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injuries are not gangsta bro smh
not fucking with it right now not fucking with it one bit I'm not feeling it
now @jimibritches and @thatsonme won't answer the damn phone smh fuck the world
in a thick writers block smh came with 4 bars in the last 3 hours but they fire tho
handled that. Hit my line for movie night
learn some shit about your world. hands up by vince staples go cop that
FUCK THIS INJURY Fuck this injury. knee got me on fucking house arrest fuck this shit
admit that teenagers are all from hell in 2014
good stand up?
not the super headache
FREE CRACK#freebars #2014 #bigapple
hahahahahah here is a photo of snoop dogg w Spider-Man and some bitches
buick is a funny ass word my nigga
Hahahah Steve-o is a foo widdit
imagine holding the internet
lol im really fuckin with a lot of these responses haha
how do I use this internet to reach people that don't use it
diplomats are the first thing that comes to mind after the word america
brah starting a mixtape off with green card is insane I urge you to go back and listen to gold house top to bottom
boy yo ass a foo widdit
1) want to score something 2) am also having a bang 3 celebration at some point later in the month, hmu
@Basedomg: fo all u niggas n niggettes its this guy” Hahahahaha hahahahaha aha
bout to go 3 off on this BBQ tho believe me
@nesz310: @earlxsweat u an engineer now bro?? cool career” good one
if the house was built on a janky foundation then you gotta deconstruct before you can resume building
i don't like to dwell tho. it's simple really…
being famous as 'earl sweatshirt' is burnt. wish I could have had a slower, more calculated trajectory. i couldn't keep track of everything.
there's a certain level of ignorance that's expected and praised that comes with being from OF. not complaining, just hashing out the facts
the thing that I want most is to have no reservations about dying
slowly but surely turning into the old man I am at heart. I gotta cane and a limp and the whole kit
lol you bitches have to chill w this sapiosexual shit #thistooshallpass
Imma eat some mmm damn you feel me
name some movies i aint seen that i can watch on youtube
Javier Bardem is top 3
shitting with this knee injury is proving to be quite the task
house ridden with a fucked knee until further notice.
vince staples won wit the blue suede 3's