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man y'all sensitive fuck twitter
I'm trying to be realistic. a lot of niggas are setting themselves up to be knocking at a door that's never ever going to open for them
9/10 you were not meant to rap. 9/10 you were not meant to make clothes. the world still needs doctors and plumbers and shit. know your role
member when you just could freely converse with other humans about shit without there being some dumbass title on it like "networking"
can someone please tell me the name of this new hard ass flocka mixtape that dropped recently
finna roll this backwood and head on to sleep.
and unfortunately most of y'all don't get it yet
if you don't get it by now you were already two steps behind in the first place
making music for you to rap in the mirror
10/10 the finest one come fuck with me
I feel mad embarrassed for all goofy bitches. And not like quirky goofy like "I just started coming out the house in 2012" goofy.
*who up in la that's either a friend or female. Stop playing yourself on the internet
it's all coming together like buttcheeks
haven't gone in with this vigor since I was 15. difference is now im actually saying something and I fuck with myself on some based shit
Imma come clean it's taking a lot not to share this with y'all but I promise it'll all be worth it
i just blacked the fuck out on a left brain beat. god damn
really out here feeling like dad to a lot of these niggas
6 times out of 10 we fathered your boyfriends entire aesthetic as a human being
the funny part is that im so serious
im in the thick part of the "not playing with you fuck niggas" chapter of my life. it's good