimibritches and @thatsonme won't answer the damn phone smh fuck the world
in a thick writers block smh came with 4 bars in the last 3 hours but they fire tho